Emerging Technology And Management For Ruminants  book cover
1st Edition

Emerging Technology And Management For Ruminants

ISBN 9780367155766
Published October 15, 2020 by CRC Press
456 Pages

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Book Description

Emerging Technology and Management for Ruminants focuses on pasture, range, and forages; on advanced technologies of reproduction and genetics; and on production and management of small ruminants.

Table of Contents

Part 1. Genetics and Breeding of Cattle 1. Muscle + Bone + Fat = Beef 2. Information-Based Beef Breeding 3. Maternal Selection 4. Maternal Selection: Producing Cows with Optimum Productivity for Their Environment 5. Selection of Registered Brahmans 6. Sire Selection Based on Breed Association Tools 7. What the Commercial Rancher Should Know About Bulls 8. Crossbreeding Brahmans, European, and South American Indigenous Breeds 9. Designing Production systems to Optimize Net Merit and Profit Part 2. Reproduction of Cattle 10. Reproductive Technologies for the Future 11. Embryo Transfer: Problems and (or) Opportunities for the Purebred Industry 12. Potential Genetic Impact of Embryo Transfer 13. Why Different Cows have Different Levels of Calving Difficulty 14. The Relationships Between Body Condition, Nutrition, and Performance of Beef Cows 15. Nutrition for Optimum Reproduction in Beef Cattle 16. Hormone Therapy for Cystic and Repeat-Breeder Dairy Cows 17. The Rational use of Artificial Insemination in Tropical Beef Cattle 18. Changing Reproductive Performance in Beef Cow Herds 19. High Technology Application on My Ranch Part 3. Growing and Finishing Cattle 20. Why Different Animals Produce Different Types of Beef 21. Cattle are Not Created Equal 22. Compensatory Growth in Beef Cattle 23. Nutrition of Feedlot Cattle 24. Protein Requirements of Cattle 25. Preparations for Receiving and Processing Stocker Cattle 26. Management of Sick, Newly Arrived Stocker Cattle 27. Anaplasmosis in Beef Cattle 28. Using Pasture Effectively for Stocker-Feeder Operations in the South 29. Implanting Cattle on Grass Part 4. Forage, Range, and Pasture 30. Principles of Range Management with Universal Application 31. Public Education in Land and Water Management: A New Use for Computers 32. Computers and the Livestock Enterprise 33. The Need for Old-Fashioned Range Management in Latin America 34. Managing Cattle in a Low-Cost, Extensive Rangeland Setting 35. Rationalizing Rangeland Use in the Near East by Modernizing Transhumance Grazing 36. Modernization of Livestock Production in Inner Mongolia: Progress or Regression 37. What's Ahead in Hay and Forage Production, Storage, and Handling Systems 38. Utilization of Crop Residues by Beef Cattle 39. Forage Height and Mass in Relation to Grazing Management 40. Efficient Forage/Livestock Production, New Zealand Style 41. Utilizing Improved Pastures 42. Putting It All Together: Forage and Cattle Part 5. Production and Management of Sheep, Goats, and Certain Other Small Animals 43. Management Tools for Greater Sheep Profitability 44. Importance of Sheep's Teeth in Productivity 45. Wool and Mutton Production and Marketing in South Africa 46. Sheep Production and Management in a Dry Climate 47. Sheep Production and Management in a Hot-Humid Climate 48. Angora and Meat Goats in south Africa 49. Angora Goat Management and Mohair Marketing in Texas 50. An Economic Analysis of Goat Milk Production in the Ozark Region of Arkansas and Missouri 51. Small Animals for Small Farms in Latin America and the Caribbean

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