1st Edition

Embedded Multi-Level Leadership in Elite Sport

    260 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    260 Pages 15 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book represents an alternative perspective on international elite sport systems. It focusses on the embedded multi-level nature of leadership, and the scope that this might give for degrees of leadership autonomy and discretion.

    The chapters show how mechanisms of leadership on different levels interact. The nature and mix of leadership mechanisms reflect values and expectations related to specific political, normative and commercial sport contexts. Three introductory chapters outline key elements of these dimensions of elite sport contexts. Seven empirical cases illustrate how national contexts facilitate and constrain leadership practices, related to specific sports across Russia, China, Ghana, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and the US. The final chapter discusses embedded multi-level leadership from a comparative perspective. Based on the countries covered, the book distinguishes between three groups: state-dominated systems, state-elite sport partnership and countries with a passive state, with no state intervention.

    This book is important reading for researchers and students with an interest in sport management, sport development, sport policy and sport governance, as well as for policy-makers, performance directors and managers working in elite sport.

    1          Embedded Multi-Level Leadership in Diverse Elite Sport Systems

                Svein S Andersen, Per Ø. Hansen and Barrie Houlihan


    2          Leadership in Elite Sport: Normative Tensions and Ethical Decision Making

                Sigmund Loland and Morten Renslo Sandvik


    3          The Political and Governance Context

                Barrie Houlihan


    4          The Commercial Context

                Chris Horbel


    5          Multi-Level Leadership in Russian Elite Sport

                Vassil Girginov, Peter Smolianov and Tamara Dolmatova


    6          A Multi-Level Analysis of the Transformational Leadership During the 2015 Chinese Football Reform

                Qi Peng


    7          Leading and Organizing German Elite Biathlon

                Per Øystein Hansen, Berit Skirstad and Svein S. Andersen


    8          Multilevel Leadership within the Swiss Elite Sports System: The Involvement of Alpine Skiing Elite Athletes in National-Level Policy-Making

                Andreas Ch. Weber and Corinne Zurmühle


    9          Leading for Success in Danish and Norwegian National Team Handball 

                Allan B. Grønkjær and Dag Vidar Hanstad


    10        Investigating Shared Leadership in Elite Sport: A Social Network Study of USA Rugby 7s

                Jacqueline Mueller, James Skinner, Steve Swanson, Michael L. Naraine and Katrien Fransen


    11        USA and Leadership in Elite Ice Hockey

                Peter Smolianov, Allan Grønkjær, Dave Ridpath and Tamara Dolmatova


    12        Football Leadership and Public Value in Ghana

                Derrick Charway


    13        Embedded Multi-Level Leadership in a Diverse World

                Svein S. Andersen, Per Øystein Hansen and Barrie Houlihan


    Svein S. Andersen is Professor of organization studies at Oslo Business School, Norway. He has been an adjunct professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences and involved in the Elite Coach Program at the Norwegian elite sport organization, Olympiatoppen.


    Per Øystein Hansen is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Sport and Physical Education at Norway Inland University of Applied Sciences, and Associate Professor II at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. His research interest is primarily leadership of elite sports and values in sport organizations.


    Barrie Houlihan is Emeritus Professor of Sport Policy at Loughborough University, UK and Visiting Professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. He was launch Editor of the International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics.