Electronics, Communications and Networks IV : Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNET IV), Beijing, China, 12–15 December 2014 book cover
1st Edition

Electronics, Communications and Networks IV
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Electronics, Communications and Networks (CECNET IV), Beijing, China, 12–15 December 2014

ISBN 9781138028302
Published June 22, 2015 by CRC Press
1868 Pages

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Book Description

The 4th International Conference on Electronic, Communications and Networks (CECNet2014) inherits the fruitfulness of the past three conferences and lays a foundation for the forthcoming next year in Shanghai. CECNet2014 was hosted by Hubei University of Science and Technology, China, with the main objective of providing a comprehensive global forum for experts and participants from acadamia to exchange ideas and presenting results of ongoing research in the most state-of-the-art areas of Consumer Electronics Technology, Communication Engineering and Technology, Wireless Communications Enginneering and Technology, and Computer Engineering and Technology.
In this event, 13 famous scholars and Engineers have delivered the keynote speeches on their latest research, including Prof. Vijaykrishnan Narayanan (a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), Prof. Han-Chieh Chao (the Director of the Computer Center for Ministry of Education Taiwan from September 2008 to July 2010), Prof. Borko Furht (the founder of the Journal of Multimedia Tools and Applications), Prof. Kevin Deng (who served as Acting Director of Hong Kong APAS R&D Center in 2010), and Prof. Minho Jo (the Professor of Department of Computer and Information Science, Korea University).

