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Emerging Developments in the Power and Energy Industry
Proceedings of the 11th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC 2019), April 19-21, 2019, Xiamen, China

ISBN 9780367271695
Published November 21, 2019 by CRC Press
893 Pages

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Book Description

Power and Energy Engineering are important and pressing topics globally, covering issues such as shifting paradigms of energy generation and consumption, intelligent grids, green energy and environmental protection. The 11th Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference (APPEEC 2019) was held in Xiamen, China from April 19 to 21, 2019. APPEEC has been an annual conference since 2009 and has been successfully held in Wuhan (2009 & 2011), Chengdu (2010 & 2017), Shanghai (2012 & 2014), Beijing (2013 & 2015), Suzhou (2016) and Guilin (2018), China. The objective of APPEEC 2019 was to provide scientific and professional interactions for the advancement of the fields of power and energy engineering. APPEEC 2019 facilitated the exchange of insights and innovations between industry and academia. A group of excellent speakers have delivered keynote speeches on emerging technologies in the field of power and energy engineering. Attendees were given the opportunity to give oral and poster presentations and to interface with invited experts.

Table of Contents

A safety analysis strategy for transmission lines considering power system oscillation
J. Hu, X. Xiong & J. Wang

Neutral point potential balance strategy for NPC three-level inverter based on FOC-ADRC
K. Jiang, L. Yi & Y. Hu

Probabilistic power flow calculation of power system considering DGs based on improved LHS
Z. Li

A new sensorless vector control method for PMSM based on adaptive fuzzy sliding mode observer and Kalman filter
S. Peng & D. Li

A novel soft-switching bidirectional DC-DC converter based on LLC resonance
L. Yi, Q. Li, Y. Hu & X. Long

The deadbeat current control of MMC rectifier with wide range output voltage
L. Yi, X. Huang, L. Liu & J. Li

Control of active magnetic bearing system in accordance with state feedback theory
C. Feng & Y. Zhang

Impact of large-scale electric vehicle charging on a power grid and its optimal scheduling strategy
C. Chen & G. Zhang

Research on active response control strategy of smart building micro-grid with energy storage system
S. Li, Y. He, C. Liu, N. Li & Y. Li

Innovative floating support technologies for submarine cable landing
Z. Zhang, Y. Dong, Z. Yuan & Z. Liu

Fault detection and diagnosis of analog circuits based on LOGFA algorithm optimized ELM
L.J. Wang & Y.M. Liang

Research on compensation strategy of UPQC based on super capacitor
Q. Ma & W. Wang

Stability performance of an innovative submarine cable laying vessel during cable landing
S. Bao, J. Wang, Z. Ding, Z. Zhang & Z. Liu

Evaluation on performance of HESS-based grid-connected photovoltaic power system
C. Chen & X. Liu

Direct torque control of permanent magnet synchronous motor based on torque compensation and reference flux linkage calculation
J. Wu, Y. Zhang & S. Chen

A novel railway power conditioner based on modular multilevel converter with integrated super capacitor energy storage system
Q. Ma & M. Zhang

Investment and financing problems of the energy internet and suggestions
X.F. Zheng & H.Y. Jia

Research on a flexible AC/DC microgrid based on a power-coordinated control strategy
D. Wu, H. Sun, L. Chen, D. Hong, Z. Yu & J. Luo

Fluid-structure interaction and performance analysis of an ocean current turbine
Z. Dang, Z. Mao & W. Tian

Research and analysis on the relationship between floating electrode discharge signal and ground current in electrical equipment
F. Ma, B. Wang & P. Ding

A coordinated damping control for ultralow-frequency oscillation in a DC isolated system
X. Zhou, P. He, N. Ma, W. Deng, Z. Li & S. Wu

A method for testing the sensitivity of equipment to voltage sag
J. Meng, L. Jiang, K. Ding & W. Li

PIT analysis of typical industrial production processes under voltage sag
Z. Xu, Z.Y. Ma, K. Zhou & Q.W. Guo

Calculation of formation pressure during drilling and shut-in of oilfields with multiwell and multilayer conditions
N. Zhang

Multi-index program decision model for the development of a condensate gas reservoir group and its application
J. Xia, A. Bie, B. Lv, J. Fan & J. Zhang

