1st Edition

Emerging Applications in Free Boundary Problems

By J M Chadam, Helen Rasmussen Copyright 1993
    288 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

    286 Pages
    by Chapman & Hall

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    This Research Note presents a collection of papers on emerging applications in free boundary
    problems. The subjects covered include microgravity, chemical and biological reactions, and electromagnetism and electronics.

    Preface -- Main speakers /M Chipot -- New remarks on the dam problem /S Howison -- Codimension-two free boundary problems /J B Keller -- Phase fronts in reaction-diffusion problems /P Ortoleva -- Free boundaries in geochemical systems /V V Pukhnachov -- Lagrangian coordinates in free boundary problems for parabolic equations /R Ricci -- Limiting behavior of some problems in reaction-diffusion -- Micro-gravity /N D Kazarinoff -- The role and effects of surface tension in convection in cylindrical float-zones /GB McFadden, BT Murray, SR Coriell, ME Glicksman and ME Selleck -- Effect of a crystal-melt interface on Taylor-vortex flow with buoyancy /MK Smith -- Linear and nonlinear stability of thermocapillary flows in microgravity /PH Steen -- Capillary containment and collapse in low gravity: dynamics of fluid bridges and columns -- Chemical and biological reactions I /M Bertsch, D Hilhorst and J Hulshof -- On a free boundary problem arising in detonation theory: convergence to travelling waves /H Byrne and J Norbury -- Catalytic converters and porous medium combustion /D S Cohen and T Erneux -- Moving boundary problems in controlled release pharmaceuticals /P De Mottoni and M Schatzman -- Geometrical evolution of developed interfaces -- Chemical and biological reactions II /ME Brewster -- Numerical bifurcation analysis of free-boundary problems /A Di Liddo -- The dead-core in a single reaction with lumped temperature /MA Herrero and J J L Velazquez -- Asymptotics near an extinction point for some semilinear heat equations /L Rubinstein and L Rubinstein -- On dynamic theory of osmosis /L Santos -- Diffusion with gradient constraint and evolutive Dirichlet condition -- Control and identification /M Brokate and J Sprekels -- Optimal control of shape memory alloys with solid-solid phase transitions /M C Delfour and J-P Zolesio -- Adjoint state in the control of variational inequalities /S Huang -- On the Stefan problem with nonlinear boundary conditions and its optimal control /M D P M Marques -- Minimization of functionals on classes of Lipschitz domains and BV functions /M Rao and J Sokolowski -- Stability of solutions to unilateral problems /JC W Rogers -- The control of jets at the upstream boundary /TI Seidman -- Optimal control and well-posedness for a free boundary problem -- Electromagnetism and electronics /A Bossavit -- A free boundary problem in magnetostatics /WMerz -- Oxidation of Silicon /C Schmeiser -- Free boundaries in semiconductor devices -- Free boundary problems involving solids -- Solid mechanics -- Solidification I -- Solidification II -- Solid /solid phase transition -- Free boundary problems in fluid flow with applications -- Fluid mechanics I -- Fluid mechanics II -- Porous flow I -- Porous flow II -- Geology and geophysics.


    McMaster University, Canada. University of Western Ontario, Canada.