1st Edition

Emerging Trends in IoT and Computing Technologies Proceedings of the International Conference on Emerging Trends in IoT and Computing Technologies-2023

    500 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Second International Conference on Emerging Trends in IOT and Computing Technologies (ICEICT – 2023) is organised with a vision to address the various issues to promote the creation of intelligent solution for the future. It is expected that researchers will bring new prospects for collaboration across disciplines and gain ideas facilitating novel concepts. Second International Conference of Emerging Trends in IoT and Computer Technologies (ICEICT-2023) is an inventive event organised in Goel Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow, India, with motive to make available an open International forum for the researches, academicians, technocrats, scientist, engineers, industrialist and students around the globe to exchange their innovations and share the research outcomes which may lead the young researchers, academicians and industrialist to contribute to the global society. The conference ICEICT- 2023 is being organised at Goel Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, during 12-13 January 2024. It will feature world-class keynote speakers, special sessions, along with the regular/oral paper presentations. The conference welcomes paper submissions from researcher, practitioners, academicians and students will cover numerous tracks in the field of Computer Science and Engineering and associated research areas.

    1. Sentiment Analysis Based on NLP Using Machine Learning Techniques
    Jaishree Jain, Shashank Sahu and Neeta Sahu
    2. Detection of Counterfeit Currency
    Angotu saida, Mirza Sajid Ali Baig, Ch. Sreedhar, MaduguLa Ramesh,
    Rikkala Spoorti and Kuruvenla Kaveri
    3. AI based Post Disaster Recce Bot using FPGA Controller
    D. Preethi, N. Navya Sai Sailesh, T. Karthik and K. Bhanu Prakash
    4. Deep Learning-Based Image Segmentation for Early Detection of Lung Tumors
    Happila T, Rajendran A, Kalaivanan D, Nithish Selva M, Dharshang and Kawashkar V
    5. Analysis of Brain Disorder Based on MRI Using Artificial Intelligence
    Sadaf Qasim and Nandita Pradhan
    6. Lung Nodule Detection of CT Image Using Size and Shape-Based Features
    Happila T, Rajendran A, Aravind S, Logesh V N, Rishikeshan A K and Sivajithesh S
    7. A Smart Home Assessment of Security and Comfort for Elderly People: A Review
    Shweta Tiwari, Puneet Kumar Yadav, Animesh Srivastava and Parul Parihar
    8. Predictive Analytics for Better Crop Management and Production using Machine Learning
    Qaim Mehdi Rizvi, Er. Sarika Singh and Atul Kumar
    9. Challenges and Benefits in Future Direction of Internet of Things
    Pooja Kumari Singh, Akash Sanghi, Gaurav Agarwal, Mohammed Shakeel and Yashi Bajpai
    10. Implementation of Brute Force Attack
    Priyanshu Sharma, Sarvesh Tanwar and Vinay Kukreja
    11. Steganography through Python: Concealing Secrets in the Least Significant Bit
    Cheshta Dass, Sarvesh Tanwar and Vinay Kukreja
    12. A Comparative Study of the Cellular Automata Based Digital Image Watermarking Techniques in
    Spatial Domain 64
    Iram Khurshid Bhat and Fasel Qadir
    13. A Review Paper on Toxic Comment Classifier
    Disha Sengupta, Zaid Rupani, Rajvi Jagani and Kashish Nahar
    14. Visual Content to Spoken Word Transformation for Visually Impaired People
    Rajendran A, Dhanush C, Hari Krishna S, Mohamed Abul Hasil S and Mohanaprasath M
    15. Cybersecurity Issues and Challenges in Industry 4.0
    B. Varshaa, V. Jothi Francina and C. Nithisha
    16. Deep Learning based Framework for Smart Fruit Grading System Using Raspberry Pi
    M. Meenalochani, R. Sriranjani, N. Hemavathi, A. Gladsun Jerom and A. Prince Britto
    17. Advancements in Navigation Technologies and Assistive Devices for the Visually Impaired
    Parth Arora and Anshu Mehta
    18. Music Genres Unwind: Comparative Assessment of Music Genre Classification Approaches for
    Online Streaming Platforms
    Sivadithiyan P, Siddiraju Prerana, Bavya S and Saritha A
    19. Sorting Algorithms in Focus: A Critical Examination of Sorting Algorithm Performance
