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Emerging Operations Research Methodologies and Applications

About the Series

Wide availability of vast data, extremely powerful computing resources, and growth in popularity of operations research methods in various communities has spurred the creation of numerous new operations research models and methods. However, there is also a dire need to document these developments so that an interested reader can come up to speed with the necessary background and avoid reinventing the proverbial wheel. Thus the aim of this Focus series is to redress this need by creating a repository of emerging methods and applications in the field of operations research.

The scope of this Focus series includes all aspects of operations research such as the use of mathematical programming formulations and algorithms to solve them, the use of stochastic models to characterize and control systems with uncertainty, and the use of analytics leveraging upon statistical, computational and mathematical tools. The books will be scoped so that they will be appealing for students, practitioners and researchers.

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Design and Analysis of Closed-Loop Supply Chain Networks

Design and Analysis of Closed-Loop Supply Chain Networks

1st Edition


By Subramanian Pazhani
April 30, 2021

Closed Loop Supply Chains and its management have become mandatory for firms to stay competitive and profitable. This book provides insights for designing supply chain networks by understanding and incorporating key return parameters into the network design, which will affect profitability. The ...

Multiple Objective Analytics for Criminal Justice Systems

Multiple Objective Analytics for Criminal Justice Systems

1st Edition

By Gerald W. Evans
December 23, 2020

Criminal justice systems are complex and difficult to design and operate. This is due to their many interacting parts, and their dynamic and probabilistic nature, as well as their interfaces with other systems. This book reviews the use of analytics to address issues in criminal justice system and ...

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