1st Edition

Embassies in the East The Story of the British and Their Embassies in China, Japan and Korea from 1859 to the Present

By J E Hoare, J. E. Hoare Copyright 1999
    238 Pages
    by Routledge

    270 Pages
    by Routledge

    This text traces the history of three Far Eastern embassies through the vicissitudes of war and revolution against the background of an apparent steady decline of Western influence in Asia. Dr Hoare tracks the key events and people shaping the British view of Asia.
    Key 'dramatis personae' are Sir Harry Parkes, British Minister to Japan, China and Korea; Sir Ernest Satow, the student interpreter who became Minister in Tokyo and Peking, and in more recent years, Sir Charles Eliot, lover of big cars and scholar of Buddhism.
    This book will interest those wishing to know more about all aspects of Britain in East Asia, whether in the tense years of the Boxer troubles in China, during the wartime repatriation of Britons from Japan and the Japanese Empire, in the traumas of the Korean War, or during the excess of China's Cultural Revolution.

    1. Introduction; Part I China; 2. The Beginning: The Duke of Liang's Mansion and the Establishment of the Legation 1860-1900; 3. Interlude: The Summer Legation Question; 4. The Siege of the Legations and the Boxer Settlement; 5. From the Boxer Rebellion to the Pacific War; 6. Last Years of the Old Legation, 1945-59; 7. Outside the Walls: The British Mission in Beijing Since 1959; Part II Japan; 8. The Early Days, 1859-72; 9. ::; ch0010 After the Earthquake, 1923-40; 11. War, Detention, and Repatriation, 1941-42; 12. After the War, 1945-99; Part III Korea; 13. Beginnings; 14. The New Buildings; 15. From Consulate-general to Consulate-general, 1894-1942; 16. Seoul Since 1945; 17. Epilogue;


    Authored by Hoare, J E; Hoare, J. E.

    'Dr Hoare tells the story well for three Far Eastern embassies, those in China, Japan and Korea. It is a scholarly and highly readable book.' - Sir Percy Cradock, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Journal