An analytical method for voltage sag profile estimation of a power system with STATCOMs
Q. Wang, R. Cai, Y. Yang, H. Huang, X. Zhan, C. Li, G. Li & R. Huang

Evaluation of development effects of SZ36-1 oilfield after overall infilling
J. Zhang, J. Fan, J. Zhang & Q. Li

Cyberphysical paradigm of multiagent systems for smart microgrids
J. Dai, Y. Wang & Y. Xu

Analysis of the error of harmonic current detection based on the instantaneous reactive power theory
X. Zhao, J. Wang, Z. Wang & F. Yao

Method for evaluating the validity of synchronous generator model parameters considering disturbance scene classification
Z. Jiang, J. An, D. Li, T. Li & J. Wang

Experimental study of thermal neutron reflection coefficient for two-layered reflectors
K. Mehboob & M.S. Aljohani

Method for judging the severity of atmospheric corrosion of power equipment metal based on colorimetric and topographical texture features
Y. Zhong, J. Hao, X.P. Wang, G.L. Wu, X. Ren & Q. Wang

Safety analysis of entering equipotential on UHV transmission lines
X. Lie, Y. Peng, Y. Fang, F. Xu, L. Meng & J. Yan

Application of single-phase three-leg inverter for grid connected transformerless photovoltaic system
N. Su, P. Mei, L. Wu & Y. Chen

Sustainable development in green energies and the environment
A.M. Omer

Study on radiated electromagnetic disturbance characteristics of a }800 kV VSC-HVDC converter valve
Y. Xiang & L. Liu

Research on multi-resource co-control method and defense system for bundled wind-thermal power transmission
S. Ma, X. Yang, D. Song, Q. Wang, D. Chen, J. Zhang & N. Wang

An improved phase current reconstruction strategy for brushless DC motors with single current sensor
Q. Zhang, M. Feng & Y.S. Fan

Operation optimization of an integrated energy system considering multiple redundant energy flow paths
J. Yang, M. Guo, F. Fei, A. Pang & Q. Niu

Analysis of diesel engine pipeline vibration in a nuclear power plant
J. Bai, W. Tang, X. Kong, C. Jin, Z. Xu, L. Yuan & S. Li

Integrated energy planning and technology application for an industrial park
L. Wang, S.Q. Zeng, W. Xia, P.Q. Liang, Y.L. Zhong, Z.W. Yu & H.L. Peng

Study on treatment of hydro turbine torque characteristic curve based on load shedding test
L. Fu, J. Wei & B. Huang

Analysis of energy price distortion based on time-varying elastic production function
P. You, C. Zhang, X. Gao & J. Wang

Calculation and experiment of short-circuit fusing characteristics of copper and copper-clad aluminum earthing cables
T. Liu, G. Yu, B. Xiao & K. Liu

Kinetic battery model application for capacity optimization of the wind/solar/battery stand-alone hybrid system
Z. Shao & K.L. Lo

Optimal method for day-head dispatching of a multi-energy micro-grid
P. Zhang & Y. Song

Research on integrated management system of power grid information of provincial and county based on the OMS system
Y. Jia, Q. Lin, B. Liu, H. Liu, L. Lin & Z. Xu

Piecewise analytical expressions for electromagnetic field distribution within an apertured shielding enclosure
W.X. Qian, H.B. Liu, B. Xiao, D. Wang, L.P. Bi, R. He, Y.F. Hu, C.Q. Jiao & K.Q. Xu

Analytical study of electromagnetic shielding characteristics of a wire mesh
W.X. Qian, H.B. Liu, B. Xiao, D. Wang, L.P. Bi, R. He, Y.F. Hu, C.Q. Jiao & K.Q. Xu

Protection scheme for flexible DC distribution grids based on a full-bridge modular multilevel conductor
X. Zhang, H. Cao, X. Zhou, X. Wang, D. Du, W. Cai, Q. Wu & W. Cai

Measurement and analysis of the electromagnetic disturbance caused by the switching operation of distribution switchgear
Y. Wu, L. Gu, Y. Hu, R. He & C. Jiao

An evaluating method of cloud matter–element theory and its application for developmental form of an urban distribution network
Y. Qi, A. Pang, H. Wu, Q. Xie & L. Zhao

Wind farm layout optimization for minimum levelized cost of energy considering land lease cost, noise emission, and wake loss
S. Miao, H. Li, D. Li, Y. Zhang & B. Yang

