1st Edition

Emerging Media Uses and Dynamics

By Xigen Li Copyright 2016
    348 Pages
    by Routledge

    348 Pages
    by Routledge

    Emerging Media provides an understanding of media use in the expanding digital age and fills the void of existing literature in exploring the emerging new media use as a dynamic communication process in cyberspace. It addresses emerging media dynamics during the second decade of online communication, the Web 2.0 era after Mosaic and Netscape. The current status of emerging media development calls for extended exploration of how emerging media are used in different patterns and contexts, and this volume answers that call: it is a comprehensive examination of emerging media evolution and concurrent social interaction.

    This collection:

    • Provides a comprehensive analysis of digital media use and online communication with empirical data
    • Contains both theoretical and empirical studies, which not only test communication and related theories in the age of digital media, but also provide new insights into important issues in digital media use and online communication with significant theoretical advances
    • Spotlights studies that use a variety of research methods and approaches, including surveys, content analysis and experiments

    This volume will be invaluable to researchers of communication and new media, and will serve advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying media and digital communication. With an international scope, it appeals to readers around the world in all areas that utilize new media technologies.

    Introduction: Inquiring Emerging Media through Dynamic and Theoretical Lenses

    Part I. Adoption and Use of Emerging Media

    Chapter 1. Podcast Adoption and Use: Impact of Diminishing Variation of Technology Advantage

    Xigen Li and Li Zeng

    Chapter 2. Getting News from Mobile Phones: Innovativeness vs. Personal Initiative in Second-level Adoption

    Chapter 3. Media Dependency in the Digital Age: Effects of Perceived Channel Efficiency and Motivation and Orientation of Information Seeking


    Part II. Online Involvement and Information Exchange

    Chapter 4. Openness, Activeness and Diversity of Information Exchange in the Context of Online Social Networks

    Xigen Li, Yang Liu and Mike Yao

    Chapter 5. Legal and Extra-Legal Factors in Deterring Online Copyright Infringement

    Xigen Li and Nico Nergadze

    Chapter 6. Willingness to Contribute Information to Online Communities: Personal and Social Influences

    Chapter 7. Third-person Effect, Optimistic Bias and Sufficiency Resource in Internet Use

    Part III. Online Expression and Social Interaction

    Chapter 8. What Motivate Online Disagreement Expression?: The Influence of Self-Efficacy, Mastery Experience, Vicarious Experience, and Verbal Persuasion

    Xudong Liu and Xigen Li

    Chapter 9. Disagreement Expression and Reasoned Opinions in Two U.S. Online Newspaper Forums,

    Xudong Liu and Xigen Li

    Chapter 10. Participatory Expressions in Blogs and Microblogs: An Analysis of Bloggers’ Structural Adaption in Two Chinese News Portals

    Chapter 11. Are People More Willing to Express Minority Views on The Internet Than in Offline Public Settings?

    Chapter 12. Contextual and Normative Influence on Willingness to Express Minority Views in Online and Offline Settings


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    Xigen Li (Ph.D., Michigan State University, 1999) is an associate professor of Department of Media and Communication, City University of Hong Kong.

    "...the research is solid and useful to scholars... Summing Up: Recommended"

    - D. Caristi, Ball State University in CHOICE