1st Edition

Emergent Identities New Sexualities, Genders and Relationships in a Digital Era

By Rob Cover Copyright 2019
    174 Pages
    by Routledge

    174 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Examining the emergence of new sexual and gender identities in the context of an ever-changing digital landscape, Emergent Identities considers how traditional, binary understandings of sexuality and gender are being challenged and overridden by a taxonomy of non-binary, fluid classifications and descriptors.

    In this comprehensive account of the ongoing shift in our understandings of gender and sexuality, Cover explores how and why traditional masculine/feminine and hetero/homo dichotomies are quickly being replaced with identity labels such as heteroflexible, bigender, non-binary, asexual, sapiosexual, demisexual, ciswoman and transcurious. Drawing on real-world data, Cover considers how new ways of perceiving relationships, attraction and desire are contesting authorised, institutional knowledge on gender and sexuality. The book explores the role that digital communication practices have played in these developments and considers the implications of these new approaches for identity, individuality, creativity, media, healthcare and social belonging.

    A timely response to recent developments in the field of gender identity, this will be a fascinating read for students of Psychology, Gender Studies, Media and Cultural Studies, and related areas as well as professionals in this field.


    Chapter One - Introduction: New Post-binary Sexualities and Genders for a Digital Era

    Chapter Two - New Identity Labels: Towards a New Sexual and Gender Taxonomy

    Chapter Three - Expanding the Range: Grids, Matrices and the Role of Gender and Relationships

    Chapter Four - Identity Citizenship: Authenticity, Intersectionality and a New Populism

    Chapter Five - Queer Choice: Sexuality and the Emerging Discourses of Choosing and Changing

    Chapter Six - New Heterosexualities: Digital Media and an Adaptable Heteromasculinity

    Chapter Seven - Implications: What Do Emergent Identities Do?



    Rob Cover is Associate Professor in the School of Social Sciences at The University of Western Australia.