    Qaim Mehdi Rizvi, Harsh Rai and Ragini Jaiswal
    20. AI-Enabled Fake News Detection and Flagging
    Vishnu Shukla and Dilipkumar A. Borikar
    21. Autonomous Navigation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Uavs) using Machine Learning
    S. Ram Prasath, K. Gokulakrishnan, M. Subramanian and S. Mohanap Priya
    22. Counterfeit Product Detection and Identification Using Blockchain Technology
    Dilipkumar A. Borikar, Anushka Shukla, Arpit Singh Thakur,
    Janak Mandavgade and Jaiwin Chaudhari
    23. Visual Speech Recognition using Spatio-Temporal and Temporal Features
    Saswati Debnath, Puneet Kumar Yadav and M. Senbagavalli
    24. Quantum Computing: Current Advancements and Future Prospects
    S. Mohanap Priya, S. Ram Prasath, S. Anitha, D. Kani Jesintha and E. Golden Julie
    25. An Analytical Study on the Most Advanced Methods for Mining Big Data Through Data Mining
    Sanjay Kumar Sonkar and Balkar Singh
    26. Evaluation of Transfer Learning Models for Maize Leaf Disease Identification and Classification
    Pawan Singh and Priya Khichi
    27. Exploring the Unseen: Virtual Tours with Augmented Reality
    Aparna Kulkarni, Om Pawar, Vyom Pawar and Pratham Pahad
    28. Design and Development of an Optimized GCN Layer-Based Technique for the Detection of
    Occluded 3D Images
    Apurva Kandelkar, Isha Batra, Shabnam Sharma and Arun Malik
    29. Two-Way Sign Language System Using Deep Learning Techniques
    A. Rajendran and Praveen Kumar S S
    30. Optimizing Concrete Mixing Through IoT and Machine Learning: A Comprehensive
    Approach for Efficiency, Safety, and Environmental
    Karan Ramesh Singh, Nikhil Sureshrao Surkar, Kamlesh Dayanand Patle , Mehvish Zabeen,
    Supriya Sawwashere and Atika Ingole
    31. An Efficient Approach for Balancing of Load in Cloud Environment
    Puneet Kumar Yadav, Saswati Debnath, Sakshi Srivastava, Ratan Rajan Srivastava,
    Sachin Bhardwaj and Yusuf Perwej
    32. Analysis Volatility of Stock Market Using DL and LSTM
    Deepak Asrani, Puneet Kumar Yadav, Ihtiram Raza Khan, Vivek Rai,
    Nikhat Akhtar and Rohit Agarwal
    33. Basic Approaches and Efforts to Improve Our Understanding of the Behavior of Natural
    Computational Systems
    Kaneez Zainab, Alok Mishra, Devendra Agarwal, Nikhat Akhtar,
    Syed Qamar Abbas and Sanjay Kumar Singh
    34. Text Based Data Extraction (TBDE) Approach from Different Data-Sets Source
    Vinay Kumar, Neha Goyal, Yusuf Perwej, Devendra Agarwal,
    Alok Mishra and Prachi Chauhan
    35. Integration of Controller Area Network (CAN) with Internet of Things (IoT) Applications
    Sangeeta Bhosure and Rishi Asthana
    36. Solution of Non-linear Fractional Partial Differential Equations using Modified Adomian
    Decomposition Method with Sumudu Transform
    Parmeshwari V Aland and Prince Singh
    37. Hardware Trojan Taxonomy and Detection: A Review
    Khalid Ahmed Markar, Sushant Madhukar Mane and Faruk S. Kazi
    38. Smart Zoos, Healthy Animals: SAHMT’s Non-Invasive Healthcare Model
    Sheeba Praveen, Akhtar Hasan Jamal Khan, Neeta Rastogi, Syed Qamar Abbas,
    Nikhat Akhtar and Qudsia Shahab
    39. Data Analytics: A Review on Application Area’s
    Vidhya Vasekar, Sonam Singh, Aparna Kulkarni and Sandeep Chitalkar
    40. Use of Machine Learning in the Internet of Things Industry
    Vidhya Gavali, Sandeep Chitalkar, Aparna Pathak and Sonam Singh
    41. Pothole Detection a Geospatial Approach to Prioritize Road Repairs
    Vidhya Gavali*, Akshay Jagtap, Ganesh Jagzap, Abhay Garud and Vaibhav Digraskar
    42. Simplifying NFC Tag Programming for Non-Technical Users: An Intuitive NFC App
    Yara Abushpap, Ali Muthanna and Sangheethaa S
    43. Games That Adapt: Reinforcement Learning for Adaptive Game AI
    Ankit Kumar, Kushagra Srivastava and Ajay Pal Singh
    44. Technological Advancements in Smart Security Systems: A Comparative Analysis and Future Prospects
    Mohammad Imran, Shagun Rana and Jaspreet Kaur Grewal
    45. Object Detection and Denoisation in Deep Learning
    Sonam Singh and Rucha Patil
    46. A Review of Sentimental and Respiratory Health Effects on the Indian Population in the