Table of Contents

Organizing committee

Communications and Networks

Novel scheduling techniques for multiuser diversity MU-MIMO TDD communication system
Joyatri Bora & Md. A. Hussain
A cloud computing solution for medical institutions
Xiao-jun Chen & Jia Ke
A multicast transmission scheme based on block acknowledgment with network coding in wireless LANs
Chun-Xiang Chen, Yuto Izumi & Jianfei Ai
An enhanced TCP for satellite network with intermittent connectivity and random losses
Qiongbing Chen, Yong Bai & Liang Zong
Study on the propagation characteristics of UWB signal waveform distortion
Feng Chen, Yuanjian Liu, Xi Yan & Xingyu Qi
Research on ultra-wideband dual-polarized quadruple-ridged horn antenna
Lijia Chen, Hao Li & Nannan Wang
An uplink scheduling mechanism based on user satisfaction in LT E networks
Kuo-Chih Chu, Tzu-Chi Huang, Shu-Hua Cheng & Wen-Chung Tsai
Building of multilingual software simulation platform based on education network private cloud
Qing Cui, Gang Shi & Chongguo Wang
Data transmission of deep sea GPS wave buoy based on the BeiDou satellite system
Chaoqun Dang, Zhanhui Qi, Mingbing Li & Suoping Zhang
A layered interconnected graph model based algorithm for traffic grooming in optical transport network
Xijie Dong, Liangrui Tang & Jiangyu Yan
“Intelligence aids to navigation cloud” based on cloud computing technology
Zhixiu Du & Guojun Peng
Multi-objective nodes placement problem in large regions wireless networks
Mahmoud Gamal, Ehab Morsy & Ahmad Salah
Performance modelling of turbo-coded non-ideal single-carrier and multi-carrier waveforms over wideband vogler-hoffmeyer hf channels
Fatih Genç, Mustafa Anıl Reşat, Asuman Savaşçıhabeş & Özgür Ertuğ
Reconfigurable transmission with wideband spectrum sensing using GNU radio and USRP
Kai Gu, Jun Tan & Yong Bai
IPv6 network virtualization architecture for smooth IPv6 transition
Dujuan Gu, Xiaohan Liu, Ze Luo & Baoping Ya
The evolution of business supporting network in the environment of cloud computing
Wei Guo & Zhihong Yuan
An ant-based MP2P network robustness-enhanced method
Fangfang Guo, Shuang Yang, Guangsheng Feng & Xiaogang Wang
Shape classification based on multiscale bispectral invariants
Hengguang Guo & Jun Qu
Exploring the limited feedback schemes for 3D MIMO 
Zheng Hu, Rongke Liu, Shaoli Kang, Xin Su & Hongtian Li
Depth map processing method based on edge information for DIBR 
XueRui Hu, Ying Yu, Yan Shi & Bo Wang
Design and implementation of mobile money system using near field communication (NFC)
Emir Husni & Adrian Ariono
A simple optimized joint routing and scheduling algorithm for Multi-hop Wireless Network
Md. Anwar Hussain & Arifa Ahmed
Shadowing in M2M channels at 21 and 7 MHz in dense scattering environments
Y. Ibdah, Y. Ding & Y. H. Ding
An improved multi-path tcp scheme over handover between Wi-Fi and cellular networks
Sunghyun Im, Seung Ki Park, Byoungkwan Kim & Ju Wook Jang
A three-dimensional dynamic allocation scheme for WDM-OFDM-PON 
Jun Jiang, Min Zhang, Yang Yang, Zhuo Liu & Xue chen
DCS18 and LT E B39 Co-existence problem in SGLT E mobile terminal
Haiying Jiang, Yougang Gao & Dan Zhang
Research in congestion-resistant frequency allocation scheme for HF IP network
Yuan Jing, Guoce Huang, Qilu Sun & Peng Cao
Uncertainty research of remote sensing image classification using the Modified Rough Entropy Model
Xia Jing, ZeFei Liu, Min Yang & Yan Bao
Formal modeling and verification for SDN firewall application using pACSR 
Miyoung Kang, Jin-Young Choi, Hee Hwan Kwak, Inhye Kang, Myung-Ki Shin & Jong-Hwa Yi
Fast recovery of TCP congestion window on a backup 3G path for MPTCP via occasional probing
Byoungkwan Kim, Sunghyun Im, Seung ki Park & Ju Wook Jang
Design of a compact frequency-reconfigurable notched UWB antenna based on meander lines
Yuanyuan Kong, Yingsong Li & Wenhua Yu
Joint antennas selection and power optimization for energy efficient MIMO systems
Peng Kou, Xiaohui Li & Yongqiang Hei
Optimal training sequence for OFDM based two-way relay networks in the presence of phase noise
Xin Li
Outage probability of dual-hop multiple antenna fixed-gain AF relaying with CCI in nakagami-m fading channels
Cong Li, Yuming Zhang, Yunpeng Cheng & Yuzhen Huang
A cross-layer protocol in molecular communication nanonetworks
Zuopeng Li & Xiangguo Chen
Probabilistic state machine mining method of wireless unknown protocol
Fen Li, Weiyan Zhang & Kuilin Tao
A ultra-wideband antenna with tunable and frequency reconfigurable filtering characteristics
Yingsong Li, Yuanyuan Kong & Wen Zhang
The influence of hidden stations on throughput of unsaturated WLANs
Li Fu
Analysis of online user’s behavior: A case of leading e-business websites in China
