1st Edition

Elizabethan Non-Conformist Texts

Edited By Leland H. Carlson, Albert Peel Copyright 1951

    Originally published in the 1950s by George Allen & Unwin.
    When originally published, these volumes were making available very rare material (tracts and manuscripts etc.) for the very first time. Most of the documents exist in their original state as difficult to locate, read and understand - for example: there are only two copies of A Plaine Refutation (1591) and two copies of A Brief Discoverie of the False Church.

    It is impossible to understand the rise and development of Independency and of the democratic idea in religion and in politics without reflection upon some of this rare material.

    Volume 1: 0-415-31989-7
    Volume 2: 0-415-31990-0
    The Writings of Robert Harrison and Robert Browne
    Volume 3: 0-415-31991-9
    The Writings of Henry Barrow, 1587-1590
    Volume 4: 0-415-31992-7 The Writings of John Greenwood 1587-1590, together with the joint writings of Henry Barrow and John Greenwood 1587-1590
    Volume 5: 0-415-31993-5
    The Writings of Henry Barrow, 1590-91
    Volume 6: 0-415-31994-3
    The Writings of john Greenwood and Henry Barrow 1591-1593


    Leland H. Carlson, Albert Peel