Investigation of the hydraulic forces on the radial vibration of Hydro-Turbine units
Y. Xu, X. Dang, Y. Chen, B. Wang & Y. Huang

A new protection principle of MMC-HVDC transimission lines with voltage polarity on both sides of the series inductor
S. Gao, Y. Gao, Z. Hu & G. Song

Investigations of potential difference characteristics between two points on a grounding grid of a power substation
Y. Yu, Y.J. Li, D.H. Wang, A.Q. Guo, C.Q. Jiao & J.W. Sun

FEM analysis of iron core temperature distribution in a magnetically controlled shunt reactor with distributed magnetic valves
L. Tong, L. Huang, Y. Tang, C. Hu, X. Li, X. Fan & L. He

An effective health index calculation of 10 kV distribution transformer using fuzzy set theory and nonlinear fuzzy AHP
L. Sun

A two-settlement contract with risky power trading to reduce generation uncertainty and increase generation profit
Z. Wang & K.L. Lo

Study on the characteristics of low voltage ride through for DFIG based on vector control and direct torque control technology
Y. Wan, Z. Zhao, Z. Li, L. Yang, C. He & Q. Tan

Research on electromagnetic disturbance and suppression measures at the secondary side of the voltage transformer in distribution switchgear
W.X. Qian, B. Xiao, D. Wang, L.P. Bi, H.B. Liu, Y.F. Hu, R. He, C.Q. Jiao & K.Q. Xu

Classification and identification of temperature status of gas insulated switch gear isolation switch contacts based on a learning vector quantization neural network
Y. Ma & X. Zhou

Reliability analysis of distribution network considering wind and photovoltaic power
J. Liang, X. Li, S. Zhang, W. Li & Z. Sun

Prediction of dissolved gas concentration in power transformer oil based on the multivariate ReLu deep belief networks model
L. Su, L. Chen, P. Xu, Y. Yan & G. Sheng

Feasibility study on reducing the grounding resistance of a transmission tower with conductive concrete
X. Tian, F. Pei, X. Liu, L. Jia, C. Deng, X. Wang, P. Yang & H. Cheng

Thermoeconomic analysis and multiobjective optimization of a closed isobaric–compressed air energy storagesystem
K. Yan, H. Wang, M. Liu, R. Li & C. Li

Experimental study and simulation of CO2 membrane separation of coal-fired flue gas
B. Li, J. Yu, Z. Zhang & Y. Jiang

Design of the electric power emergency repair system and its software architecture
J.S. Cui, H. Gang, P. Qiu & J.X. Zhang

Experimental investigation and mechanism analysis of NOx reduction by CH4 in the absence of oxygen
Z. Zhu, Z. Zhang, J. Yu & D. Bi

An identification method of weak links of overhead lines in distribution network based on typhoon scenario simulation
G. Zhang, Q. Wang, Z. Yin, Y. Mu & L. Li

Research on the VIENNA rectifier based on backstepping control
J. Wang, S. Jia, C. Wang, S. Xiang, M. Zhang & X. Shan

Research on subsynchronous oscillation modal identification based on the FastICA–ARMA algorithm
J. Wang & J. Li

Experimental and modeling investigations on impacts of deeply air staging in a 130 t/h tangentially firing furnace of pulverized coal
W. Liu, J. Zhang, R.J. Cao, X.W. Guo & Z.X. Zhang

Wind power ramp forecasting based on deep metric learning
Z. Chen, Y. Liu, A. Lin, S. Han, L. Li & J. Yan

Research on the elements and model of the competitive electricity retail market
X. Wang, D. Liu, Z. Liu & X. Li

A tie-line power smoothing method for an office building microgrid by scheduling thermal mass of the building and plug-in electric vehicles
B. Zhao, X. Zhang, C. Ni, X. Jin, L. Li & L. Du

A fault current calculation method in a neutral point ungrounded system for a single-phase ground fault
X. J. Zhu, S. Yang & B.D Yu

Compilation and calculation of prosperity index of power grid investment
M. Wang, Y. Yuan, Y.C. Lu & D. Xu

Research on overseas investment value strategy of power grid project based on social network
H. Diao & Y. Lu

Study on the influence of length on frequency response characteristics of grounding pole based on CDEGS
L. Yang, Y. Zhang, W. Feng & X. Cao

