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Electromechanical Control Technology and Transportation
Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Electromechanical Control Technology and Transportation (ICECTT 2017), January 14-15, 2017, Zhuhai, China

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Xiaoling Jia


Feng Wu

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Published May 10, 2017 by CRC Press
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The 2017 2nd International Conference on Electromechanical Control Technology and Transportation (ICECTT 2017) was held on January 14–15, 2017 in Zhuhai, China. ICECTT 2017 brought together academics and industrial experts in the field of electromechanical control technology and transportation to a common forum. The primary goal of the conference was to promote research and developmental activities in electromechanical control technology and transportation. Another goal was to promote exchange of scientific information between researchers, developers, engineers, students, and practitioners working all around the world. The conference will be held every year thus making it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in electromechanical control technology and transportation and related areas.

Table of Contents

Mechanical manufacturing system and automation

Experimental research on the catalytic synthesis of hydrocarbon fuel from Jatropha curcas oil
Y.B. Chen, Y.J. Hao, Y.Y. Zhao, S.P. Yang, Y.N. Gao, D. Souliyathai, J.C. Du & A.M. Zhang

Measurement of the lithium battery internal resistance using the sampling integral method
J.A. Lou & D.J. Yang

The influence of fiber angle on the mechanical performances of a composite cylindrical part
H.J. Gao, Y.D. Zhang, Q. Wu & W.B. Zhou

SmartFES: Reliable retreat route selection and navigation for indoor firefighters using exit signs
J. Tang, Z. Zhang, D.S. Yang, Y. Huang, L. Hu, Z.G. Zhao & H.C. Liu

A new detection method for short-circuit current based on a combination of criteria
Q. Wu, S.H. Ma, Z.Y. Cai, W.C. Wu & Z.J. Ni

Study on high-temperature characteristics of a 1200 V 40A SiC JBS diode
L. Wang, R.H. Huang, A. Liu, G. Chen & S. Bai

Thermal design and simulation analysis of rectifier cabinet for nuclear power generating stations
Q. Yin, Z.-C. Xiong, C.-T. Zhu, Y.-F. Wang & R.-H. Li

Design of supplementary excitation damping controller for damping SSR based on projective theorem
D.P. Xu, L. Li, L.M. Zhao, S. Chen & K. Li

Analysis of the loss in the region of damper winding in a large tubular hydro-generator by 3D electromagnetic field calculation
D.-W. Zhang, J. Zhang, W.-J. Li & Z.-N. Fan

Loss and heat calculation of damper winding in a damper winding shifted 600 MW large hydro-generator
D.-W. Zhang, J. Zhang, W.-J. Li & Z.-N. Fan

Design and implementation of feeder automation
P.H. Liu

Distance protection operation characteristics analysis of the AC/DC system based on MMC-HVDC interconnection
M.L. Tang, R. Yu, X. Zhang, C. Xiao, J.X. Ouyang & X.F. Xiong

Research on the impact of generator tripping considering wind power participating in frequency regulation
J.F. Shi, G.C. Zhao & C. Wang

Research on the credit risk of direct trade and countermeasures of large power users
C. Ma, L. Guo, Z.C. Yu, L. Wang, Z.Q. Zhao & G.J. He

Application and simulation of active disturbance rejection technology in distributed power supply control
F. Ou, H.J. Xiong & D.M. Lei

Research on vector control system of SMC material transverse-flux PMSM
B. Cui, Y.L. Xu, Y. Zhang & W. Yin

Current control of LCL grid-connected inverter based on ADRC
J. Sun, H.J. Xiong & D.M. Lei

Design and application of cold water storage technique for a foreign-related oil fuel power plant project
D.C. Yan, Q. Xu & Z.Y. Gu

Research on software requirements dependencies
Y.Q. Yan

LQR based optimal voltage control of rural electric power grid with high penetration of PVs
C. Zhang, Z.Q. Deng, J. Zhou, H.F. Bian, A.N. Xiao & W.X. Zhang

Overvoltage analysis and suppression in the double-neutral section electrical sectioning device
Y.X. Liu & G.H. Liu

Control strategy of a car component stiffness test based on RBF neural network PID
Z.M. Wang & Y.H. Yan

A new preference-based model to solve the cold start problem in a recommender system
K. Liu, W. Liu & X.Y. Chen

Low-power single-supply stimulator based on Cortex-M0+
Y. Sun, L. Liu, H. Gao, K. Xu, L. Qin & S. Ye

Combining carrier-phase and Doppler observations for precise velocity estimation with a stand-alone GPS receiver
F. Li, Q. Li & W. Qi

Research on the influence of non-scene factors on visual-based loop closure detection
Z.H. Zhang & R.F. Dong

Analysis of residential electricity consumption behavior based on the improved Apriori algorithm
B. Zhang

Triaxial test analysis of flax fiber Xigeda soil
Y.H. Liang, J. Wang, K.C. Chen & J. Zhang

