1st Edition

Elites and Democratic Development in Russia

Edited By Vladimir Gel'man, Anton Steen Copyright 2003
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    The transformation from Communist rule towards democratic development in Russia cannot be fully understood without taking the elites into full consideration. Elites and Democratic Development in Russia examines how elites support and challenge democracy and why they are crucial to Russian democracy in particular.
    In this innovative volume, twelve respected scholars investigate how elites have affected the transition from Communist rule towards democratic development in Russia. They discuss how the elites' degree of integration on national and regional levels may constitute the main condition for the consolidation of the emerging political regime and interpret the complex post-communist elite patterns of behaviour and attitudes into a theoretical framework of elitist democracy.
    This book will appeal to those interested in democratization, elites, post-Soviet Russia and post-communist studies.

    1. Vladimir Gel'man and Anton Steen Introduction2. John Higley, Oksan Bayulgen and Julie George Political Elite Integration and Differentiation in Russia3. Vladimir Gel'man Russia's Elites in Search of consensus: What Kind of Consolidation?4. Anton Steen The Elite Basis of Yeltsin's and Putin's Regimes5. Helge Blakkisrud The Rise and Fall of the Russian Governor: Institutional Design vs. Patron-Client Relationships6. Anton Steen and Vsevolod Timofeev Between Centre and Regions: The State Duma Deputies7. Grigorii V. Golosov Party Extinction in Russian, 1993-2002: An Elite Connection8. James Hughes and Peter John Local Elites in Russia's Transition: Generation Effects on Adaptation and Competition9. Alexandr Duka Reforms and Orientations of Regional Elites: The Case of St. Petersburg10. Inessa Tarusina Elite Transformation and Regime Change: The Case of Tomsk Oblast11. Vladimir Gel'man and Inessa Tarusina Studies of Political Elites in Russia: An Overview


    Vladimir Gel'man, Anton Steen