A method of single-phase ground fault line selection for distribution network based on correlation coefficient
Q. Qin, X. Xie, C. Tian, R. Wang & W. Yang

Study of the modeling method of wind power time series based on correlation
X. Li

Research on the post-evaluation of power transmission project based on GIOWA operator
J. Zhang

Study on the effect of transition resistance on the frequency spectrum characteristics of rail impedance
K. Li, K. Li, C. Zhu, W. Feng, R. Li & X. Cao

Study on the influence of AC/DC power supply on the stray current of the subway tunnel
J. Li, X. Cao, K. Li & X. Chen

Research on transient voltage instability causes and counter-measures of multi-infeed HVDC receiving-end system
J. Jia, W. Zhong, J. Yi, Q. Wang, C. Lv, S. Cheng & S. Zheng

Estimation of shielding effectiveness of the lossy infinite plane with periodic circular apertures
L.L. Chen, W.X. Bai & C.Q. Jiao

An energy hub based planning method for a combined heat and power based microgrid
D. Wang, S. Zhao & W. Chen

A scheduling method using a water pump and reservoir for renewable energy power accommodation
Q. Tao, B. Yang, M. Wang & S. Song

Graphical and unified analysis of the unsymmetrical shunt faults
X. Chen

Newton-Raphson discrete equivalent circuit models for the diode and their application to the photovoltaic modules
X. Chen

A multi-time scale optimization scheduling strategy of virtual power plant with responsive loads
F.M. Qu, J. Zhao, Z. Cai, C.F. Hu, S. Dai & Q. Sun

Simulation and analysis of the near-field magnetic shielding effectiveness of shielding box with aperture at low frequency
L.L. Chen, T.L. Li & C.Q. Jiao

Study on corrosion fault diagnosis for grounding grid based on the law of conservation of power
B. Yuan, C. Li, F. Wang, X. Feng & Y. Fu

A planning approach of distributed generation and energy storage based on an improved parallel P-system algorithm
N. Wang, H. Hao, Y. Cheng, S. Sun & Y. Wang

Research on three-phase unbalanced governance strategy of the microgrid based on improved PQ control
W. Guan, H. Zhang, E. Wang & L. Wang

Study on shielding effectiveness characteristics of infinite metal sheet
A.Q. Guo, C.Q. Jiao, Y.L. Li & L.J. He

Medium voltage DC switchboard failure mode and test method analysis
W.C. Wang & W.Q. Zhan

Research on differential transformation schemes of substation secondary equipment based on improved fuzzy analytic hierarchy processes
L. Zhou, S. Huang, Y. Cui, D. Zhu, X. Hu & J. Cui

Application of high precision lightning location system in distribution network and influence of topography on lightning activity
G. Zhao, J. Bai, C. Li & R. Zhao

Non-linear parameter optimization of power system stabilizers in interconnected multimachine power systems
A. Mahabuba & M.A. Khan

Study of energy generation through biogas from landfill waste
K. Kanimozhi & B. R.M. Rabi

Comparing the wind and solar power uncertainty in virtual power plants using IGDT method
M.J. Moradof, A. Sheikhi, M. Rayati & Ranjbar

Evaluation bioethanol production from fusant of S. cerevisiae and P. stipitis
F.J. Shalsh, N.A. Ibrahim, M. Arifullah & A.S. Meor Hussin

Methodology of analysis, modeling and supervision of SCADA systems in thermal power plants
M.F. Karoui & M.N. Lakhoua

Energy harvesting from the railroad bed: Choice of the optimum frequencies
V. Tsaplev, S. Konovalov, R. Konovalov & I. Pavlov

Improved DFIG control with decoupled control to enhance LVRT response
J. Patel & S.K. Joshi

Smart energy measurement using Ethernet
D. Jose, B. Balaji, A. Arun Raj, S. Abdullah & T. Anbumani

A novel low power BIST-TPG with reduced testing time
V.M. Thoulath Begam

Straightforward derivation of the wye-delta transformations based solely on Kirchhoff’s law
X.S. Chen, K. Schauble, N. Weller & M. Mandich

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Rodolfo Dufo-Lopez
University of Zaragoza, Spain

Jaroslaw Krzywanski
Jan Dlugosz University in Czestochowa, Poland

Jai Singh
Dr. Harisingh Gour Central University, India