1st Edition

Elephants & Whales Resources For Whom?

By Milton M.R. Freeman, Urs P. Kreuter Copyright 1995
    336 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book examines issues surrounding the management and conservation of a particular category of animal, namely the 'mediagenic megafauna', or the largest of the land and sea mammals. The value accorded to different biotic resources varies significantly depending upon the interests and goals of the parties undertaking the valuation, and these different perceptions often come to influence management of these species. Discussion and programmes directed toward 'saving' elephants and whales are particularly instructive in this regards, as these species appeal to diverse groups for markedly different reasons. One of the main purposes of this book is to make explicit the nature of different stakeholders' conservation perceptions and strategies in respect to these culturally important biological resources. This examination will hopefully inform ongoing discussion of such important issues as sustainable and equitable wildlife and fisheries management plans, bioregionalism and the maintenance of biodiversity.

    Dedication, Acknowledgements, Contributors, 1 Introduction, 2 Elephants and Whales as Resources from the Noosphere, 3 Economics, Politics and Controversy over African Elephant Conservation, 4 Western Conservation Groups and the Ivory Ban Wagon, 5 Social Divisions and the Massacre of Elephants in Zaire, 6 Cultural Perceptions and Conflicting Rights to Wildlife in the Zambezi Valley, 7 Sustainable Wildlife Use for Community Development in Zimbabwe, 8 Elephant Management in the Nyaminyami District, Zimbabwe: Turning a Liability into an Asset, 9 Seeking Equity in Common Property Wildlife in Zimbabwe, 10 Science and Trans-Science in the Whaling Debate, 11 Whose Whale is that? Diverting the Commodity Path, 12 Grind — Ambiguity and Pressure to Conform: Faroese Whaling and the Anti-Whaling Protest, 13 North Norwegian Whalers' Conceptualization of Current Whale Management Conflicts, 14 Conflicting Cultural Values: Whale Tourism in Northern Norway, 15 Arctic Whales: Sustaining Indigenous Peoples and Conserving Arctic Resources, 16 Aboriginal Subsistence Whaling in West Greenland, 17 International Attitudes to Whales, Whaling and the Use of Whale Products: A Six-Country Survey, Appendix, Index


    Milton M.R. Freeman, Urs P. Kreuter