1st Edition

Eliminating Minor Stoppages on Automated Lines

By Kikuo Suehiro Copyright 1987
    248 Pages
    by Productivity Press

    Stoppages of automated equipment lines adversely affect productivity, cost, and lead time. Such losses make decreasing the number of stoppages a crucial element of TPM. Kikuo Suehiro has helped companies such as Hitachi achieve unprecedented reduction in the number of minor stoppages. In this explicitly detailed book, he presents a scientific approach to determining the causes of stoppages and the actions that can be taken to diminish their occurrence.

    Foreword to the Japanese Edition, Preface, Acknowledgments, PART 1. UNDERSTANDING MINOR STOPPAGES, 1. Definition of Minor Stoppages, 2. Measurement Criteria for Evaluating Minor Stoppages, 3. Examples of Improvement Results, 4. The Need for Improvement, 5. An Approach to Finding Solutions, PART 2. THE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM, 6. Overview of Improvement Steps, 7. Step 1: Conduct Initial Planning, 8. Step 2: Measure MTBF, 9. Step 3: Establish Values, 10. Step 4: Study and Inspect Target Process (Step S), 11. Step 5: Analyze Results (Step A), 12. Step 6: Analyze Causes (Step B), 13. Step 7: Apply PDC Cycle to Make Improvements (Step C), 14. Step 8: Do Follow-up Management, 15. Promotion of Improvements, Sources, Index


    Suehiro, Kikuo