1st Edition

Elizabeth Evelinge, II Printed Writings 1500–1640: Series I, Part Three, Volume 5

By Jos Blom Copyright 2003

    The declarations and ordinances made upon the rule of our holy mother S.Clare is an English translation of papal pronouncements upon the rules governing the convents of the Franciscan Order of St Clare. Elizabeth Evelinge's 176-page English version was published by one of the most prolific presses of the 17th-century English Roman Catholic exiles, the English College Press at St Omer. The edition, which was presumably very limited, was meant for English nuns living in monasteries in Flanders and Northern France. At her death, Elizabeth Evelinge was described as having 'a more polish'd way of writing above her sex. Her translation of The declarations at the age of just 25, testifies to her skills. The copy of the text reproduced here is that held at the Franciscan Library at Killiney.

    Contents: Introductory note; Elizabeth Evelinge: The declarations and ordinances made upon the rule of our holy mother, S. Clare.


    Jos Blom

    'These volumes will undoubtedly be of interest to scholars working on the intersections between print and devotion in the period, particularly those who wish to study how such issues are inflected in female authors and female audiences. Indeed, their publication also speaks to the current interest in bridging traditional gaps between 'medieval' and 'early modern', particularly in terms of how wider networks of publication impacted tightly defined communities.' Sixteenth Century Journal