Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing VI : Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing (Brussels, Belgium, 27-29 May 2015) book cover
1st Edition

Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing VI
Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing (Brussels, Belgium, 27-29 May 2015)

ISBN 9781138028845
Published November 24, 2015 by CRC Press
592 Pages

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Book Description

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) is of worldwide significance, and is strongly related to the detection of damage in engineering structures (buildings, bridges, aircrafts, ships, pressure vessels, etc.) using non-invasive techniques (ultrasound, X-rays, Radar, neutrons, thermography, vibrations, acoustic emission, etc.). Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing VI includes the contributions to the 6th International Conference in Non-Destructive Testing (Brussels, Belgium, 27-29 May 2015). The book intends to give the latest updates in the field of NDT, and is organized in chapters on high impact subjects, such as:

- Applications of NDT methods related to cultural heritage structures;
- Materials like ceramics, polymer and composites;
- Railways;
- Glass panels;
- Steel structures;
- Wind turbines, and
- Aerospace structures.
Other subjects include the monitoring of 3D-printed components, self-healing mechanisms in concrete, and applications of NDT in biological materials.

Emerging Technologies in Non-Destructive Testing VI provides insight in the latest developments in the different techniques with a huge social impact. In addition, it facilitates the exchange of ideas among scientists and the industry, disseminating academic knowledge to society – and the other way around: giving feedback from the experience of practitioners to academia.

Table of Contents

Plenary papers
Basics and applications of NDE based on elastodynamics toward infra-dock for concrete structures
M. Ohtsu
Resonant defects: A new approach to highly-sensitive defect-selective ultrasonic imaging
I. Solodov

Infra-asset assessment with innovative NDT
Experimental verification of a Rayleigh-wave based technique for detecting the depth
of deteriorated concrete
K.C. Chang, T. Shiotani & S.B. Tamrakar
Evaluation of grouting conditions for PC structures with wide-band ultrasounds
M. Hashinoki, M. Hara, T. Kinoshita & K.C. Chang
Two-dimensional AE-Tomography based on ray-trace technique for anisotropic materials
Y. Kobayashi & T. Shiotani
Characterization of inclined surface crack in steel reinforced-concrete
by multichannel R-wave measurements
F.W. Lee, H.K. Chai & K.S. Lim
Elastic wave tomography with arbitrary locations of impact
K. Matsumoto, S. Momoki, T. Shiotani & Y. Kobayashi
An ultrasonic method utilizing anchors to inspect steel-plate bonded RC decks
N. Ogura, H. Yatsumoto, K.C. Chang & T. Shiotani
Strategic maintenance philosophy for infra-asset with innovative NDT
T. Shiotani
Use of X-ray CT and AE for detection of cracked concrete properties
T. Suzuki, T. Morii & T. Shiotani
Ultrasonic method for predicting residual tension of ground anchors
S.B. Tamrakar, T. Shiotani, K.C. Chang & Y. Fujiwara
Use of Digital Image Correlation (DIC) and Acoustic Emission (AE) to characterise
the structural behaviour of hybrid composite-concrete beams
S. Verbruggen, S. De Sutter, S.N. Iliopoulos, D.G. Aggelis & T. Tysmans

Elastic waves

An ACA/BEM for solving wave propagation problems in non-homogeneous materials
T. Gortsas, I. Diakides, D. Polyzos & S.T. Tsinopoulos
Acousto-ultrasonic Structural Health Monitoring of aerospace composite materials
M. Gresil, A. Muller & C. Soutis
Guided wave tomography based inspection of CFRP plates using a probabilistic
reconstruction algorithm
J. Hettler, M. Tabatabaeipour, S. Delrue & K. Van Den Abeele
Modelling the dispersive behavior of fresh and hardened concrete specimens through
non-local lattice models
S.N. Iliopoulos, D.G. Aggelis & D. Polyzos
The Ultrasonic Polar Scan: Past, present and future
M. Kersemans, A. Martens, S. Delrue, K. Van Den Abeele, L. Pyl, F. Zastavnik,
H. Sol, J. Degrieck & W. Van Paepegem

