1st Edition

Electromagnetic Fields Theory and Applications

    820 Pages 300 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    820 Pages 300 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The study of electromagnetic field theory is required for proper understanding of every device wherein electricity is used for operation. The proposed textbook on electromagnetic fields covers all the generic and unconventional topics including electrostatic boundary value problems involving two- and three-dimensional Laplacian fields and one- and two- dimensional Poissonion fields, magnetostatic boundary value problems, eddy currents, and electromagnetic compatibility. The subject matter is supported by practical applications, illustrations to supplement the theory, solved numerical problems, solutions manual and Powerpoint slides including appendices and mathematical relations. Aimed at undergraduate, senior undergraduate students of electrical and electronics engineering, it:

    • Presents fundamental concepts of electromagnetic fields in a simplified manner
    • Covers one two- and three-dimensional electrostatic boundary value problems involving Laplacian fields and Poissonion fields
    • Includes exclusive chapters on eddy currents and electromagnetic compatibility
    • Discusses important aspects of magneto static boundary value problems
    • Explores all the basic vector algebra and vector calculus along with couple of two- and three-dimensional problems

    1.Introduction 2. Field Applications 3. Coordinate Systems and Vector Algebra 4. Vector Calculus 5. Electric Field Intensity 6. Electric Flux Density 7. Potential and Potential Energy 8. Electrical Field in Materials 9. Electrostatic Boundary Value Problems Involving Laplacian Fields 10. Electrostatic Boundary Value Problems Involving Poisson’s Fields 11. Steady Magnetic Fields 12. Fields in Magnetic Materials 13. Magnetic Circuits 14. Magnetostatic Boundary Value Problems 15. Time-Varying Fields 16. Electromagnetic Waves 17. Reflection and Refraction of Electromagnetic Waves 18. Transmission Lines 19. Waveguides and Cavity Resonators 20. Radiation Mechanism 21. Eddy Currents 22. Electromagnetic Compatibility


    Dr. Ahmad Shahid Khan is a former Professor and Chairman, Department of Electronics Engineering, AMU Aligarh, India. He obtained his education from AMU. He has nearly 45 years of teaching, research and administrative experience. His 23 research publications mainly relate to electromagnetic field applications. He has published many books, as author/coauthor, including Microwave Engineering: Concepts and Fundamentals and Electromagnetics for Electrical Machines published by CRC press. He served AMU and many other Engineering Institutions in various capacities including as Registrar and Director.

    Dr. Saurabh Kumar Mukerji is a former Professor and Chairman, Department of Electrical Engineering, AMU, Aligarh, India. He obtained his education from AMU and IIT. Bombay. He has more than 50 years of teaching and research experience mainly related to electromagnetics. He has served many Engineering Institutions in India and abroad in various capacities and published more than forty papers in national and international Journals and Proceedings, and a book entitled Electromagnetics for Electrical Machines, CRC press in 2015 as its main author.