3rd Edition

Electrical Machines and Their Applications

By Ali Mehrizi-Sani Copyright 2024
    432 Pages 207 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    432 Pages 207 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This popular, easy-to-read book offers a comprehensive yet unique treatment of electrical machines and their historical development. Electrical Machines and Their Applications, Third Edition covers an in-depth analysis of machines augmented with ample examples, which makes it suitable for both those who are new to electric machines and for those who want to deepen their knowledge of electric machines.

    This book provides a thorough discussion of electrical machines. It starts by reviewing the basics of concepts needed to fully understand the machines, e.g., three-phase circuits and fundamentals of energy conversion, and continues to discuss transformers, induction machines, synchronous machines, dc machines, and other special machines and their dynamics. This natural progression creates a unifying theme and helps the reader appreciate how the same physical laws of energy conversion govern the operation and dynamics of different machine types. The text is sprinkled with ample examples to further solidify the discussed concepts. Several well-placed appendices make the book self-contained and even easier to follow.

    This book is part of a series on power system topics originally authored by the late Turan Gönen. The book has been edited by Ali Mehrizi-Sani to bring it up to date while maintaining its original charm. Both new and seasoned readers for Gönen’s books will find this new edition a much-awaited update to the second edition.

    Chapter 1 Basic Concepts

    Chapter 2 Three-Phase Circuits

    Chapter 3 Magnetic Circuits

    Chapter 4 Transformers

    Chapter 5  Electromechanical Energy Conversion Principles

    Chapter 6 Induction Machines

    Chapter 7 Synchronous Machines

    Chapter 8 Direct-Current Machines

    Chapter 9 Single-Phase and Special-Purpose Motors

    Chapter 10 Transients and Dynamics of Electric Machines

    Appendix A

    Appendix B


    Turan Gönen, a distinguished figure in the field of electrical engineering, held the esteemed position of being a professor of electrical engineering and also served as the director of the Electrical Power Educational Institute at California State University, Sacramento. Gonen's educational background was adorned with a B.S. and M.S. in electrical engineering from Istanbul Technical College, followed by a Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Iowa State University. His academic pursuits extended further as he achieved an M.S. in industrial engineering and a Ph.D. with a co-major in industrial engineering from Iowa State University, alongside obtaining an MBA from the University of Oklahoma. Gonen first authored this book in 1988. His contributions to academia and research were substantial, marked by a portfolio of over 100 technical papers. His expertise was recognized as he held the distinction of being an IEEE Senior Member. He passed away in 2014

    Dr. Ali Mehrizi-Sani is an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Virginia Tech. He holds a Ph.D. degree from the University of Toronto. He is the recipient of several research and teaching awards including the 2018 IEEE PES Outstanding Young Engineer Award, 2017 IEEE Mac E. Van Valkenburg Early Career Teaching Award, 2016 WSU VCEA Reid Miller Excellence in Teaching Award, 2007-2011 Connaught Scholarship at the University of Toronto, and 2007 Dennis Woodford prize.