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Emerging Legal Education: Emerging Legal Education

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Emerging Legal Education is a forum for analysing the discourse of legal education and creating innovative ways of learning the law. The series focuses on research, theory and practice within legal education, drawing attention to historical, interdisciplinary and international characteristics, and is based upon imaginative and sophisticated educational thinking. The series takes a broad view of theory and practice. Series books are written for an international audience and are sensitive to the diversity of contexts in which law is taught, learned and practised.

Series Editors

Meera E. Deo is Associate Professor of Law at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego, California. She has held visiting positions at Berkeley Law and UCLA School of Law. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from UCLA and a J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School. Her nationally recognized, mixed-method empirical research is focused on institutional diversity, affirmative action, and solutions to intersectional (race/gender) bias.

Paul Maharg is Distinguished Professor of Practice - Legal Education at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto. Prior to that he was Professor of Law in the Australian National University College of Law, Canberra, and is now an Honorary Professor there. He is a Fellow of the RSA (2009), was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship (2011), and is a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2015). He holds the positions of part-time Professor of Law at Nottingham Trent University Law School, and Visiting Professorships in the Faculties of Law at Hong Kong University and Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Elizabeth Mertz is John and Rylla Bosshard Professor at the University of Wisconsin Law School and Senior Research Faculty at the American Bar Foundation; in addition to her JD, she holds a PhD in Anthropology, and specializes in linguistic as well as legal anthropology. In recent years she has spent time as a Visiting Fellow in the Law and Public Affairs Program and a Visiting Professor in the Anthropology Department at Princeton University.

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Better Law for a Better World New Approaches to Law Practice and Education

Better Law for a Better World: New Approaches to Law Practice and Education

1st Edition

By Liz Curran
January 09, 2023

How as a society can we find ways of ensuring the people who are the most vulnerable or have little voice can avail themselves of the protection in law to improve their social, cultural, health and economic outcomes as befits civilised society? Better Law for a Better World answers this question ...

Critical Legal Education as a Subversive Activity

Critical Legal Education as a Subversive Activity

1st Edition

Edited By Helen Gibbon, Ben Golder, Lucas Lixinski, Marina Nehme, Prue Vines
December 22, 2022

In an age when everyone aspires to teach critical thinking skills in the classroom, what does it mean to be a subversive law teacher? Who or what might a subversive law teacher seek to subvert – the authority of the law, the university, their own authority as teachers, perhaps? Are law students ...

What is Legal Education for? Reassessing the Purposes of Early Twenty-First Century Learning and Law Schools

What is Legal Education for?: Reassessing the Purposes of Early Twenty-First Century Learning and Law Schools

1st Edition

Edited By Rachel Dunn, Paul Maharg, Victoria Roper
September 30, 2022

How we interpret and understand the historical contexts of legal education has profoundly affected how we understand contemporary educational cultures and practices. This book, the result of a Modern Law Review seminar, both celebrates and critiques the lasting impact of Peter Birks’ influential ...

Design in Legal Education

Design in Legal Education

1st Edition

Edited By Emily Allbon, Amanda Perry-Kessaris
July 07, 2022

This visually rich, experience-led collection explores what design can do for legal education. In recent decades design has increasingly come to be understood as a resource to improve other fields of public, private and civil society practice; and legal design—that is, the application of ...

Thinking About Clinical Legal Education Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives

Thinking About Clinical Legal Education: Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Omar Madhloom, Hugh McFaul
February 02, 2022

Thinking About Clinical Legal Education provides a range of philosophical and theoretical frameworks that can serve to enrich the teaching and practice of Clinical Legal Education (CLE). CLE has become an increasingly common feature of the curriculum in law schools across the globe. However, there ...

Public Legal Education The Role of Law Schools in Building a More Legally Literate Society

Public Legal Education: The Role of Law Schools in Building a More Legally Literate Society

1st Edition

By Richard Grimes
May 11, 2021

This book makes the case for a more legally literate society and then addresses why and how a law school might contribute to achieving that. Moreover examining what public legal education (PLE) is and the forms it can take, the book looks specifically at the ways in which a law school can get ...

Power, Legal Education, and Law School Cultures

Power, Legal Education, and Law School Cultures

1st Edition

Edited By Meera Deo, Mindie Lazarus-Black, Elizabeth Mertz
October 14, 2019

There is a myth that lingers around legal education in many democracies. That myth would have us believe that law students are admitted and then succeed based on raw merit, and that law schools are neutral settings in which professors (also selected and promoted based on merit) use their expertise ...

Imperatives for Legal Education Research Then, Now and Tomorrow

Imperatives for Legal Education Research: Then, Now and Tomorrow

1st Edition

Edited By Ben Golder, Marina Nehme, Alex Steel, Prue Vines
August 29, 2019

In the last few decades university teaching has been recognised as an activity which can be studied and improved through educational scholarship. In some disciplines this is now well established. It remains emergent in legal education. The field is rich with questions to be answered, issues to be ...

Educating for Well-Being in Law Positive Professional Identities and Practice

Educating for Well-Being in Law: Positive Professional Identities and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Caroline Strevens, Rachael Field
July 30, 2019

Bringing together the current international body of knowledge on key issues for educating for well-being in law, this book offers comparative perspectives across jurisdictions, and utilises a range of theoretical lenses (including socio-legal, psychological and ethical theories) in analysing ...

Legal Education in the Global Context Opportunities and Challenges

Legal Education in the Global Context: Opportunities and Challenges

1st Edition

Edited By Christopher Gane, Robin Hui Huang
December 04, 2017

This book discusses the opportunities and challenges facing legal education in the era of globalization. It identifies the knowledge and skills that law students will require in order to prepare for the practice of tomorrow, and explores pedagogical shifts legal education needs to make inside and ...

Affect and Legal Education Emotion in Learning and Teaching the Law

Affect and Legal Education: Emotion in Learning and Teaching the Law

1st Edition

Edited By Caroline Maughan, Paul Maharg
February 27, 2017

The place of emotion in legal education is rarely discussed or analysed, and we do not have to seek far for the reasons. The difficulty of interdisciplinary research, the technicisation of legal education itself, the view that affect is irrational and antithetical to core western ideals of ...

Legal Education Simulation in Theory and Practice

Legal Education: Simulation in Theory and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Caroline Strevens, Richard Grimes, Edward Phillips
January 09, 2017

The importance of simulation in education, specifically in legal subjects, is here discussed and explored within this innovative collection. Demonstrating how simulation can be constructed and developed for learning, teaching and assessment, the text argues that simulation is a pedagogically ...

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