Study on the control measures of the loose accumulation body slope
F. Wang & B.Y. Chen

Analysis of an allocation plan for urban complex air conditioning cold and heat sources in Changchun
Y.D. Zhu, C.Q. Wang & H.B. Li

Analysis of the effect of the solar cell layout in photovoltaic greenhouses
Z.W. Ge & Y. Li

Review of the space requirements for environmental protection
A.L. Cai, R. Wang & B.J. Sun

Analysis of the light hydrocarbon recovery rate in the negative pressure crude stabilization system
H.S. Bi, H.X. Wang, J.F. Chen, X. Zhang & D.D. Hu

Control strategy optimization and experimental study on startup of range extender for extended range electric vehicles
L.M. Wang, Z.H. Song, S.M. Wang, D.H. Yi, Y.Y. Wei, Z.Y. Zhang & J.L. Zhou

Application of metal additive manufacturing in shipping and marine engineering
C. Chao, L.M. Liu & J.M. Xu

Research of assembly line balance at F company decelerator
W. Jiang, Y.H. Ma & X.Y. Zhu

Fractal study on the surface topography of shearing marks based on the double spectrum method
B.C. Wang, C. Jing & L.T. Li

Research on the end effect of the linear phase-shifting transformer
X. Xiong, J.H. Zhao, H.B. Ding, P. Sun & W. Peng

A method of building a high-precision landmark library for landmark navigation
D.L. Zhang & B. Yang

Design of a wireless power supply electromagnetic coupler for the underwater unmanned vehicle
P. Sun, J.H. Zhao, X.S. Wu, W. Gao & P. Jiang

A nonlinear time–frequency analysis method for the low probability of interception
H. Xu & F.L. Zeng

Research on the fault diagnosis of the high-voltage circuit breaker based on the feature extraction of the stroke signal
K. Zhao, H.T. Li, J.G. Yang, Y.Y. Jia, D.G. Li, J.W. Wu, S.L. Ma, Y. Feng, C.T. Liang & X.L. Feng

Fault diagnosis for thin-walled rolling bearing based on EEMD and TKEO
X.D. He & M. Qiu

Equipment technology research on profile controlling and oil displacement in the frigid zone of the Erlian region
J. Wang, J. You, M. Bin, J.L. Hu, P. Li & S.C. Wang

An efficient and reliable meter registration method for the power information collection system
Z.X. Wu, W.F. Wang, X.Q. Liu & L.N. Zhang

Research on the optimal capacity configuration of the energy storage system for an electric vehicle fast-charging station
R.M. Yuan, Q.Q. Li, K. Zhong, Z.Y. Jiang, Q.D. Yin & W.G. Zhang

Optimal control for dry dual clutch overlap operations during torque phase in shift
M.X. Wu

A nonlinear programming method for solving LCCL resonant structure parameters
J.X. Gao, X.S. Wu, W. Gao, W. Peng & X. Xiong

Sliding rate analysis of the single loop CDSV transmission system
B.F. Zhang, Y.H. Cui, M.R. Wang & K. Liu

Research on the power conversion circuit of a single-phase AC input PMSM control system
Y. Zhang, B. Cui, Z.X. Wang & X. Huang

Signal processing and computer science

Optimization study on the coal powder conveying system of utility boilers
F.S. Liu, J. Zhao & S.G. Hu

Attack detection technology based on depth feature representation
J.D. Liu

Research on classification and recognition of Peking opera facial images based on SIFT features and support vector machine
P. Zhang, Q. Zhu & Z.-Q. Wang

Sparse fast Fourier transform implementation on multicore DSP
Y.F. Liu, H.H. Gong & Y.H. Zhou

A hybrid level-of-detail modeling and rendering approach for the visualization of large-scale urban scenes
Z.H. Zhang, H.Y. Wang, Z.B. Hu, J.Y. Zhang & S.C. Zhou

Study on quantitative terrain analysis based on DEM
M. Jiang, H.T. Wei, W.T. Sun, J.T. Wang & J.Z. Liu

A novel interest point detector based on convolutional features with unsupervised feature learning
Q. Jia, X.D. Wang & L.E. Zhou

Frame extraction method for indoor scene images
Y. Liu, Q.J. Wei & Y. Qian

Design of a modified particle analyzer for the automatic identification of the globular foam’s boundary
J.J. Xia, X.C. Fu, Z.M. Bao, T. Chen, X.Z. Zhang, Y. Chen, R.J. Wang, C. Hu & L.S. Jing

Application of wireless detection technology in the evaluation of the load-carrying capacity of offshore workover derrick
Y.B. Qian, H.W. Zhu, W.X. Wu, J. Hua & D. Feng

Visualization of the trade information of agricultural products
J.Q. Hou & F.C. Wan

Research and design of multilingual agricultural e-commerce logistics information management system
S. Dai, N. Ma, Y.-R. Cao & J.-J. Li

