1st Edition

Emerging Low-Power Semiconductor Devices Applications for Future Technology Nodes

    306 Pages 220 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    306 Pages 220 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book gives insight into the emerging semiconductor devices from their applications in electronic circuits. It discusses the challenges in the field of engineering and applications of advanced low-power devices.

    Emerging Low-Power Semiconductor Devices: Applications for Future Technology Nodes offers essential exposure to low-power devices, and applications in wireless, biosensing, and circuit domains. This book provides a detailed discussion on all aspects, including the current and future scenarios related to the low-power device. The book also presents basic knowledge about field-effect transistor (FET) devices and introduces emerging and novel FET devices. The chapters include a review of the usage of FET devices in various domains like biosensing, wireless, and cryogenics applications. The chapters also explore device-circuit co-design issues in the digital and analog domains. The content is presented in an easy-to-follow manner that makes it ideal for individuals new to the subject.

    This book is intended for scientists, researchers, and postgraduate students looking for an understanding of device physics, circuits, and systems.

    1. Role of TFET Dand Their Performance Analysis for Wireless Communications  
    B. Lokesh and B. Lakshmi
    2. Modeling and Simulation of Emerging Low-Power Devices 
    M. Venkatesh, G. Lakshmi Priya, T. S. Arun Samuel, and M. Karthigai Pandian
    3. Tunnel-Field-Effect Transistor: An Energy-Efficient Semiconductor Device 
    Chandan Kumar Pandey, Saurabh Chaudhury, Neerja Dharmale, and Young Suh Song
    4. Analytical Modeling of Surface Potential of a Double-Gate Heterostructure PNPN Tunnel FET 
    K. Baruah and S. Baishya
    5. Impact of Semiconductor Materials and Architecture Design on TFET Device Performance 
    M. Saravanan, Eswaran Parthasarathy, and J. Ajayan, Nirmal
    6. Performance Analysis of Emerging Low-Power Junctionless Tunnel FETs 
    G. Lakshmi Priya, M. Venkatesh, S. Preethi, T. Venish Kumar, and N. B. Balamurugan
    7. Recent Developments in Schottky Diodes and Their Applications
    S. Sreejith, B. Sivasankari, S. Babu Devasenapati, A.Karthika, and Anitha Mathew
    8. Numerical Study of Symmetric Underlap S/D High-ĸ Spacer on JAM-GAA FinFET for Low-Power Applications                                                                                                                                                     B. Kumar and R. Chaujar
    9. Potential Prospects of Negative Capacitance Field Effect Transistors for Low-Power Applications
    Shalini Chaudhary, Nawaz Shafi, Basudha Dewan, Chitrakant Sahu, and Menka
    10. Memory Designing Using Low-Power FETs for Future Technology Nodes 
    Young Suh Song, Shiromani Balmukund Rahi, Chandan Kumar Pandey, Shubham Tayal, Yunho Choi, Bijo Joseph, Tripuresh Joshi, Daryoosh Dideban, and Suman Lata Tripathi
    11. TFET-Based Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter 
    Asra Ansari and Naushad Alam
    12. Demand of Low-Power-Driven FET as Biosensors in Biomedical Applications 
    Mekonnen Getnet and Rishu Chaujar
    13. 2D Materials for Spin Orbital Torque MRAM: A Path toward Neuromorphic Computing 
    Shashidhara M and Abhishek Acharya


    Dr. Shubham Tayal is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at SR University, Warangal, India.

    Dr. Abhishek Kumar Upadhyay s working as Scientific Staff in the Institute for Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics, Technische Universität, D-01062, Dresden, Germany.

    Mr. Deepak Kumar works as Asst. Professor (Senior scale) in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at University of Petroleum and energy studies (UPES), Dehradun, India.

    Dr. Shiromani Balmukund Rahi is jointly working with Professor S.C Misra (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur India) for the development of IoTs for smart applications and Dr Naima Guenifi (LEA Electronics Department, University Mostefa Benboulaid of Algeria) for the development of ultra-low power devices such as Tunnel FETs and Negative Capacitance FETs.