Emergencies In Mental Health Practice: Evaluation and Management, 1st Edition (Paperback) book cover

Emergencies In Mental Health Practice

Evaluation and Management, 1st Edition

By Philip Kleespies

Guilford Press

450 pages

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Focusing on acute clinical situations in which there is an imminent risk of serious harm or death to self or others, this practical resource helps clinicians evaluate and manage a wide range of mental health emergencies. Authors examine how to distinguish crises that are emergencies from those that are not, and provide basic instruction in crisis theory and emergency interviewing. The volume then provides guidelines for intervening with suicidal patients, potentially violent patients, and vulnerable victims of violence, as well as patients facing life-and-death medical decisions, with careful attention to risk management and forensic issues. Also addressed are emergency-related conditions including self-mutilation, alcohol and drug-related crises, adverse reactions to psychotropic medication, and psychological symptoms of medical conditions. Finally, chapters consider the effects of emergency intervention on clinicians and offer suggestions for managing stress.

Table of Contents

Part I: Foundations. Kleespies, The Domain of Psychological Emergencies: An Overview. Callahan, Crisis Theory and Crisis Intervention in Emergencies. Kleespies, Deleppo, Mori, Niles, The Emergency Interview. Part II: The Evaluation and Management of Life-Threatening Behavior. Clark, The Evaluation and Management of the Suicidal Patient. McNiel, Empirically Based Clinical Evaluation and Management of the Potentially Violent Patient. Yassen, Harvey, Crisis Assessment and Interventions with Victims of Violence. Kleespies, Mori, Life-and-Death Decisions: Refusing Life-sustaining Treatment. Kleespies, Blackburn, The Emergency Telephone Call. Part III: Risk Management in Psychological Emergencies. Bongar, Greaney, Peruzzi, Risk Management with the Suicidal Patient. Eddy, Harris, Risk Management with the Violent Patient. Part IV: Emergency-Related Crises and Conditions. Deiter, Pearlman, Responding to Self-Injurious Behavior. Trezza, Popp, The Evaluation nd Management of Alcohol- and Drug-Related Crises. Part V: Medical Conditions Presenting as Psychological Crises. Popp, Trezza, Side Effects of and Reactions to Psychotropic Medications. White, Marans, Krengel, Psychological/ Behavioral Symptoms in Neurological Disorders. Samson, Levin, Richardson, Psychological Symptoms in Endocrine Disorders. Clark, Nash, Cohen, Chase, Niaura, Psychological Factors in Cardiac Disease. Part VI: The Impact of Emergency Service on the Clinician. Kleespies, Niles, Mori, Deleppo, Emergencies with Suicidal Patients: The Impact on the Clinician. Guy, Brady, The Stress of Violent Behavior for the Clinician. Charney, Pearlman, The Ecstasy and the Agony; The Impact of Disaster and Trauma Work on the Self of the Clinician.

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