Huang Li, Qiujian Lv & Jun Liu
A fast traffic classification method based on SDN network
Wei Li, Guojun Li & Xiufen Yu
Application of DPX image in situational awareness of frequency hopping signal
Po Li, LiNi Zhou & Huang Zhang
An improved mechanism for semantic web service discovery
Hui Li, Yunfeng Hu & Jianfeng Ma
Privacy preserving range search based on comparable encrypted index in wireless sensor networks
Shiyang Li & Xiaoming Wang
A design of UWB planar antenna with band-notched characteristic
J.J. Liao, W.B. Zeng, X.D. Wu & S.L. Li
TOC : Lightweight event tracing using online compression for wireless sensor networks
Wen Liu, Chenhong Cao, Yi Gao & Jiajun Bu
Research on location-based service in distributed interactive multimedia system
Shan Liu & Jianping Chai
Adaptive multi-user resource allocation with partial information
Lihan Liu & Hong Wu
Design and implementation of the postgraduate information management system based on ASP.NET 
Zhihai Liu, Kaidi Yang, Shoubo Lu, Su Yang & Ronghua Zhang
D2D cooperative communication technology in TD-LT E-advanced systems
Jingan Liu, Wei Wu & Xuejun Sha
A random early detection based active queue management algorithm in power optical communication network
Zhao Liu, Liangrui Tang & Jiangyu Yan
Atmosphere impact and ground station selection of satellite to ground laser communication
Yan Lou, Yiwu Zhao, Chunyi Chen, Shoufeng Tong, Huilin Jiang & Zhipeng Ren
A content dissemination model for mobile internet to minimize load on cellular network
Xiaofeng Lu, Pietro Lio & Pan Hui
Testability evaluation method based on multi-source information fusion technique
Jin Luo, ZiHua Kong & Chen Meng
Window adaptive cost aggregation method for stereo correspondence
Jing Luo, Zuren Feng & Na Lu
Demonstration of image sensor communication
Lan Lv, Rongzhao Wu, Jiang Liu, Peng Liu & Song Liu
Study of intelligent agriculture system based on IOT technology
Xuefen Ma
Research and implement bidirectional OFDM-PON based on recycling residual raman pump
Mingzhi Mao, Caixia Kuang, Qianwu Zhang, Rujian Lin, Yingxiong Song, Min Wang & Jun Yu
An Improved Rgwh algorithm for node localization in wireless sensor network
Qingmin Meng
Design of cattle health monitoring system using wireless bio-sensor networks
Myeong-Chul Park, Hyon-Chel Jung, Tae-Koon Kim & Ok-Kyoon Ha
Dispersion relations of saw propagating under periodical gratingon langasite
Xiaolan Qian, Fangqian Xu, Yixiang Chen, Xuelan Zou & Zhenfei Zhao
A technical scheme of secure communication based on controlled projective synchronization method
Hui Qian & Hongjie Yu
The constellation condensing for signal space alignment in MIMO Ychannel
Jiaju She, Xinling Wu & Liang Geng
Performance of TCP variants over integrated satellite network and multi-hop MANET 
Lina Shen, Yong Bai & Liang Zong
Dual-band circularly polarized L-shaped dielectric resonator antenna
Wenhui Shen, Jie Liu, Jian Wu & Kang Yang
Compact ultra-wideband F-shaped dielectric resonator antenna integrated with an narrow band slot antenna
Wenhui Shen, Jian Wu, Jie Liu & Kang Yang
Secure design of VMI-IDS 
Jiangyong Shi, Chengye Li, Yuexiang Yang & Kun Jiang
A novel TD-LT E private network working at discrete narrow band for power industry
Zhan Shi, Xiaobin Wei & Jianming Zhang
Dependence on track pitch for focusing error signals in the land-groove-type optical disk
M. Shinoda & H. Nakatani
Performance evaluation of SNMP NETCONF and CWMP management protocols in wireless network
M. Słabicki & K. Grochla
FPGA based physical layer protocol and rapid synchronization in FSO communication
Wanxin Su
Deployment of IPSec based on IPv6 campus network
Yantao Tao
On the number of BPC permutations admissible to k-extra-stage omega networks
G. Veselovsky
A practical robust efficient data-retrieving architecture for wireless sensor networks
Dingcheng Wang, Bo Tang, Beijing Chen, Xi Liu, Yujia Ni & Zhili Cao
A hybrid one dimensional optimization
Zhengyuan Wang, Li Gao & Huizhen Wang
Research of routing algorithm based on levels for wireless sensor networks
Meng-Jiao Wang & Yong-Zhen Li
A subcarrier suppression based opportunistic network coding approach for uplink cooperative OFDM transmission system
Fei Wang, Dongmei Zhang, Kui Xu & Wei Xie
BER and distance adaptive spectrum resource allocation in FWM-based wavelength convertible spectrum-sliced elastic optical path network
Fazong Wang, Min Zhang, Danshi Wang, Jiahui Wu, Zhiguo Zhang & Shanguo Huang
The research on M-learning based on network streaming media in higher vocational education
Ge Wang
M-SVM solving the phase rotation of CAP access network
Yida Wang & Min Zhang
A buffer management policy combining token bucket with WFQ for DTN
