1st Edition

Elliptic and Parabolic Problems Pont-A-Mousson 1994, Volume 325

    272 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    272 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    This Research Note presents some recent advances in various important domains of partial differential
    equations and applied mathematics including equations and systems of elliptic and parabolic type and various applications in physics,
    mechanics and engineering.

    These topics are now part of various areas of science and have
    experienced tremendous development during the last decades.

    1. Calderén-Zygmund inequalities, Riesz potentials and Riesz transforms in, weighted Sobolev spaces 2. Nonuniqueness results for quasilinear elliptic systems 3. The support shrinking in solutions of parabolic equations with non-homogeneous absorption terms 4. Representation and approximation of solutions of initial value problems for differential equations in Hilbert space based on the Cayley transform 5. A unified formulation for the boundary conditions in some convection-diffusion problem 6. An existence theorem for an unbounded dam with leaky boundary conditions 7. Local weak solutions for a multivalued evolution equation 8. Nonlinear parabolic problems modelling transition dynamics with memory 9. On a multi-dimensional moving boundary problem 10. Cauchy problem for equations of nonlinear heat conductibility with convection in classes of growing functions 11. Large-time behaviour of non-isothermal models for phase separation 12. On convergence of the solutions of inverse problems for parabolic equations with weakly converging coefficients 13. On the Airy equation with a coefficient depending on t 14. Radial symmetry by moving planes for semilinear elliptic BVPs on annuli and other non-convex domains 15. Large-time behavior of the solution to a phase change problem with constraint 16. Entire positive solutions for semi-linear elliptic functions 17. On quasilinear parabolic higher order equations with Hélder continuous solutions 18. Existence and uniqueness results for degenerate-elliptic integro-differential problems 19. Application of the Leray-Schauder degree to investigation of travelling wave solutions of parabolic equations 20. Degenerate elliptic models for perfectly plastic flows 21. Some recent results on the large time behavior for scalar parabolic conservation laws


    Bandle, C | Chipot, Michel | Bemelmans, Josef | Paulin, J Saint Jean | Shafrir, I