Codebook design based on the particle swarm algorithm
B.Y. Qu & Y. Qian

New lossless compression method for BMP true color images
Z.Z. Ma & Y. Wan

Research and implementation of an image compression scheme based on the BTC algorithm
Y.-Q. Zhang & Y. Qian

Research on a plan of making suburb leisure tourism suitable for characteristics of the western Sichuan forest district—taking Sichuan Xinjin Huayuan Town as an example
P.C. Xiang, T.Y. Du & H.Y. Gu

A novel distributed control strategy for VSC-MTDC
G.Q. Sun, Y.P. Zheng, Z.N. Wei, Y. Yuan & Z.J. Lin

Cyber-attack feature processing approach based on MA-LSSVM
Y.Y. Ma & G.F. He

Design of remote smart home control system based on the internet of things
Y.J. Che

Risk evaluation and method of complex information system
Z. Guo & H. Wang

Development and application of the load simulation software for shearer drum
R. Zeng, Y. Zhang, J.K. Sun & J. Li

Advantages and disadvantages of FBG sensors and strain gauges in the pullout test of GFRP soil nails
Z. Song & H.W. Zhu

Research on the sport city model—based on data of outdoor activities
Q.H. Qin, Y. Luo & Y. Liu

An improved algorithm of trend surface filtering based on the natural neighboring points range
Z.H. Zhang, R.C. Peng, W.Q. Huang & J. Dong

Research on dynamic energy consumption-aware task scheduling of computing resources in the cloud platform
H.-K. Zhou & M.-D. Gu

A classification method for artistic images on feature computation
R.S. Xu, Z.X. Sun & C. Ma

Research and design of the paperless electronic business card
G.L. Peng, T. Shen, S. Jiang, S.B. Wang & W. Li

Research on the optimization method of the purchasing plan for fresh product e-commerce
X. Wang, J. Sun & K. Chen

The CS-OMP estimation algorithm for OFDM-based LV-PLC channels
R.M. Yuan, J.L. Guo, Z.Y. Jiang, X.W. Wang & S.S. Ma

Application of information technology in the digitalization construction of an animation library
Y.L. Tang

Teaching android development class for noncomputer majors
A.B. Wang

Assessing the impact of design intent 3D annotations on model reusability
Q.Y. Ma, L.H. Song, D.P. Xie, M.J. Zhou & H.H. Jin

A CAE intelligent assisted system
Q.Y. Ma, D.P. Xie, L.H. Song, M.J. Zhou & J.L. Shi

Research and design of a random encryption scheme based on ECC and RSA
S. Zhang

Discussion of an e-commerce platform for shipping logistics enterprises
Y.-L. Li, H.-P. Wang, P.-X. Tong & X.-Q. Sun

A genetic fuzzy classification system based on computing with words
H. Ji & M. Ma

Error analysis and accuracy of a 6-DOF parallel manipulator
X.Y. Sun, Y.T. Zhao & D.L. Zhang

Traffic and transportation

A case study on the traffic impact evaluation of building constructions
W. Yang

Study on the design and protection of a subgrade side slope in the distribution area of loose accumulation bodies
B.Y. Chen & F. Wang

Traffic investigation of urban intersections
C.X. Zhu & T.Y. Wang

An experimental study on the fire extinguishing characteristics of water mist and compressed air foam in a railway tunnel rescue station
K. Yao, W.F. Liu, W.P. Han, J.J. Xia, Y. Liu & S. Zhong

A numerical study on heat release rate in a multichannel parallel test system for smoke spillover from the tunnel rescue station
Y. Liu, W.F. Liu, W.P. Han, J.J. Xia, K. Yao & S.Y. Zhong

Design and application of a model carriage for a fire characteristic test
W.P. Han, X.Z. Zhang, J.J. Xia, B.J. Yang, C. Hu, Y. Chen, L.S. Jing, Z.M. Bao, L.W. Tian, D.X. Yu, R.J. Wang, W.F. Liu, S.Y. Zhong, Y. Liu & K. Yao

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Prof. Xiaoling Jia got her PHD from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2002, devoted to Physical Electronics. From 2002 to 2005, she entered in the post-doctorate research station of Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information, at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. She became a teacher at the College of Electronics and Information Engineering, Tongji University in 2005. Her research interests include optoelectronic information and new optoelectronic devices and technologies, quantum communication theory and technology and automotive electronics. Thus far she has published over 30 articles, including 8 articles indexed by SCI and over 10 indexed by EI.

Prof. Feng Wu graduated from the School of Environmental Science at Wuhan University, with a major in Environmental Chemistry. After completing a degree of Master of Science, he became a lecturer at the same university. Feng completed a doctorate degree in 2003 and became an associate professor the same year, and a full professor in 2009. His research field encompasses environmental photochemistry, advanced oxidation technology, environmental analytical chemistry of new types of pollutants and biogeochemical cycles. He heads several projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation, the project of international cooperation between China and Russia, Nature Science Foundation of Hubei Province, the Chenguang program of Wuhan science and technology, among others.