1st Edition

Electro-Micromachining and Microfabrication Principles and Research Advances

Edited By Sandip Kunar, Golam Kibria, Prasenjit Chatterjee Copyright 2024
    432 Pages 137 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    432 Pages 137 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    Bridging the gap between the need for micro elements and the profitable microfabrication of goods, this new book provides an informative overview of the electro-micromachining and microfabrication processes, varieties, and important applications. Opening with an overview of a variety of micromachining technologies, with an emphasis on nontraditional approaches and recent advances in each, the volume discusses the ultrasonic micromachining processes for producing a variety of micro-shapes, such as micro-holes, micro-slots, and micro-walls, as well as assisted hybrid micromachining with ultrasonic vibration of the tool or workpiece, all which help to improve precision and to advance research. Computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing dental micromachining technologies are discussed. Micro-electrical discharge machining, laser micro grooving, and laser micromachining are among the advanced micro-manufacturing processes addressed as well. The volume also covers the use of an electrochemical micromachining method to improve micro texturing and the use of nano-additives to enhance MQL and micromachining process optimization.

    1. Introduction to Micro Electro Machining and Fabrication

    Golam Kibria, Sandip Kunar, T. Jagadeesha, M. S. Reddy and Prasenjit Chatterjee

    2. Advances in Ultrasonic Micromachining and Assisted Electro Machining for Microfabrication

    Sayan Doloi, Amlana Panda, Ramanuj Kumar, and Ashok Kumar Sahoo

    3. Emerging Trends in High-Speed Micromachining of Dental Ceramics through CAD-CAM Systems

    Sivaranjani Gali and R. Suresh

    4. Micromachining Performances by ECDM Process for Non-Conducting Materials

    Bijan Mallick, B. Doloi, B. R. Sarkar, and B. Bhattacharyya

    5. Advancement of Electrochemical Discharge Micromachining: Processing Micro-Features in Non-Conducting Materials

    Maneetkumar R. Dhanvijay, Bijan Mallick, Sadashiv Bellubbi, and N. Sathisha

    6. Simulation Analysis During Laser Microgrooving of Alumina Ceramic

    Sudhansu Ranjan Das and Debabrata Dhupal

    7. Laser Beam Micromachining and Fabrication

    Ravindra Nath Yadav, Sanjay Mishra, and Ajay Suryavanshi

    8. Micro-Wire Electric Discharge Grinding as a Future Technology in Micromachining

    Parthiban Madhavadev and Harinath Marimuthu

    9. Nano-Additives Assisted MQL and Optimization in Micro-Machining Processes

    T. Jagadeesha, Sandip Kunar, Golam Kibria, and Manoj Nikam

    10. Breakthrough of Powder Additives in Powder Mixed Micro-Electric Discharge Machining

    T. Jagadeesha, Sandip Kunar, Golam Kibria, and Manoj Nikam

    11. Micro-Electro Discharge Machining: Principles and Applications

    Sumanta Banerjee

    12. An Insight on Micro-End Milling Process

    Chetan Devendra Varma and K. Vipindas

    13. Recent Advancement in Microtexturing Using Electrochemical Micromachining

    Sandip Kunar, Golam Kibria, Prasenjit Chatterjee, T. Jagadeesha, Bh. V. Prasad, S. Rama Sree, and M. S. Reddy

    14. Surface Modification through Micro-EDM Process

    Asma Perveen and Samet Akar

    15. A Review on Micromachining of Ti-6Al-4V Using Micro-EDM

    Priyanshu Ghosh, Disha Mondal, Debolina Dutta, and Manish Mukhopadhyay

    16. A Review on Electrical Micromachining Using Silicon Electrodes

    Hritrisha Naskar, Debolina Dutta, and Manish Mukhopadhyay

    17. Performance Enhancement of Micro-Machined Surfaces Using Powder Mixed EDM

    S. Tripathy, Smrutiranjan Biswal, and D. K. Tripathy


    Sandip Kunar, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Aditya Engineering College, India. He has carried out his research work at the Saha Institute of Nuclear of Physics, Kolkata, and Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India. He is a reviewer for over 20 highly reputed international journals and has also delivered the lectures at faculty development programs, short-term courses, workshops, and seminars.

    Golam Kibria, PhD, is Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Aliah University, Kolkata, India. He has worked as a Senior Research Fellow on a Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)-sponsored project from 2008 to 2011. He is the author of several book chapters from internationally recognized book publishers and is an editorial board member as well as reviewer for a number of reputed international journals.

    Prasenjit Chatterjee, PhD, is Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Dean (Research and Consultancy) at MCKV Institute of Engineering, West Bengal, India. He has published over 120 research papers published in international journals and peer-reviewed conferences and has authored and edited more than 25 books on intelligent decision-making, fuzzy computing, supply chain management, optimization techniques, risk management, and sustainability modelling. Dr. Chatterjee is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Decision Analytics and Intelligent Computing. He is also one of the developers of two multiple-criteria decision-making methods called Measurement of Alternatives and Ranking according to COmpromise Solution (MARCOS) and Ranking of Alternatives through Functional mapping of criterion sub-intervals into a Single Interval (RAFSI).