1st Edition

Electrical and Optical Polymer Systems Fundamentals: Methods, and Applications

By Donald L. Wise Copyright 1998
    1256 Pages
    by CRC Press

    "Offers background information, methods of characterization, and applications for electrical and optical polymers, including biopolymers, and tutorial sections that explain how to use the techniques."

    Part 1 Conductive polymers: polyanaline as a corrosion barrier; optimization of electrical and redox properties of electrogenerated polypyroles; heterocycle-based electroconductive polymers; electrochemical characteristics of conducting polymers; anisotropy in electrically conducting polymers; basic methods of synthesis and characterization of electronically conducting polymers. Part 2 Nonlinear optical polymers: nonlinear optical characterization of polymers; conjugated polynitriles - a novel class of nonlinear optical and electric functional polymers; second harmonic generation in poled polymer waveguides using co-propagating geometries; design and fabrication of nonlinear polymer integrated optic devices; fabrication and characterization of electrooptic polymer waveguide modulator for photonic applications. Part 3 Advances in electrical and optical polymer systems: optical and spectroscopic investigations on the supramolecular assemblies of optoelectronic materials; towards organic functional devices using ionized cluster beam deposition method; electrochemical synthesis and characterization of conjugated polymers; optically active conjugated polymers with main chain chirality; coordination polymers - infinite 1-D, 2-D and 3-D frameworks based upon transition metals and polyfunctional ligands; interfacial aspects in the manufacture of soft contact. Part 4 Dielectric and field responsive materials: electrical responses of polymer gels; electric field alignment of polymer materials exhibiting long-range order; ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers; electrical impedance properties of chemically responsive hydrogels; ferroelectricity and peizoelectric biopolymers. (Part contents).


    Donald L. Wise

    ". . .gives a comprehensive view of characterization and applications of electrical and optical polymers, including fundamentals, methods and applications. Different chapters are focused on state-of-the-eart applications, with tutorial chapters on electrical and optical polymers, with emphasis on commercial polymers."
    ---Polymer International