Elements for Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer Applications  book cover
1st Edition

Elements for Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting and Wireless Power Transfer Applications

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ISBN 9780367246785
November 13, 2020 Forthcoming by CRC Press
216 Pages - 76 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

This book specifically focusses on Radio Frequency (RF) energy harvesting and comprehensively introduces the circuit design for RF energy harvesting and wireless power transfer applications. It focusses on systematic overview of key components for RF energy harvesting and wireless transfer applications. The book serves as a single point of reference for the practicing engineer and researchers for referencing potential sources and elements for RF energy harvesting, to provide rapid training and design guidelines in this area including:

  • Different sensing elements used in RF energy harvesting (RFEH) and Wireless Power Transfer (WPT).
  • Illustration of some design examples using simulation software.
  • Inclusions of mathematical expressions and design problems.

Table of Contents

Part A: Elements of RE Energy Harvesting (RFEH) Systems
Chapter 1: Introduction 
1.1 Introduction  
1.2 Various Energy Harvesting Techniques 
 1.2.1  Photo-Voltaic Energy Harvesting 
 1.2.2 Thermal Energy Harvesting 
 1.2.3 Mechanical Energy Harvesting 
 1.2.4  Wind Energy Harvesting 
 1.2.5 Acoustic Energy Harvesting 
 1.2.6 Electromagnetic (EM)/Radio Frequency (RF) Energy Harvesting 
Chapter 2: Antennas for RFEH Systems 
2.1 Introduction 
2.2 Circularly Polarized Antennas  
2.3 High Gain Antennas 
2.4 Wideband Antennas 
2.5 Multiband Antennas 
2.6 High Efficiency Antennas 
2.7 Low Power Antennas 
Chapter 3: Rectifiers for RFEH Systems 
3.1 Introduction  
3.2 An Overview of Matching Networks  
3.3 Rectifiers 
 3.3.1 Diode-based Rectifiers  
 3.3.2 MOSFET-based Rectifiers 
 3.3.3 Comparison of Various Rectifier Topologies 
Chapter 4: Rectennas for RFEH Systems 
4.1 Introduction 
4.2 Circularly Polarized Rectennas  
4.3 Wideband Rectennas 
4.4 High Gain Rectennas 
4.5 Multiband Rectennas 
4.6 High Efficiency Rectennas 
4.7 Low Power Rectennas 
Part B: Elements of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) Systems
Chapter 5: Antennas for WPT Systems 
5.1 Introduction 
5.2 Antennas for Near-Field WPT 
5.3 Antennas for Radiative Far-Field WPT 
 5.3.1 Multi-Frequency Antennas  
 5.3.2  Multi-Band Antennas 
 5.3.3 Circularly Polarized Antennas 
 5.3.4 Antenna Arrays for WPT 
Chapter 6: Rectifiers for WPT Systems 
6.1 Introduction 
6.2 Class Based Rectifiers 
6.3 CMOS Rectifiers 
6.4 Active Rectifiers 
6.5 Reconfigurable Rectifiers 
6.6 Resonant Regulating Rectifiers 
Chapter 7: Rectennas for WPT Systems 
7.1 Introduction  
7.2 Single-Band Rectennas 
7.3 Broadband and Multiband Rectennas 
 7.3.1 Broadband Rectennas 
 7.3.2 Multi-Band Rectennas 
7.4 Circularly Polarized Rectennas 
Chapter 8: Matching Networks 
8.1  Introduction 
8.2 Matching Networks for RFEH Systems 
8.3 Matching Networks for WPT Systems 
 8.3.1 Matching Networks for Near-Field WPT Systems 
 8.3.2 Matching Networks for Far-Field WPT Systems 
 8.3.3 Adaptive Matching Methods 
 8.3.4 Resistance Compression Networks 
Chapter 9:  Some Applications  
9.1 Introduction  
9.2 Rectennas for Wireless Power Transmission 
 9.2.1 Single-Band Applications 
 2.45 GHz Wi-Fi Band 
 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi Band/WLAN  
 Other Frequency Band Applications 
 9.2.2 Dual-Band Applications 
 9.2.3 Broad-Band Antenna Applications 
9.3 Rectennas for Solar Power Transmission 
9.4 Rectennas for Wireless Energy Harvesting 
 9.4.1 Single-Band Applications 
 2.45 GHz Wi-Fi Band Applications  
 900/1800 MHz GSM Bands Applications 
 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi/WLAN Band Applications 
 Other Frequency Band Applications 
 9.4.2 Dual-Band Applications 
 1.8 GHz GSM and 2.1 GHz UMTS Bands Applications 
 GSM900 and GSM1800 Bands Applications 
 Other Dual-Frequency Bands Applications 
 9.4.3 Multi-Band Applications 
 9.4.4 Broad-Band Applications 
9.5 Wireless Sensor Networks and Implementable Devices 
9.6 Environment for Rectenna Testing 

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