Time-Of-Flight recorded Pulsed Ultrasonic Polar Scan for elasticity characterization
of composites
A. Martens, M. Kersemans, J. Degrieck, W. Van Paepegem, S. Delrue & K. Van Den Abeele
Ultrasonic testing of adhesively bonded joints in glass panels
B. Mojškerc, T. Kek & J. Grum
Guided ultrasonic waves for the NDT of immersed plates
P. Rizzo, E. Pistone & A. Bagheri

Nonlinear elastic waves
Nonlinear acoustics and acoustic emission methods to monitor damage
in mesoscopic elastic materials
M. Bentahar, R. El Guerjouma, C. Mechri, Y. Baccouche, S. Idjimarene, A. Novak,
S. Toumi, V. Tournat, J.-H. Thomas & M. Scalerandi

A simulation study of Local Defect Resonances (LDR)
S. Delrue & K. Van Den Abeele
Highly Nonlinear Solitary Waves for the NDT of slender beams
P. Rizzo, A. Bagheri & E. La Malfa Ribolla
Nonlinear ultrasonic inspection of friction stir welds
M. Tabatabaeipour, J. Hettler, S. Delrue & K. Van Den Abeele

Acoustic emission, damage and lifetime prediction of composites
Fracture mechanism of CFRP-strengthened RC beam identified by AE-SiGMA
N. Alver, H.M. Tanarslan, O.Y. Sulun & E. Ercan
Acoustic emission of fiber reinforced concrete under double-punching indirect tensile loading
D. Choumanidis, P. Nomikos, A. Sofianos, E. Komninou, P. Oikonomou & E. Badogiannis
Acoustic emission monitoring of high temperature process vessels & reactors during cool down
D. Papasalouros, K. Bollas, D. Kourousis & A. Anastasopoulos

NDT in aerospace
Thermal strains in heated Fiber Metal Laminates
B. Muller, J. Sinke, A.G. Anisimov & R.M. Groves
Lamb wave dispersion time-domain study using a combined signal processing approach
P. Ochoa, R.M. Groves & R. Benedictus
Fuse-like devices replacing linear sensors—working examples of percolation sensors
in operational airliners and chemical installations
H. Pfeiffer, I. Pitropakis, M. Wevers, H. Sekler & M. Schoonacker

Non-Destructive Testing techniques to evaluate the healing efficiency of self-healing
concrete at lab-scale
E. Gruyaert, J. Feiteira, N. De Belie, F. Malm, M. Nahm, C.U. Grosse, E. Tziviloglou,
E. Schlangen & E. Tsangouri
Assessment of grouted connection in monopile wind turbine foundations
using combined non-destructive techniques
A.N. Iliopoulos, D. Van Hemelrijck, D.G. Aggelis & C. Devriendt
Detection of damaged tool in injection molding process with acoustic emission
T. Kek, D. Kusić & J. Grum
An experimental investigation of Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers applied
to high temperature plates for potential use in solar thermal industry
M. Kogia, L. Cheng, A. Mohimi, V. Kappatos, T.-H. Gan, W. Balachandran & C. Selcuk
Monitoring of self-healing activation by means of Acoustic Emission and Digital
Image Correlation
P. Minnebo, D.G. Aggelis & D. Van Hemelrijck
Finite element model updating using thermographic measurements: Comparison between
materials with high and low thermal conductivity
J. Peeters, B. Ribbens, J.J.J. Dirckx & G. Steenackers
Portable automated Radio-Frequency scanner for Non-Destructive Testing
of Carbon-Fibre-Reinforced Polymer composites
B. Salski, W. Gwarek, P. Kopyt, P. Theodorakeas, I. Hatziioannidis, M. Koui,
A.Y.B. Chong, S.M. Tan, V. Kappatos, C. Selcuk & T.-H. Gan

