1st Edition

Electronic Communications for the Home and Office

By Ronald G. Albright Copyright 1989

    The book contains everything new online communicator would want or need. You‘ll find enough technical information on how everything works, but not more than you want to know. You‘ll find hands-on tips on what to look for in communications software. And you‘ll find action-provoking information on electronic and voice mnai9l, sending facsimiles without a fax machine, electronic data interchange, and how to quickly get your hands on hard-core, industrial strength information such has online services as DIALOG, BRS, Orbit, and The Knowledge Index.

    1. Jump Right in 2. How Do ComputersCommunicate? 3. Buying Software 4. Electronic Mail 5. Getting Information from Electronic Databases 6. Voice mail 7. A Reasonable Facsimile 8. Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks 9. What the Future Holds


    Ronald G. Albright