1st Edition

Electrochemical Microsystem Technologies

Edited By J. Walter Schultze, Tetsuya Osaka, Madhav Datta Copyright 2002

    Driven by the electronics industry, electrochemical technology has rapidly evolved, finding increasing applications in microelectronics, batteries, sensors, materials science, industrial fabrication, corrosion, microbiology, neurobiology and medicine. Electrochemical Microsystem Technologies provides an overview of the technological status; the development of micropatternings and micro-biosensors; and the applications of micropower with electrochemical microsystems.
    This book covers a wide spectrum of issues ranging from fundamental electrochemical processes to their applications in micro- and nanofabrication, microanalyses, microsensing, and their interaction with inorganic surfaces and biological systems. The editors provide comprehensive background to unique processes, such as the technological development of miniaturization, microfabrication, thin film deposition, etching, cleaning, planarization, and silicon processing technologies to introduce a wide range of applications in context.
    More than 40 internationally recognized industry, research, and medical experts provide insight on the current status and future trends in their fields. They also highlight the impact of applying electrochemical microsystem technologies on industries such as storage and packaging; microelectronics, sensors, and portable electronics; machining, polishing, anodization, and plating technologies in heavy industries; biosensing, biological implant technology, and neurobiology; and cross-disciplinary integrated systems.
    Electrochemical Microsystem Technologies is a valuable reference for graduate/postgraduate students, technologists, and researchers working in the field of electrochemical technology.

    Electrochemical Microsystem Technologies: Principles
    Application for Homogenous Electrochemistry: Measurements of Fast Reaction Kinetics
    Fundamentals of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy
    Electrochemical Microcells and Surface Analysis
    Application of Optical Micro-Methods and Lasers in Electrochemistry
    Nucleation and Growth in Microsystem Technology
    High Resolution Lithography
    Advanced Plating Technology for Electronics Packaging
    Micro-Electroforming of Miniaturized Devices for Chemical Applications
    Capacitors and Micropower Systems
    Batteries for Micropower Applications
    Micro Flow Systems for Chemical and Biochemical Applications
    Corrosion of Microsystems
    Electrochemical Microanalysis
    Novel Approaches to Design Silicon-Based Field-Effect Sensors
    Miniaturization of Biosensors
    Scanning Probe Microscopy as an Analysis Tool
    Microelectrode Techniques for Characterization of Advanced Materials for Battery and Sensor Applications
    Microsystems For Biosensing Nucleic Acids and Immuno Proteins
    New Microelectrode Arrays for Biosensing Membrane Electroporation
    Multi-Barrelled Ion-Selective Microelectrodes: Measurements of Cell Volume, Membrane Potential, and Intracellular Ion Concentrations in Invertebrate Nerve Cells
    Nerve Cells And Lipid Vesicles On Silicon Chips - Considerations On Ionoelectronic Sensors


    J. Walter Schultze, Tetsuya Osaka, Madhav Datta