Detection of the interface between two metals by DC current
stimulated thermography
N.J. Siakavellas & J. Sarris
Water-Absorption-Measurement instrument for masonry façades
M. Stelzmann, U. Moller & R. Plagge
Assessment of eSHM system combining different NDT methods
M. Strantza, D.G. Aggelis, D. De Baere, P. Guillaume &
D. Van Hemelrijck

Non-destructive evaluation of an infusion process using capacitive
sensing technique
Y. Yang, T. Vervust, F. Bossuyt, J. Vanfleteren, G. Chiesura, G. Luyckx,
J. Degrieck & M. Kaufmann

In-situ testing using combined NDT methods for the technical evaluation
of existing bridge
N.V. Zoidis, E.N. Tatsis, E.D. Manikas & T.E. Matikas

Biological applications
Kinect sensor for 3D modelling of logs in small sawmills
J. Antikainen & D. Xiaolei
A noninvasive approach for the assessment of dental implants stability
P. Rizzo, E. La Malfa Ribolla & A. Di Cara
Monitoring techniques for nanocrystalline stabilized zirconia from some
medical prosthesis
A. Savin, M.L. Craus, V. Turchenko, A. Bruma, S. Malo & T.E. Konstantinova
Raman spectroscopy: An emerging technique for minimally-invasive clinical testing
M.Z. Vardaki, P.S. Papaspyridakou, G.L. Givalos, C.G. Kontoyannis & M.G. Orkoula

Combination of NDT techniques

Concrete compressive strength estimation by means of combined NDT
G. Concu, B. De Nicolo, N. Trulli & M. Valdes
Development of a Condition Monitoring system for tidal stream generators rotating
components combining Acoustic Emission and vibration analysis
J.L.F. Chacon, V. Kappatos, C. Selcuk, A. Romero, J. Jimenez, S. Soua & T.-H.
Detection of incipient SCC damage in primary loop piping using various novel
NDE technologies
B.K. Jackson, J.L.W. Warwick, W. Li & J.J. Wall
Comparative study of NDT inspection methods in carbon fiber composite laminates
G. Steenackers, J. Peeters, G. Arroud & S. Wille

Embedded sensors
Investigations on the structural integrity and functional capability of embedded
piezoelectric modules
S. Geller, A. Winkler & M. Gude
Healing performance monitoring using embedded piezoelectric transducers in concrete
G. Karaiskos, E. Tsangouri, D.G. Aggelis, D. Van Hemelrijck & A. Deraemaeker
Fibre-reinforced composites with embedded piezoelectric sensor-actuator-arrays
A. Winkler, M. Dannemann, E. Starke, K. Holeczek & N. Modler

Application of NDT/SHM techniques to cultural heritage
Comparative surface damage determination at a Jewish grave, found in front
of the central building of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, using two different
mobile ultrasonic velocity equipments
B. Christaras, A. Moropoulou, M. Chatziangelou, L. Dimitraki & K. Devlioti
A new visual-based diagnostic protocol for cultural heritage exploiting
the MPEG-7 standard
A. Doulamis, A. Kioussi & A. Moropoulou
Comprehensive energy diagnosis methodology integrating non destructive testing
M.A. Garcia-Fuentes, J.L. Hernandez, A. Meiss & C. Colla
Non-contact contemporary techniques for the geometric recording of Cultural Heritage
A. Georgopoulos
Numerical methods for the interpretation and exploitation of AE monitoring results
S. Invernizzi, G. Lacidogna & A. Carpinteri
Digital cultural heritage—A challenge for the chemical engineering: Contextualizing
materials in a holistic framework
M. Ioannides, E. Alexakis, C.M. Coughenour, M.L. Vincent, M.F. Gutierrez,
V.M. Lopez-Menchero Bendicho, D. Fritsch, A. Moropoulou, V. Rajcic & R. Zarnic