H. Q. Wang, J. M. Zhu & G. S. Feng
Credibility assessment on agricultural information website
Xiaoqiao Wang, Kexi Wang & Zhenjun Zhao
An ultra-wide band CPW-fed antenna with WiMax/WLAN dual frequency band-notch function
X.D. Wu, W.B. Zeng, J.J. Liao & S.L. Li
Periodic continuous attractors of a population decoding model with external input
Weigen Wu & Xing Yin
Reliability of narrow-band TD-LT E Network transmission
Zanhong Wu, Chao Cheng & Jianming Zhang
An improved resource allocation algorithm of D2D communication for TD-LT E-advanced systems
Wei Wu, Jingan Liu, Xiuzhi Guan & Jianzhong Li
Betweenness centrality and its application in the power grid
Runze Wu & Xiao Yang
A resource allocation approach based on a simulated annealing algorithm in electric power communication networks
Fei Xia, Zongze Xia, Xiaobo Huang & Xiao Gao
Simulation and analysis of AOD V routing protocol in MANETs with different network connectivity
Huihui Xiang, Jincheng Huang & Jun Gao
Network coding based MMF routing
Guan Xu, Bin Dai, Jun Yang, Benxiong Huang & Peng Qing
Designing low rate LDPC codes with iterative threshold close to the channel capacity
Ming-Yang Xu, Xiang-Yu Wang, Shulong Han & Song Yu
A mobile relay prioritized and fairness guaranteed resource allocation for HSR network
Hua Yang, Jian Xiong, Lin Gui & Bo Rong
An optimization model based on radial basis function neural networks
Biyuan Yao, Jianhua Yin, Zhen Guo & Wei Wu
Novel excitation of dielectric resonator antenna for wideband applications
Lin Yi, He Yan, Gao Ge & Hu Yang
Dual-routing-engine based satellite optical network with periodically changed topology
Yanan Yue, Min Zhang, Yan Long, Dahai Han & Shanguo Huang
Dual-band B-shaped antenna for wireless communication technology
Wen-Jie Zeng, Dong-Mei Cai, Jia Peng & Jian-Xia Liu
Evaluation method for node importance based on service in electric power communication network
Ying Zeng, Xingnan Li, Boren Deng, Runze Wu, Yingjie Zou & Yun Luo
A novel P2P information retrieval framework using locality-sensitive hashing and B+ tree
Zengrong Zhan
A cross-layer AOD V routing algorithm based on two-hop neighborhood information
Jinlong Zhang, Qinglin Hou, Lin Huang & Hong Chen
Groundwater-level intelligent telemeter embedded platform based on gsm network
Xu Zhang, Qiong Liu & Aidi Huo
Multiple network coding of feedback for mobile p2p networks
Guoyin Zhang, Xu Fan, Yongfeng Wang, Wei Gao & Yanxia Wu
Research on push-pull congestion control strategy in delay tolerant networks
Lihua Zhang, Xiaoxu Cheng & Weimin Zhang
Research on key management system in China Southern Power Grid
MingMing Zhang, Wenjun Gao, Xin Xia & Fenglong Wang
Provable secure broadcast protocol for wireless sensor networks and RFID systems
Leyou Zhang, Zhuanning Wang & Yi Mu
Microwave frequency combs source based on Brillouin scattering
Peng Zhang, Tianshu Wang, Wanzhuo Ma, Lizhong Zhang, Shoufeng Tong, Huiling Jiang, Mei Kong & Xin Liu
A TEM horn antenna with lens and tapered ridges for UWB radar application
Yichi Zhang, Jinghui Qiu & Nannan Wang
On certain transformation semigroups
Jia Zhang
Application of OTN technology in the provincial electric power backbone communication network
Liang Zhang
Location-based AOD Vjr for wireless sensor networks in home automation
Bing Zhao, Xiaohui Li, Xiaobing Liang & Baojiang Cui
Cost functions and their application in designing blind equalizers based on bp neural networks
Juan Zhao
Suppression of Es layer clutter in HFSWR using a horizontally polarized antenna array
L. Zhao, G. Yu, Y.Z. Liu & H.K. Liu
Speaker recognition based on support vector machine
Hai-jun Zhao, Hui Cao, Wan-jun Huang, Jia-ting Qiao & Jing Wei
Accurate link correlation measurement in wireless sensor networks
Zhiwei Zhao, Gaoyang Guan, Qin Zhang & Xiaofan Wu
The electromagnetic compatibility of a plasma antennadriven by hf power supplies
Jiansen Zhao, Xia Liu, Qinyou Hu, Wei Liu & Hao Zhang
High-sensitivity gas sensor for chemicals leak in transportation
Dongjie Zhao, Jun Liu, Fang Yan, Yan Xu & Lei Wang
Study on wavelet packet modulation-frequency hopping system in AW GN channel
Qin Zheng & Xianghong Tang
Analysis and design of the feistel structured S-box
Haoran Zheng, Hongbo Wang & Kainan Zhang
SOA dynamic reconfiguration grid model of service scheduling and integration
Jiong Zheng & Zhixiang Zheng
Research and design of 13.56 MHz RFID reader antenna
M.M. Zhou & W.P. Jing
Predicting student performances from access records on general websites
Qing Zhou, Chao Mou, Youjie Zheng & Yao Meng
SIP-based method to load friend lists in quantum communication network instant messaging system
Dexin Zhu, Shigang Wang, Jiawei Han, Jianan Wu, Rongkai Wei, Nianfeng Li & Lijun Song

