1st Edition

Emerging Arab Capital Markets

By Henry T. Azzam Copyright 1997

    First Published in 1997. Economic adjustment programs that combine macroeconomic stability and structural reforms are being implemented in several Arab countries. Policy-makers also are devoting more attention to improving the operation of domestic capital markets. To invest in this region now would be a far-sighted move by entering at a stage when the process is still under way. This book is one of very few readily available sources of reference on the region's stock and bond markets, presented in a concise and accessible form. It provides investors, policy-makers, analysts, bankers and other market participants with comprehensive information covering the top 10 Arab stock markets of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. For each market, a historical background is given together with structure, listing and trading procedures, performance trends, financial indicators, sectoral analysis and underlying strengths and weaknesses.

    Chapter 1 An Overview: The Arab World Preparing for a New Era of Prosperity; Chapter 2 Salient Features of Arab Capital Markets; Chapter 3 Structural Economic Reforms in the Arab Region; Chapter 4 Bond Markets in the Arab Region; Chapter 5 Privatization in the Arab Countries; Chapter 6 Saudi Arabia's Stock Market; Chapter 7 Bahrain's Stock Market; Chapter 8 Oman's Stock Market; Chapter 9 Kuwait's Stock Market; Chapter 10 Egypt's Stock Market; Chapter 11 Jordan's Stock Market; Chapter 12 Lebanon's Stock Market; Chapter 13 Magreb's Stock Markets; Chapter 14 Other Arab Stock Markets at the Pre-Emerging Stage; Chapter 15 Agenda for Capital Market Development in the Arab Region;


    Henry T. Azzam