1st Edition

Embedded Systems Handbook Networked Embedded Systems

Edited By Richard Zurawski Copyright 2009
    838 Pages 225 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Considered a standard industry resource, the Embedded Systems Handbook provided researchers and technicians with the authoritative information needed to launch a wealth of diverse applications, including those in automotive electronics, industrial automated systems, and building automation and control. Now a new resource is required to report on current developments and provide a technical reference for those looking to move the field forward yet again. Divided into two volumes to accommodate this growth, the Embedded Systems Handbook, Second Edition presents a comprehensive view on this area of computer engineering with a currently appropriate emphasis on developments in networking and applications. Those experts directly involved in the creation and evolution of the ideas and technologies presented offer tutorials, research surveys, and technology overviews that explore cutting-edge developments and deployments and identify potential trends.

    This second self-contained volume of the handbook, Network Embedded Systems, focuses on select application areas. It covers automotive field, industrial automation, building automation, and wireless sensor networks. This volume highlights implementations in fast-evolving areas which have not received proper coverage in other publications. Reflecting the unique functional requirements of different application areas, the contributors discuss inter-node communication aspects in the context of specific applications of networked embedded systems.

    Those looking for guidance on preliminary design of embedded systems should consult the first volume: Embedded Systems Design and Verification.

    Networked Embedded Systems: An Introduction

    Networked Embedded Systems: An Overview, R. Zurawski

    Middleware Design and Implementation for Networked Embedded Systems, V. Subramonian and C. D. Gill

    Wireless Sensor Networks

    Introduction to Wireless Sensor Networks, S. Dulman and P. J. M. Havinga

    Architectures for Wireless Sensor Networks, S. Dulman, S. Chatterjea, and P. J. M. Havinga

    Overview of Time Synchronization Issues in Sensor Networks, W. Su

    Resource Aware Localization in Sensor Networks, F. Reichenbach, J. Blumenthal, and D. Timmermann

    Power-efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks, L. Lo Bello and E. Toscano

    Energy-Efficient MAC Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks, L. Lo Bello, M. Collotta and E. Toscano

    Distributed Signal Processing in Sensor Networks, O. S. Jahromi and P. Aarabi

    Sensor Network Security, G. Schaefer

    Wireless Sensor Networks Testing and Validation, M. Woehrle, J. Beutel, L. Thiele

    Developing and Testing of Software for Sensor Networks, J. Blumenthal, F. Golatowski, R. Behnke, S. Prüter, and D. Timmermann

    Automotive Networked Embedded Systems

    Trends in Automotive Communication Systems, N. Navet, F. Simonot-Lion

    Time-Triggered Communication, R. Obermaisser

    Controller Area Network, G. Cena and A. Valenzano

    FlexRay Communication Technology, R. Nossal-Tueyeni and D. Millinger

    The LIN Standard, A. Rajnak

    Standardized Basic System Software for Automotive Applications, T. Galla

    Volcano Technology: Enabling Correctness by Design, A. Rajnak

    Networked Embedded Systems in Industrial Automation

    Fieldbus Systems: Embedded Networks for Automation, T. Sauter

    Real-Time Ethernet for Automation Applications, M. Felser

    Configuration and Management of Networked Embedded Devices, W. Elmenreich

    Networked Control Systems for Manufacturing: Parameterization, Differentiation, Evaluation and Application, J. R. Moyne and D. M. Tilbury

    Wireless LAN Technology for the Factory Floor: Challenges and Approaches, A. Willig

    Wireless Local and Wireless Personal Area Network Communication in Industrial Environments, K. Matheus

    Hybrid Wired/Wireless Networks Real-Time Industrial Networks, G. Cena, A. Valenzano, and S. Vitturi

    Wireless Sensor Networks for Automation, J.-E. Frey and T. Lennvall

    Design and Implementation of a Truly- Wireless Real-Time Sensor/Actuator Interface for Discrete Manufacturing Automation, G. Scheible, D. Dzung, J. Endresen, and J.-E. Frey

    Networked Embedded Systems in Building Automation and Control

    Data Communications for Distributed Building Automation, W. Kastner and G. Neugschwandtner


    Richard Zurawski is with ISA Group in San Francisco, California, and is involved in providing solutions to Fortune companies.

    This second volume of the handbook is an in-depth survey of embedded networked architectures and their applications. … the interested reader is encouraged to read these books through. To conclude, the handbook may be highly recommended for professionals as well as lecturers and students of academic courses on the rapidly progressing field of networks-on-chips structures and applications.
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