Computer Technology

Analysis of a linear time-dependent process using evolutionary parameters
Abdullah I. Al-Shoshan
Visual feature clustering using temporal, color and spatial information
A.M.R.R. Bandara, L. Ranathunga & N.A. Abdullah
Construction and investigation aircraft control system in a class of one-parameteric structurally stable mappings using Lyapunov functions.
Mamyrbek Beisenbi, Gulzhan Uskenbayeva & Sandygul Kaliyeva
Virtual sailing master
L. Bortoni-Anzures, C. Calles-Arriaga, M. Hernández-Ordoñez & Y. Padilla-Moreno
Preliminary design and trial of data reception and transformation system for the east china sea seafloor Observation System
Hui Chen, Huiping Xu, Yang Yu, Rufu Qin, Changwei Xu & Huizi Dong
Data calibration and dimensionality reduction for health care system
Kemeng Chen, Janet M. Roveda & Richard D. Lane
SIR epidemic model with attribute set rough on exploitation testing
Y.Y. Chen & X. L. Zhang
Image fusion algorithm based on NSST and PCNN 
Guang-qiu Chen, Jin Duan, Hua Cai & Guang-wen Liu
Wavelet and pattern trends based co-occurrence features for age group classification of a facial image
Ye-gang Chen
An implement of the digital certificate on electrical IC card
Huajun Chen, Yanrong Zhang & Qingqin Fu
Practical realization of the stationary noise cancellation algorithm in the speech signals on the basis of SMV-canceller
O.V. Chernoyarov, A.A. Makarov, D.N. Shepelev & B. Dobrucky
A stage manager system based on SIP technology
Dejing Cui, Peng Sun, Binguo Wang, Yanlei Zhang & Yue Hou
A New Kalman filter model for deconvolution of single channel of seismic record
Xiaoying Deng & Zhengjun Zhang
Tuning quick search string matching algorithms with multi-windows and integer comparison
Hongbo Fan, Shupeng Shi, Li Dong & Jing Zhang
Scenario-based security risk assessment
Rong Fu, Xiaofang Ban, Xin Huang & Dawei Liu
Design and implementation of algorithm recommended by new users based on mahout
Xianwei Gao & Zhibin Shi
The automatic planning method for mainstream velocity line
Jianhua Gao, Xueshi Dong & Wenyong Dong
Large pattern online handwritten chinese character recognition based on multi-convolution neural networks
Mingtao Ge, Yuan Sang, Liwu Pan & Junhui Liu
Efficient dynamic detection of data races for multi-core software
Ok-Kyoon Ha & Yong-Kee Jun
Friction compensation and identification for tank line of sight stabilization system
Bin Han, Tianqing Chang, Kuifeng Su & Rui Wang
Study of greenhouse intelligent control system based on STM32
Kun Hao & Feilong Zhai
Three-dimensional positioning based on weighted centroid algorithm
Zhenzhen Hao, Ribin Wang & Yuanliang Huang
System architecture model for runtime deployment adaptation
Zhiyong He & Yue Liang
Development and application of software for expanding map symbol database in oracle spatial
Yuanrong He, Yuantong Jiang, Jiahao Li & Guoliang Yun
A hybrid task scheduling algorithm in cloud computing
Meng Hu, Yingchun Yuan & Boshen Chen
Credibility test for frequency estimation of sinusoid using F-Test
Guobing Hu, Shanshan Wu, Yan Gao & Ning Ding
A simple LLR correction for LDPC coded BICM-ID systems
Ping Huang, YueHeng Li & MeiYan Ju
An adaptive PI active queue management algorithm based on queue length
Hongcheng Huang, Fan Yang, Shiwei Wang & Gaofei Xue
Comparative analyses of a fast DOA estimation algorithm using a subarray approach for single-snapshot data
Ching Jer Hung, Xiarong Cui & Xiaofei Li
Modern machine learning techniques and their applications
Mirjana Ivanović & Miloš Radovanović
A hybrid image registering algorithm of improved powell algorithm and simulated annealing algorithm
Yingtian Ji, Dengyin Zhang & Lipin Tan
Standards and protocols for RFID tag identification
Xiaolin Jia, Yajun Gu, Quanyuan Feng, Limin Zhu & Li Yue
Development of attention and motion-sensitive behavior training platform for children with ADHD using BCI and motion sensing technology
Taesuk Kihl, Kyungeun Park, Min-Jae Kim, Hyoungmok Baek & Juno Chang
Low-complexity implementation of moving object detection
B.S. Kim, J. Kwon & D.S. Kim
Design of the online temperature monitoring system for distributed high-voltage switchgear
Zi-hua Kong & Jin Luo
A close-form bias reduced solution of source localization based on Chan’s algorithm
Qian Li, Junhui Liu, Shuang Liu & Lei Xi
Multi-task object detection based on sharing linear weak classifiers
Yali Li, Shengjin Wang & Xiaoqing Ding
An english sentence pronunciation evaluation system using speech recognition and multi-parametric method
Xinguang Li, Minfeng Yao, Dongxiong Shen, Jiyou Xu & Junyu Chen
A transition from microstrip to slotline to the PCB version of SINRD waveguide
Qian Li & Feng Xu