Raman spectroscopy. A non-destructive tool for on-site chemical analysis
of artifacts and monuments
E.Th. Kamilari, S.N. Kouvaritaki, M.G. Orkoula & C.G. Kontoyannis
Evaluation of seismic risk in regional areas by AE monitoring of historical buildings
G. Lacidogna, P. Cutugno, F. Accornero, S. Invernizzi & A. Carpinteri
Non-destructive evaluation of historic natural stone masonry with GPR
F. Lehmann & M. Kruger
Application of the mortar static penetration test to historical buildings
D. Liberatore, L. Sorrentino, L. Frezza, N. Masini, M. Sileo & V. Racina
Non destructive testing to perform service of the evaluation of conservation works
R. Manganelli Del Fa, C. Riminesi, S. Rescic, P. Tiano & A. Sansonetti
Tube-jack and sonic testing for the evaluation of the state of stress in historical masonry
E.C. Manning, L.F. Ramos, P.B. Lourenco & F.M. Fernandes
Integration of EFD, MRM and IRT for moisture mapping on historic masonry:
Study cases in northern Italy
R. Olmi, C. Riminesi & E. Rosina
Pre-diagnostic prompt investigation of a historic Bell Tower by visual inspection
and microwave remote sensing
A. Saisi, C. Gentile & L. Valsasnini
On site investigation and continuous dynamic monitoring of a historic tower in Mantua, Italy
A. Saisi, M. Guidobaldi & C. Gentile
Focus on soluble salts transport phenomena: The study cases of Leonardo monochrome
at Sala delle Asse (Milan)
A. Sansonetti, M. Realini, S. Erba & E. Rosina
Novel applications of micro-destructive cutting techniques in cultural heritage
M. Theodoridou & I. Ioannou
Integrated ND methodologies for the evaluation of the adhesion of frescoes
on stone masonry walls
M.R. Valluzzi, G. Salemi, R. Deiana, E. Faresin, G. Giacomello, M. Giaretton,
M. Panizza, M. Pasetto, S. Calo, M. Battistella & A. Frestazzi

Detection and localization of debonding damage in composite-masonry strengthening
systems with the Acoustic Emission technique
E. Verstrynge, K. Van Balen, M. Wevers, B. Ghiassi & D.V. Oliveira
NDTs in the monitoring and preservation of historical architectural surfaces
L. Falchi, E. Zendri & G. Driussi

Optical sensors for structural health monitoring
The novel potential for embedded strain measurements offered by micro-structured
optical fiber Bragg gratings
T. Geernaert, S. Sulejmani, C. Sonnenfeld, H. Thienpont, F. Berghmans, G. Luyckx,
J. Degrieck & D. Van Hemelrijck

Combining embedded Fibre Bragg Grating sensors and modal analysis techniques
to monitor fatigue induced propagating delaminations in composite laminates
A. Lamberti, G. Chiesura, B. De Pauw & S. Vanlanduit
SMARTFIBER: Miniaturized optical-fiber sensor based health monitoring system
N. Lammens, G. Luyckx, E. Voet, W. Van Paepegem & J. Degrieck

Electromagnetics and X-rays
Micro-CT as a well-established technique to investigate the internal damage state
of a composite laminate subjected to fatigue
G. Chiesura, G. Luyckx, E. Voet, W. Van Paepegem, J. Degrieck, M.N. Boone,
J. Dhaene & L. Van Hoorebeke

Damage detection and classification in composite structure after water-jet cutting
using computed tomography and wavelet analysis
A. Katunin
Post Weld Heat Treatment surface residual stress measurements using X-ray diffraction
S. Kumar, M.J. Tan, B.S. Wong & N. Weeks
Enhancement of spatial resolution using metamaterial sensor in NonDestructive Evaluation
A. Savin, N. Iftimie, R. Steigmann & A. Bruma

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