1st Edition

Elements of Structural Geology

By E. Sherbon Hills Copyright 1972

    Originally published in 1963, this classic textbook was revised fully for the 1972 edition. The author presents a comprehensive account of all topics falling within the domain of structural geology in his characteristically objective, scientific and logical manner. The book pays particular attention to definitions and the origin of terms. Geology is a global science and this book used examples and ideas from work in many countries. The book is comprehensive in scope, dealing not only with secondary structures and tectonics, but also with primary structures of secondary and igneous rocks. This was the first textbook to deal with rock material as two-phase systems rather than as solids and this approach is continued in this reissued edition by analysis of concepts such as ocean-floor spreading and plate tectonics

    1. The Domain and Contents of Structural Geology 2. Depositional Textures and Structures 3. Non-Diastrophic Structures 4. Physics of Deformation 5. Environment, Time and Material Appendix: Mohr Diagrams 6. Planar and Linear Structures and Jointing 7. Faults 8. Folds 9. Tectonic Analysis of Folds 10. Cleavage 11. Major Structures and Tectonics 12. Igneous Rocks 13. Structural Petrology E. Den Tex 14. Geomorphology and Structure – Morphotectonics.


    E. S. Hills was Lecturer in Geology 1932-1944, Professor of Geology and Mineralogy 1944-1962, Research Professor and Deputy Vice-Chancellor 1962-1971, at the University of Melbourne, Australia. His interests were wide ranging and included fossil fishes, physiography, mineralogy and petrology, structure, tectonics and morphotectonics, and economic geology. He died in 1986