Author index

The research and implement of a framework to detect sql injection attack automatically
Hongmin Li, Min Lu, Jianping Zhang & Xiaofang Huang
3D ear identification using label consistent K-SVD 
Lida Li, Hongyu Li & Lin Zhang
A simple observer-based consensus protocol for discrete-time multi-agent systems
Changbin Li, Chunyan Du & Yi He
Measurement and analysis of perceptual characteristic of interaural level difference
Kun Li, Cong Zhang & Heng Wang
Design and realization of a digital maintenance system
Guodong Li, Jijie Su, Zhe Li & Wenquan Zhang
CRPRO : The design and implementation of a test case reducer
Hongliang Liang, Jing Xia, Daijie Zhang & Dongyang Wu
Big data storage and computing stragedy based on distributed framework
Hongjing Lin, Mengxing Huang, Guo Zhen & Wei Wu
A surveying method based on motion features for a dual FOG-based MWD 
Tie Lin, Chunxi Zhang & Shuang Gao
An analysis of situation awareness for the car cab display interface assessment based on driving simulation
Wei Liu & Wenlong Xue
Design and implementation of conflict detection algorithm VHTB
Ying Liu, Fuxiang Gao & Ying Xie
Rail bridge bearing monitoring system based on fiber bragg grating sensors
Jun Liu, Qiaoge Yao & Kechen Lin
Improved Genetic algorithm for the design of two-dimensional fitful sparse array based on the shipborne platform
Yang Liu & Yang Guo
Application of sinc interpolation in FFT spectrum analysis
Wei Liu & Yuefang Zhao
Management method for data service quality
X.M. Liu, C. Chen, Q.Q. Li & H. Zhen
Research and implementation of automatic evaluation method for operating system security
Haifeng Liu, Hongliang Liang, Xiaomei Zhang, Qian Zhao & Lei Wang
A comparative study on the usability of household refrigerator display control interface
Wei Liu & Jingyi Yang
Ability estimation methods in CAT 
Wei Liu & Yuefang Zhao
The performance of QC-LDPC codes in visible light communication
Tong Liu, Peng Liu, Jiang Liu, Song Liu & Bin Wang
Construction of 8-QAM+ odd-periodic complementary sequences and sequence sets with zero correlation zone
Kai Liu, Hao Li & Shengnan Yan
A dynamic traffic grooming algorithm based on holding time aware services
Qiang Liu, Liangrui Tang & Bing Fan
Data mining to hepatitis B-based on WEKA 
Tao Lou, Wencai Du & Wei Wu
Statistical analysis of structural equation models with complex financial data
Hua Luo & Susu Chen
Underwater low-speed target detection based on modified STA P
Wei Lv, Xiaohui Guo, Wei Zheng & Wenxi Ni
A study on functional testing method of SAVI in SLAAC scenario
Fengchang Lv, Xiaodong Li, Yuxu Ye & Jinfei He
Research on cooperative path control of multi-UA V based distributed coordinated strategy
Peibei Ma, Jun Ji & Zhe Zhang
Reranking the search results for lyric retrieval based on the songwriters’ specific usage of words
Kazuyuki Matsumoto, Manabu Sasayama, Qingmei Xiao, Akira Fujisawa,
Minoru Yoshida & Kenji Kita
The number of conjugate symmetries for boolean functions with an arbitrary number of inputs
Peter M. Maurer
Design of a multivariable data acquisition system for decision making and security planning
M. A. Mendoza Mendoza, A. Méndez Patiño, J.A. Gutiérrez Gnecchi & D.J. Méndez Maya
Vehicles CO2 emission reduction based on real time traffic flow conditions
Aiping Ni, Chunxiao Li & Jie Ding
Performance optimization analysis and research of the power information system
Dongxiao Ren & Zhonghua Wang
Real-time positioning algorithm based on clustering spatial diversity and continuous trajectory
Dafei Ren
A folded inverted-f zigbee antenna for smart lighting systems
Wenhui Shen, Jian Wu, Haitao Liu & Peiliang Dong
RS3: an efficient retroactive security scheme on NAND flash memory based solid state disk
Wei Shi, Zhanye Wang, Dapeng Ju & Dongsheng Wang
Real-time dynamic and pressure-sensitive brush rendering
Liqiang Shi & Shizhe Zhou
An energy-efficient fast algebraic codebook search scheme
Xiaoqin Song & Li Qian
Research on voltage remote monitoring system based on FASTICA algorithm
Jinliang Song, Yan Zhang, Yongkui Man & Zhiqiang Wang
TTFCL: A data streams analysis strategy combining tilted time frame and critical Layers
Xin Song, Cuirong Wang & Jing Gao
Optimization analyses of Kalman and H∞ filters in SINS/GPS integrated navigation systems
Wan-Xin Su
A loosely-coupling hardware and software video compression for recording affordable moocs content with various scenes
Cheng-Yu Tsai, Jenq-Muh Hsu, Hung-Hsu Tsai, Zhi-Cheng Dai & Pao-Ta Yu
A method to minimize the number of nodes maintaining water surface coverage by solar energy generation
Hirotaka Ueno & Ryo Katsuma
A weight-adaptive spatially constrained gaussian mixture model for image segmentation
Qingping Wang, Deping Zhang, Hong Zhu, Jiawu Fan & Naichang Yuan
Fusion of multiple images based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform
Dongbo Wang & Gang Hu
Bit-inversion-based scrambling scheme for PAPR reduction in OFDM system
Lingyin Wang
Underwater polarization imaging based on compressed Sensing theory
Peng Wang, Junhua He & Pei Lv
The implementation of the min-hashing algorithm in Mahout
Hongya Wang, Xisong Wu, Shan Chang & LihChyun Shu
General Wiener–Hopf equation technique for extended verma general variational inequalities
Xiaomin Wang, Yanyan Zhang, Ying Liu & Xiuyan Fan
Target identification based on evidence theory of improved basic probability assignment
Pin Wang, Chao-xuan Shang & Zhuang-zhi Han
An efficient data management architecture for the large-scale deployment of resource public key Infrastructure
Cuicui Wang, Zhiwei Yan & Anlei Hu
Collecting mongolian websites based on hyperlinks
Zhijuan Wang & Yinghui Feng
Principles and methods for designing and analyzing security protocols
Zhengcai Wang
GPS failure prediction model based on improved grey dynamic forecasting
Li-Dong Wang, Qing Gao, Xian-Quan Luo & Guan-Hui Liang
A role-based reconfiguration for graceful degradation in distributed and embedded system
Li Wang & Shuhui Li
Core computation of optical wave-front simulation based on zernike polynomials in DSP
Kui Wu, Dong-mei Cai, Peng Jia & Zhi-lu Zhang
New intrusion detection method based on partition
Jian-Sheng Wu, Wen-Peng Zhang & Chi Yang
Correlation output analysis based on variance and power spectrum function of noise signal for random noise radar
Xin Wu, Lin Liu & Shu Li
Character-oriented image sensor communication system
Rongzhao Wu, Lan Lv, Jiang Liu, Peng Liu, Song Liu & Shuai Han
The algorithm for soft decision spectrum sensing based on non-reconstruction compressed sampling
Hao Wu, Yongxiang Liu, Yong Chen & Hangsheng Zhao
3D graphics rendering engine introduction and application in choreography
Likun Xiong, Peng Sun, Xiangmao Tian, Xinxin Liu & Feifei Chen
Learning projectile motion through computer games
Lianrong Xu & Xueping Zheng
Applications of the synthetic basis function method on the scattering analysis of millimeter-wave chaffs
Yanlin Xu, Jin Chen, Xingji Tang & Hu Yang
Optimized model of human development based on the vacancy chain employment model
Yonglin Xu & Qiaoyu Tian
Image enhancement based on improved retinex algorithm and weighted fusion
Shouyuan Yang, Sheng Chen & Minmin Zhou
Rate-distortion optimization based on view synthesis for depth video coding
Xiaoxiang Yang, Yun Zhang, Linwei Zhu & Liangbing Feng
Sign segmentation in the text of Chinese sign language
Dengfeng Yao, Minghu Jiang & Abudoukelimu. abulizi
Reconstructing image local regions based on the directional derivative of a field
X.Y. Ye, Y.R. Liu, S.Y. Hui & H.H. Chen
Anti-theft app for android phones
Chai Kiat Yeo, Ping Yi Sng, Ing Yann Soon & Keok Kee Lee
A pilot-aided phase estimation and compensation for coherent optical OFDM systems
Jun Yu & Yingxiong Song
An improved channel simulation model for generating multiple uncorrelated rayleigh fading waveforms
Guozhen Zang, Yuanyuan Gao, Baohua Huang & Lihua Chen
High-speed railway fastener localization algorithm based on phase-correlation
Xingui Zeng, Facai Yan, Hui Zhao & Wei Tao
Design of universal test instrument based on FPGA reconfigurable technology
Wenquan Zhang, Mengnan Gao, Jianyi Peng & Dayong Wang
Novel variable step size lms algorithm experimentally demonstrated in WDM PON 
Shuaicheng Zhang, Min Zhang & Danshi Wang
Passive detecting system at 360GHz
Chao Zhang, Guo-wei Lou, Li Zhu & Song-song Qian
An improved imbedded cubature kalman filter for target tracking
Long Zhang, Naigan Cui, Yuliang Bai & Feng Yang
The bat algorithm and its parameters
Juan Zhao & ZhengMing Gao
An accuracy evaluation method by decoupling error sources
Li-Bing Zhao, Qiang Fu, Bin Liu, Siyang Deng & Hongyuan Zhang
An adaptive image edge detection algorithm using multi-information fusion
Jihong Zhou, Zi Li & Jun Lu
Improvement of middleware-based redundant reader elimination algorithm in RFID systems
Ning Zhou, Qunwu Lv & Jianxin Zhou

