1st Edition

Elements of Pharmaceutical Pricing

By E. M. (Mick) Kolassa Copyright 1997
    130 Pages
    by CRC Press

    130 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Elements of Pharmaceutical Pricing shows account managers, product managers, marketing researchers, and other practitioners in the pharmaceutical industry how to improve your marketing and pricing skills. By describing the process for reaching pricing decisions and clarifying the environment of pharmaceutical marketing, this book demystifies the area of pharmaceutical pricing and shows how to use prices to capture the value of products instead of lowering their value.

    Recent pharmaceutical pricing decisions have reflected uninformed, emotional, and short-term thinking. Elements of Pharmaceutical Pricing shows you how to avoid these kinds of decisions, helping you refine your pricing skills and increase your firm's profitability by:

    • showing you how to determine the value of a pharmaceutical product
    • outlining a pricing philosophy that addresses the politics and problems you'll encounter
    • tracing the pricing research process
    • examining the role of price in the decision to purchase, prescribe, or use pharmaceuticals
    • addressing the challenges facing the industry in the future
    As Dr. Kolassa explains in the Foreword, Elements of Pharmaceutical Pricing aims to “help create within [pharmaceutical] firms, and the industry, something that has been long overdue--the ability to 'price on purpose,’to make pricing decisions that are less emotional and more informed. This volume does not contain all the answers, but I believe it does pose many of the right questions, to help those charged with pricing to make informed decisions, to understand the likely implications of their pricing actions before taking them. This information should lead to better, more profitable pricing in the industry.”

    • Pricing: The Forgotten “P”
    • The Growing Importance of Pharmaceutical Pricing
    • Prices, Politics, and Problems--A Pricing Philosophy
    • Pricing Flow and Terminology
    • Price Decision Making
    • The Role of Price in the Decision to Purchase, Prescribe, or Use Pharmaceuticals
    • The Pharmaceutical Pricing Research Process
    • The Value of a Pharmaceutical Product
    • Pharmaceutical Pricing at the Change of Millennia
    • Index


    E. M. (Mick) Kolassa