1st Edition

Emergent Behavior in System of Systems Engineering Real-World Applications

Edited By Larry B. Rainey, O.Thomas Holland Copyright 2023
    278 Pages 73 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    278 Pages 73 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    "This book compiles real-world case studies on discovering, understanding and engineering emergent behaviors in a computational environment across multiple application domains such as wargaming, biology, IoT, disaster management and space architecting. All the application domains are described through an undercurrent of System of Systems (SoS) engineering in conjunction with theoretical foundations required for engineering a Modeling and Simulation SoS capable of displaying valid emergent behavior. An excellent read and state-of-the-art in M&S of emergent behavior in complex systems!"
    --Dr. Saurabh Mittal, Department Chief Scientist, The MITRE Corporation

    This book is the of its kind to address real-world applications of the phenomenon of emergent behavior in real-world system of systems. It launches from the foundation of theory and basic understanding of the subject of emergent behavior as found in system of systems applications. It includes real-world examples where emergent behavior is manifested.

    Each chapter addresses the following major points, which are exploratory in nature: the physical results of the presence of emergent behavior; the implications for the existence of emergent behavior; the manifestation of emergent behavior; and methods to either control emergent behavior assuming its effects are negative in nature, or capitalize on emergent behavior given its effects are positive in nature.


    SECTION I Introduction and Overview

    Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview for Emergent Behavior in System of Systems: Real-World Applications

    Larry B. Rainey

    Chapter 2 An Overview of System of Systems and Associated Emergent Behavior

    O. Thomas Holland

    Chapter 3 Exposing and Controlling Emergent Behaviors Using Models with Human Reasoning

    Kristin Giammarco

    SECTION II Practical Applications

    Chapter 4 Future War at Sea: The US Navy, Autonomy in War at Sea and Emergent Behaviors

    Shelley P. Gallup

    Chapter 5 Applications of Defense-in-Depth and Zero-Trust Cryptographic Products in Emergent Cybersecurity Environments

    Kent D. Lambert

    Chapter 6 The Nature of Emergence in Wargaming: Extracting Operational Insight from a Dynamic Game Field

    William J. Lademan and O. Thomas Holland

    Chapter 7 DEVS- Based Modeling and Simulation to Reveal Emergent Behaviors of IoT Devices

    Moath Jarrah and Omar Al-Jarrah

    Chapter 8 Analyzing Emergence in Biological Neural Networks Using Graph Signal Processing

    Kevin Schultz, Marisel VillafaƱe-Delgado, Elizabeth P. Reilly, Anshu Saksena, Grace M. Hwang, and JHU Kavli

    Chapter 9 Deepwater Horizon: Emergent Behavior in a System of Systems Disaster

    Polinpapilinho F. Katina and Charles B. Keating

    Chapter 10 Emergent Behavior in Space Architecting and On-orbit Space Operations

    Larry B. Rainey

    SECTION III Summary

    Chapter 11 Lessons Learned and the Proposed Way-Ahead

    Larry B. Rainey and O. Thomas Holland


    Larry B. Rainey is a retired U.S. Air Force Research and Development Officer. Following his retirement from the Air Force he went to work for The Aerospace Corporation and various Department of Defense contractors. He has taught Spacecraft Design at the Air Force Institute of Technology, the graduate school of the Air Force and has taught modeling and simulation courses at Colorado Technical University and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

    Thomas O. Holland is a Principal Research Engineer at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) Information and Controls Laboratory. Prior to joining GTRI Dr. Holland was the senior strategist for modeling and simulation at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren Virginia, Chief Engineer for the Marine Corps Framework for Assessing Cost and Technology, and member of the Assistant Secretary of the Navy Research, Development, and Acquisition Modeling & Simulation Leadership Council.