Electronic Application

HF parameters measurement and calculation of AC motor winding
M.N. Benallal, A. Douba, E. Ailam, A. Mahieddine & M.A. M’liki
Overlapped block-processing VLSI architecture for separable 2D filters
Niras C.V., Azadeh Safari & Yinan Kong
Discriminant equation about fly-back characteristic in Bipolar Transistors
Liang Chen
Development and current situation of single-stage single-phase boost inverter technology
Yiwen Chen & Daolian Chen
Applications of radio frequency identification (RFID) in supply chain
Shengjiang Chen & Chunfeng Zhang
A 0.18μm CMOS 0.5V- optimized digital baseband processor in RFID tag with OCA 
Yurong Deng, Wei Zhang, Qiuli Wu & Xijin Zhao
Image denoising research based on lifting wavelet transform and median filter
Xiangyu Deng & Zengli Liu
Fast string matching algorithms for very long patterns based on BOMq
Hongbo Fan, Shupeng Shi, GuoRui Ma & Jing Zhang
On the combination of simulated annealing and semi-supervised clustering for intrusion detection
Guorui Feng & Jian Wu
A grey lock method to support multiple pre-freezing mechanism in IC card
Qing-qin Fu, Zheng-quan Ang & Yan-fang Yuan
The bluetooth communication between PC and android mobile phone based on a new communication protocol and optimized AES algorithm
Li Gao, Dequn Zhao & Guangmin Sun
Interference issue in machine to machine communication for Healthcare
Pradnya H. Ghare & A.G. Kothari
Mobile peer-to-peer resource location model on node capability and resource index
Fangfang Guo, Xia Wu, Hongwu Lv & Qiancheng Yue
Designing a pulsed laser in single-photon QKD 
Shulong Han, Kai Liu & Song Yu
Hardware-in-the-Loop-based systematic testing of automotive safety electronics
Thomas Herpel, Thomas Hoiss & Adil Sghair
MRFDA : mapreduce based full-domain anonymization
Qingqing Hu, Junqiang Liu, Yongsheng Wu, Shijian Xu & Mengtao Xu
A time-efficient distributed mobility management scheme
Bo Hu, Huan Wang & Ning Li
Application of rooftop basis function in RCS 
Chao Hua, Zhifeng Cao & Hongdan Xu
Study on the crack detection above buildings using infrared thermal imaging technology
Jingjing Huang & Cheng Xing
Viewpoint interpolation using depth information to enhance DIBR for free viewpoint video
Zhi-yong Huo, Tian-liang Liu, Xiu-chang Zhu & Luying Yao
InSAR phase unwrapping approach using equivalent residues
Rui Jiang & Daiyin Zhu
On-chip integrated inductors with NiFe-SiOX magnetic thin films on GaN 
Cen Kong, Jianjun Zhou, Hui Li & Haiyan Lu
Harmonic-injected power amplifier with 2nd harmonic short circuit
Shigeo Kusunoki & Katsuji Kawakami
Design and simulation study of semi-active damping of piezoelectric energy collector
Zheng Li, ZhiGang Yang, FengShao Peng, Sheng Li, JunWu Kan & Dan Lu
Preliminary study on television media hot spot mining
Huiyi Li, Zhanbin He & Han Long
Oscillation suppression solutions for DC microgrids with multi-sources and constant-power loads
Yumei Li & Leping Bu
A Hierarchical priority task scheduling with QoS satisfaction for cloud storage
Qingying Lin, Yuelong Zhao, Wei Chen &Ping Zhong
Combined subjective with objective for battlefield electromagnetic environment complexity evaluation
Min Liu, Huidong Qiao, Hao Li & Guangfei Xu
OFDM-PON downstream phase noise cancellation based on coherent detection
Longlong Liu, Mingzhi Mao, Yingxiong Song, Yingchun Li, Rujian Lin, Min Wang & Jun Yu
A 1.8V 160mW 10b 2MSps pipelined ADC in 0.18um CMOS 
Haitao Liu, Jie Sun, Lizhen Zhang & Qing Deng
Study and design on the E-mail monitoring technique
Haiyan Liu & Yue Zhao
Content-based image retrieval based on color difference and saliency model
Guang-Hai Liu
The design and implementation of membership functions in acoustic emission forecasting Rock-burst
Weidong Liu, Ciyang Zheng & Fenfen Sheng
A question recommendation model based on LDA and Word2Vec
Wei Liu & Wen Dong
A priority based dynamic routing and wavelength assignment algorithm in power communication network
Jia Lou, Liangrui Tang & Bing Fan
Understanding factors that influence user acceptance of mobile apps for rural traveling in China
Jiaying Lu & Mengbin Wang
Gradient guided feature selection in stereo matching
Na Lu & Jing Luo
Remote laboratory for game-based distance learning in electronics
Franck Luthon & Benoît Larroque
The DOA algorithm research in orthogonal MIMO radar
Ruijin Ma, Huisheng Zhang & Shufeng Li
Server load balance based on SDN 
Zhenwei Meng, Lijun Zhang & Han Xu
S-band SiC MESFET on high duty cycle
Jianghui Mo, Liang Li, Hongshu Pan, Yuxing Cui, Xingchang Fu, Jia Li, Zhihong Feng & Shujun Cai
The design and optimization of transimpedance amplifier capacitance detection circuit
Linfeng Mu, Wendong Zhang, Changde He & Chenyang Xue
Development of white LEDs from UV-LEDs and RGB phosphors
Yoshihiko Muramoto, Masahiro Kimura & Suguru Nouda
Performance of synthetic aperture radiometer on aerial targets detection
Wei Ni & Yazhou Wan
SOMA: Self-resilient switches against denial-of-service attacks
Younghee Park, Akshay Wattal, Manish Mandlik & Xiao Su
Research on the application of GPS to wave measurement
