1st Edition

Electromagnetic Theory for Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineers

By Tze-Chuen Toh Copyright 2014
    384 Pages 86 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    384 Pages 86 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Engineers and scientists who develop and install electronic devices and circuits need to have a solid understanding of electromagnetic theory and the electromagnetic behavior of devices and circuits. In particular, they must be well-versed in electromagnetic compatibility, which minimizes and controls the side effects of interconnected electric devices. 

    Designed to entice the practical engineer to explore some worthwhile mathematical methods, and to reorient the theoretical scientist to industrial applications, Electromagnetic Theory for Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineers is based on the author’s courses taught in industrial settings. The book is a mathematically rigorous exposition of electromagnetic theory with applications in electromagnetic compatibility and high-speed digital design.  

    The topics—ranging from Maxwell's theory and multi-conductor transmission line theory to S-matrix, antenna theory, and dielectric breakdown—were chosen because they have direct relevance to current electromagnetic compatibility problems encountered in the real world. With many worked examples and problem sets, the book relates the theory to practical experiences faced by practitioners. It is written both for physicists and mathematicians new to the field of electromagnetic compatibility and high-speed digital design, as well as established researchers in the field. It is also designed as an advanced undergraduate textbook for a course in electromagnetic theory.

    A Brief Review of Maxwell’s Theory
    Maxwell’s equations
    Electromagnetic waves
    Worked problems

    Fourier Transform and Roll-Off Frequency
    Fourier series
    Fourier transform
    Roll-off frequency
    Frequency response and filter theory: a primer
    Worked problems

    Boundary-Value Problems in Electrostatics
    Electromagnetic boundary conditions
    Image theory revisited
    Multipole expansion
    Steady state current
    Worked problems

    Transmission Line Theory
    Transmission line equations
    Characteristic impedance
    Impedance matching and standing waves
    Worked problems

    Differential Lines
    Differential pair: odd and even modes
    Impedance matching along a differential pair
    Field propagation along a differential pair
    Worked problems

    Cross-talk in Multiconductor Transmission Lines
    Reciprocity theorem and mutual capacitance
    Mutual inductance and mutual resistance
    Multi-conductor transmission lines and cross-talk

    S-Parameters: scattering parameters
    Worked problems

    Waveguide and Cavity Resonance
    Parallel plane resonance
    Cavity resonance
    Worked problems

    Basic Antenna Theory
    Radiation from a charged particle
    Hertzian dipole antenna
    Magnetic dipole antenna
    Microstrip antenna: a qualitative overview
    Array antenna and aperture antenna
    Worked problems

    Elements of Electrostatic Discharge
    Electrostatic shielding
    Dielectric properties of materials
    Beyond classical theory
    Dielectric breakdown
    Worked problems

    Coordinate transformations
    Basic point-set topology: a synopsis
    Boundary conditions for electromagnetic fields
    Elements of partial differential equations


    Tze-Chuen Toh