1st Edition

Electronic Digital System Fundamentals

    348 Pages
    by River Publishers

    This self-study text explains the basics of digital electronics using a combination of fundamental theory, examples and practical applications. Digital devices form an integral part of numerous modern-day systems and include those used for operating electronic alarm systems, for performing arithmetic, timing and computing operations, and for logging, processing and data transfer. Well-illustrated, step-by-step procedures are provided for explaining the working of these and other digital devices. All the chapters in the text include a summary of the key points covered for the purpose of review. The recommended safety precautions, datasheets of selected digital devices, and implementation guidelines while working with digital circuits in the appendices, should be of interest to the electronics hobbyist.

    1 Introduction to digital systems 2 Digital logic gates 3 Boolean algebra and logic gates 4 Combinational logic gates 5 Number systems, conversions and codes 6 Binary addition and subtraction 7 Digital timing and signals .8 Sequential logic gates 9 Counters and shift registers 10 Data conversion 11 Advanced digital concepts


    Dale R Patrick (Author) , Stephen W Fardo (Author) , Vigyan Chandra (Author