Zhanhui Qi, Mingbing Li, Chaoqun Dang & Suoping Zhang
Haptic transference: A new haptic feedback robotic control interface
M. Rauscher
Improving maintenance & troubleshooting process through AR for grinding operations in the tooling industry
Horacio Rios, Gilberto García, Eduardo Gonzalez, Brania Naomi Martínez & Leticia Neira
Towards an intelligent navigation system for the visually impaired
Muhammad Sarfraz, Syed M. A. J. Rizvi & Muhammad Ihsanulhaq Sarfraz
A heterogeneity based method to identify major variability component
Fahd Shaikh, Wei He, Jonathan Sprinkle, Kemeng Chen & Janet M. Roveda
Vehicle association among multiple cameras
Hao Sheng, Xing Zhang, Chao Li & Zhang Xiong
Design and implementation of serial RapidIO interconnect on a novel radar system
Qingzhan Shi, Deping Zhang, Weiwei Wu, Tao Xie & Naichang Yuan
A novel and low-power wireless SOC design for pervasive bio-sensor applications
Jianhui Sun, Juntao Liu, Xinyang Liu, Yan Fan, Tao Yin, Haigang Yang & Xinxia Cai
Study on demodulation technology of angle-error in unmanned aerial vehicle data-link
Jingtao Sun
Index construction for mathematical expression retrieval based on trie Tree
Jing Sun, Xuedong Tian, Dazhong Liu & Zhiming Zhang
Digital choreography distributed control based inertial motion capture
Peng Sun, Dejing Cui, Likun Xiong, Xiumei Xie, Yuqin Wang & Jianglong Ji
Gases/Odors classification using K-means hierarchical clustering and self organizing map
Sunny, Vinod Kumar, V. N. Mishra & R. R. Das
Serial processing FIR inverse filter circuit
Kenji Takato
A novel method of constructing a 3-D tank electromagnetic scattering model
Xingji Tang, Hu Yang, Jin Cheng, Junqi Lu, Junjie Mao & Yang He
Stratospheric temperature inversion base on rayleigh lidar
Li Tian, Shenli Guo, Lingbing Bu & Xingyou Huang
AlGaN/GaN MIS-HEMT with ultrathin barrier using PECVD SiN as passivation and gate-insulating layer
Zheli Wang, Jianjun Zhou, Cen Kong & Tangsheng Chen
Hand dorsal vein recognition based on deep learning
Yiding Wang, Haijun Cao, He Gong & Kefeng Li
A new distributed parallel reasoning using MapReduce
J.B. Wang & C.C. Zheng
A privilege abuse detection method based on the android permission model
Siqi Wang, Hengtai Ma & Xiaohui Wu
An improved Image saliency detection approach based on features of space
Yan Wang, Weiyu Yu, Shaohui Qian & Rundong Tang
Adaptive tracking for a class of markov jumping nonlinear systems based on neural network control
Shao Wang, Fei Long, Wenjie Zhang & Xia Liu
Diversity combining demodulation method in atmospheric turbulence
Yong Wang
Second Harmonic generation in a two-dimensional triangle-square lattice photonic crystal
A. H. Wang, J. Zhao & L. M. Zhao
An Efficient method for localization based on TDOA and FDOA 
YunLong Wang, Kai Zhi Huang & Ying Wu
Research of 230MHZ radio propagation models
Ying Wang, Bo Li & Jianming Zhang
The studies on identification of parameters of generators and loads in power system under different short circuit faults
ShuQin Wang, YongWei Huang, YongBin Yue, RuGui Zhu, HongWei Wang & Bo Jin
A quantitative evaluation and analysis on CPU and MIC 
Wenzhu Wang, Qingbo Wu & Yusong Tan
Calculation and analysis of natural frequency of transformer based on finite element model
Chunning Wang, Bingbing Chen, Honghua Xu, Hongzhong Ma & Jiewei Gong
An analysis of the ABC classification method for equipment maintenance materials inventory control based on the Fuzzy Theory
Xiuhua Wang, Zhengping Shu & Jie Bai
Variable step-size LMS algorithm based on modified secant integral function
Zhixian Xiao & Fumin Lin
Secure certificate-free ring signature without bilinear pairing
Yan Xu, Liusheng Huang & Miaomiao Tian
Impact of phased array weather radar wide transmitted beam
Junchao Yan, Mingbao Hu & Zhenhong Guan
Time and Power Randomization for ECC Power Analysis Resistant Design
Yingjian Yan, Bo Li & Moran Li
Overcoming detection rate bottlenecks in new QoS violation with combining HMM and information fusion theory
Mei Yang, Jian Kang & Junyao Zhang
Creation of Bessel-Gauss beam at THz using quasi-optical unstable resonator
Yanzhong Yu & Han Huang
Research and practice of a video conference system based on SIP
Hua Yuan, Yu-Qing Chen & Ling Zhang
Analysis of the scattering of electromagnetic waves by charged sphere
Zijia Zhang, Qi Pan, Haixiu Chen & Wanwan Ma
The performance of FM broadcast using radio on visible light communication systems
Haiyu Zhang, Xiaojing Zhang, Peng Liu, Jiang Liu, Song Liu & Bin Wang
Collective effects in HLS-II storage ring
Qingkun Zhang, Lin Wang & Weimin Li
Comprehensive effectiveness evaluation on mobile robots sensing system
Xiaochuan Zhao, Sijia Li & Yuancheng Miao
Research on multi-agent cooperative hunting based on the game theory
Yanbin Zheng, Lingyu Duan, Bo Li & Kai Liang
Authenticating query results based on the bilinear-map accumulator tree
Rui Zhou & Xiaoming Wang
Spectrum sensing based on fractional lower order moments for cognitive radio under impulsive noise
Xiaomei Zhu, Pei Jiang, Yaping Bao & Guan Gui

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