1st Edition

Electricity and Magnetism

By P.F. Kelly Copyright 2015
    418 Pages
    by CRC Press

    418 Pages 338 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

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    The final volume in a three-part series, Electricity and Magnetism provides a detailed exposition of classical electric and magnetic fields and analyses of linear electric circuits. The book applies the principles of classical mechanics to systematically reveal the laws governing observed electric and magnetic phenomena. The text culminates in Maxwell's Equations, which, although only four in number, can completely describe all physical aspects of electromagnetism.

    The specific topics covered in Electricity and Magnetism include:

    • Electric force, field, and potential

    • Gauss's Law for Electric Fields

    • Capacitance and networks of capacitors

    • Electric current

    • Resistance and networks of resistors

    • Kirchoff's Rules

    • Steady state and time-dependent DC circuit dynamics

    • Magnetic force and field

    • Production of magnetic fields

    • Ampère's Law

    • Gauss's Law for Magnetic Fields

    • Faraday's Law

    • Induction and inductance

    • AC-driven circuit dynamics and energetics

    • Maxwell's Equations and their plane-wave vacuum solutions

    This text extends the rigorous calculus-based introduction to classical physics begun in Elements of Mechanics. It may be studied independently of the second volume, Properties of Materials. With more than four hundred and fifty problems included, it can serve as a primary textbook in an introductory physics course, as a student supplement, or as an exam review for graduate or professional studies.

    Electric Charge, Coulomb's Law, Electric Field. Electric Dipole, Motion of Charged Particles. Continuous Charge Distributions. Above a Uniformly Charged Rectangular Plate. Electric Flux and Gauss's Law. More Gauss's Law. Electrostatic Implications and Potential Energy. Potentially Fun! Electrostatic Potential Energy. Rife with Potential. Potentials, Fields, and All That. Capacitance. Capacitors in Series and Parallel. Energetics of Capacitance. Dielectrics. Energetics of Dipoles. Electric Current. Electric Current Density, Ohm's Law, and Resistance. Resistance Is Not Futile. Resistors in Series and Parallel. DC Circuits Mélange. Timely Applications of Kirchoff's Rules. More RC Circuits and Segue to Magnetism. The Lorentz Force. Current, Lorentz Force, and Torque. Magnetic Torque on Current Loops. Back to Moving Charged Particles. The Hall Effect. M-M-More Magnetic Sources. Interacting Wires and Ampère's Law. Ampère and Solenoids. The General Form of Ampère's Law. Gauss's Law for Magnetism. Magnetism in Matter. Faraday's Law. Motional EMF. Inductance. RL Circuits. Mutual Inductance. LC Circuits. RCL Circuits. AC Circuits. Inductive and Capacitive AC Circuits. RCL AC Circuits. Power Dissipation in RCL AC Circuits. The Pinnacle: Maxwell's Equations. Analysis of Maxwell's Equations in Vacuum. Wavelike Solutions of Maxwell's Vacuum Equations. The Poynting Vector. Electromagnetic Waves Carry Momentum, Too. Epilogue. Electricity and Magnetism Problems.


    P.F. Kelly is an associate professor of physics at Ave Maria University, Florida, USA. He previously held a faculty position at North Dakota State University, Fargo, USA. Prior to this, he undertook post-doctoral studies at the Center for Theoretical Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA, and at the Winnipeg Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He holds a B.Sc from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and an M.Sc and Ph.D from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His areas of interest include theoretical particle, gravitational, mathematical, and computational physics.