1st Edition

Electrophysical Phenomena in the Tribology of Polymers

    204 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Numerous practical problems connected to triboelectric phenomena remain unsolved in both the fabrication and behavior of polymer threads and fabrics in a variety of industrial articles. Using the results of unique experiments carried out in the countries of the former Soviet Union, this volume fills a gap in the science of tribology, presenting fundamental information on the nature of physical and chemical processes governing and accompanying tribodeformation and tribodisintegration of polymers. Details on electrophysical phenomena such as contact electrification and emergence of the electret state in polymer materials are also provided.

    1. Experimental Techniques of Investigating Electrical Effects of Friction to Polymers 2. Triboelectrification of Polymer Melts and Composites 3. Triboelectret State of Polymers 4. Environmental Effects on Electrophysical Processes in Friction 5. Triboelectrification of Polymer Powders 6. Applications of the Triboelectrification and Electret Effects in Polymers 7. Principles of Friction Electrophysics in Polymers


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