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Emerging Conversations in Leadership

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The Emerging Conversations in Leadership series offers a practitioner researcher perspective that explores emerging ideas, dilemmas and approaches for leaders, coaches, and HR and L&D professionals. The books in the series encourage readers to take a reflective approach in exploring the issues they face while addressing the practical implications of action and do not shy away from the complexity of leadership in an interconnected world. Each book is practical yet research informed and includes case studies where appropriate.

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How Successful Leaders Do Business with Their World The Navigational Stance

How Successful Leaders Do Business with Their World: The Navigational Stance

1st Edition

By Stephen Barden
January 29, 2024

In this rigorously researched book Stephen Barden presents compelling evidence that top leaders learn from a very early age to 'do business with the world' by using their power and authority to partner with it, rather than impose themselves on it. Based on interviews with military, corporate and ...

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