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    by CRC Press

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    Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a pertinent task in nearly every field of human activity, from the assuring of aircraft integrity to the evaluation of infrastructural decay caused by deterioration or damage. The development of non-destructive methods for quality management results in economic and environmental benefits, in an increase in product reliability, and in improved public safety and security. This book contains over fifty reviewed and edited papers on the innovative developments and new applications in NDT. It covers cutting-edge NDT methods, including optical, acoustic, ultrasonic, and electromagnetic techniques, tomography, radiography, and thermography. Intended for a researchers and practitioners involved with studying, testing and maintaining machinery, products and components in laboratory and industrial environments.

    1. Keynote lectures
    2. Optical techniques
    3. Ultrasound
    4. Acoustic emission
    5. Thermal methods
    6. Radiography and tomographic methods
    7. Electro-magnetic techniques
    8. NDT of civil engineering structures
    9. Special techniques and applications



    Gerhard Busse, Danny Van Hemelrijck, Igor Solodov, Athanasios Anastasopoulos