1st Edition

Electrochemical Methods for Neuroscience

Edited By Adrian C. Michael, Laura Borland Copyright 2007
    544 Pages 15 Color & 151 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Since the first implant of a carbon microelectrode in a rat 35 years ago, there have been substantial advances in the sensitivity, selectivity and temporal resolution of electrochemical techniques. Today, these methods provide neurochemical information that is not accessible by other means. The growing recognition of the versatility of electrochemical techniques indicates a need for a greater understanding of the scientific foundation and use of these powerful tools.

    Electrochemical Methods for Neuroscience provides an updated summary of the current, albeit evolving, state of the art and lays the scientific foundation for incorporating electrochemical techniques into on-going or newly emerging research programs in the neuroscience disciplines. With contributions from pioneers in the field, the text outlines the applications and benefits of a wide range of electrochemical techniques. It explores the methodology behind the acquisition of neurochemical and neurobiological data through continuous amperometry, fast scan cyclic voltammetry, high-speed chronoamperometry, ion-selective microelectrodes, enzyme based microelectrodes, and in vivo voltammetry with telemetry. The text also introduces emerging concepts in the field such as the correlation of electrochemical recordings with information obtained from patch clamp, electrophysiological, and behavioral techniques.

    By presenting up-to-date information on the growing collection of electrochemical methods, microsensors, and research techniques, Electrochemical Methods for Neuroscience assists seasoned researchers and newcomers to the field in making sound decisions about adopting the most appropriate of these tools for their future research objectives.

    Introduction to Electrochemical Methods in Neuroscience, L. M. Borland and A. C. Michael

    Rapid Dopamine Release in Freely Moving Rats, D. L. Robinson and R. M. Wightman

    Presynaptic Regulation of Extracellular Dopamine as Studied by Continuous Amperometry in Anesthetized Animals, M. Benoit-Marand, M.F. Suaud-Chagny, and F. Gonon

    Fast Scan Cyclic Voltammetry of Dopamine and Serotonin in Mouse Brain Slices, C. E. John and S. R. Jones

    High-Speed Chronoamperometry to Study Kinetics and Mechanisms for Serotonin Clearance in vivo, L. C. Daws and G. M. Toney

    Using High-Speed Chronoamperometry Coupled with Local Dopamine Application to Assess Dopamine Transporter Function, J. M. Gulley, G. A. Larson, and N. R. Zahniser

    Determining Serotonin and Dopamine Uptake Rates in Synaptosomes Using High-Speed Chronoamperometry, X. A. Perez, A. J. Bressler, and A. Milasincic Andrews

    Using Fast-Scan Cyclic Voltammetry to Investigate Somatodendritic Dopamine Release, S. Threlfell and S. J. Cragg

    From Interferant Anion to Neuromodulator: Ascorbate Oxidizes Its Way to Respectability, G. V. Rebec

    Biophysical Properties of Brain Extracellular Space Explored with Ion-Selective Microelectrodes, Integrative Optical Imaging and Related Techniques, S. Hrabtová and C. Nicholson

    Hydrogen Peroxide as a Diffusible Messenger: Evidence from Voltammetric Studies of Dopamine Release in Brain Slices, M. E. Rice, M. V. Avshalumov, and J. Patel

    In Vivo Voltammetry with Telemetry, P. A. Garris, P. G. Greco, S. G. Sandberg, G.Howes, S. Pongmaytegul, B. A. Heidenreich, J. M. Casto, R. Ensman, J. Poehlman, A. Alexander, and G. V. Rebec

    Oxidative Stress at the Single Cell Level, C. Amatore and S. Arbault

    Electrochemistry at the Cell Membrane/Solution Interface, N. Wittenberg, M. Maxson, Daniel Eves, A.S. Cans, and A. G. Ewing

    The Patch Amperometry Technique: Design of a Method to Study Exocytosis of Single Vesicles, G. Dernick, G. Alvarez de Toledo, and M. Lindau

    Amperometric Detection of Dopamine Exocytosis from Synaptic Terminals, R.G.W. Staal, S. Rayport, and D. Sulzer

    Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy as a Tool in Neuroscience, A. Schulte and W. Schuhmann

    Principles, Development and Applications of Self-Referencing Electrochemical Microelectrodes to the Determination of Fluxes at Cell Membranes, P.J.S. Smith, R. H. Sanger, and M. A. Messerli

    Second-by-Second Measures of L-Glutamate and Other Neurotransmitters Using Enzyme-Based Microelectrode Arrays, K. N. Hascup, E. C. Rutherford, J. E. Quintero, B. K. Day, J. R. Nickell, F. Pomerleau, P. Huettl, J. J. Burmeister, and G. A. Gerhardt

    Telemetry for Biosensor Systems, D. A. Johnson and G. S. Wilson

    The Principles, Development and Application of Microelectrodes for the in vivo Determination of Nitric Oxide, M. J. Serpe and X. Zhang

    In vivo Fast-scan Cyclic Voltammetry of Dopamine near Microdialysis Probes, H. Yang and A. C. Michael


    Adrian C. Michael, Laura Borland