    Post-Pandemic Era: Insights from Machine Learning Techniques
    Peeyush Kumar Pathak and Manish Madhava Tripathi
    47. Mood Prediction Using Social Media Data
    Dewansh Jangir, Abhas Rawat, Devansh Chauhan and Bhupinder Kaur
    48. Multimodal Data Retrieval Challenges and their Countermeasures Using Novel
    Integrated Data Mining and Fusion System (IDMFS)
    Kulvinder Singh and Balkar Singh
    49. An Analysis of Machine Learning-Based Memcached Data Partitioning and Sharding Optimization
    Harmandeep Singh, Kulvinder Singh and Manandeep Kaur Sahni
    50. Quantum Computing and Its Potential Threat to Blockchain Security
    Azhar Ashraf Gadoo and Navjot Singh Talwandi
    51. Securing IoT Data: A Comprehensive Systematic Review of Encryption Paradigms
    Payal Thakur, Navjot Singh Talwandi and Shanu Khare
    52. An Application of Voronoi Diagram Partitioning Scheme in the Area of Multi Robot Exploration
    Soumi Dhar and Judeson Antony Kovilpillai J
    53. Skin Diseases Estimation Using Machine Learning
    Ajay Pal Singh, Paras Gupta and Akshita Gupta
    54. Python-Powered Web Scraping for Progressive Data Extraction
    Kulvinder Singh, Mayank Pathak and Aryan Jaswal Thakur
    55. Review Paper on Machine Learning Based Memcached Cluster Auto Scaling
    Rahul, Kulvinder Singh, Vrinda and Dipanshu
    56. A Machine Learning Approach to Smartphone- Based Human Activity Classification
    Yash Vardhan, Ankush Goel, Anant Kumar Mathur and Daljeet Kaur
    57. Power of Real-Time Face Recognition with Machine Learning
    Yuvraj, Diksha, Akshay and Daljeet Kaur
    58. Research Paper on Monitoring Accounting Processes in an Organization with Blockchain Technology
    Pratiksha Argulewar, Abhiraj Prasad, Darshan Nimje, Gaurav Zade and Supriya Sawwashere
    59. Twitter Profile Analysis using Bidirectional LSTM Networks
    Seema Kalonia, Anshu Khurana, Sudesh Kumar and Anjali Saxena
    60. Predictive Analysis for Cardiovascular Disease: A Machine Learning Approach
    Dhaval Joshi, Bhavya Singh, Seema Kalonia, Ajay Kumar Kaushik and Sunil Maggu
    61. Unveiling Distributed Computing—Clusters, Clouds, Grids: A Comprehensive Review
    Devansh Tiwari, Reeta Devi and Hatesh Shyan
    62. An Efficient and Smart Water Usage Monitoring System for Real-Time Water Consumption Check
    Aman Jain, Inderdeep Kaur, Rupam Das, Rudra Prasher and Akashdeep,
    Chirag Saini
    63. Detecting Early Signs of Depression in Children Through Machine Learning on Behavioural Data
    Aanchal Kailey, Harsha Singh and Tanisha
    64. Raspberry Pi-Based Smart Surveillance System
    Himanshu Gupta, Vidhisha Kachawaha, Mahi Tyagi and Pragya Pandey
    65. Survey on IoT Solutions for Railway Coal Wagon Load Optimization
    Upasana Pandey, Meena Kumari, Mansi Varshney, Maanav Mahajan and
    Raksha Awasthi
    66. Analysis DDoS Attacks in Cloud Environment and Its Impact on Indian IT Industry
    Himanshu Shukla, Ajay Pratap and Harsh Dev
    67. Securing the Cloud Authentication Mechanism using Two-Factor Authentication
    Vinay Yadav, Manish Kumar Soni and Ajay Pratap
    68. Experimental Analysis on AISI 1020 Mildsteel Autogenous Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding
    Ajay Kumar and Shiv Kumar
    69. Fabrication and Experimental Analysis of Thermal Conductivity of Redmud Particles and
    Aluminium Filled Epoxy Composites
    Shivam Awasthi and Shiv Kumar
    70. An Implementation of Electronic Device User Profile Switching using Facial Detection
    Kulvinder Singh, Yash Gupta and Rahul Kumar
    71. A.I.S.H.A 2.0: Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant
    Kulvinder Singh and Priya Bhambhu
    72. Machine Learning-Based Memcached Cluster Auto Scaling
    Rahul, Kulvinder Singh, Dipanshu and Rohan Kumar
    73. A Novel Violent Crime Prediction using the k-Means Clustering Methodology
    Neha Kulshrestha
    74. Rapid and Close-Packed Xml Solution with Efficient Extensible Interchange (EXI)
    Manvi Mishra, Prabhakar Gupta, SS Bedi, Sudheer Kumar Singh and Ankur Kumar
    75. Analytical Machine Learning Models for Predicting COVID-19 Transmission
    Sudheer Kumar Singh, Ranjana Singh, Nidhi Srivastava, Gagandeep Chadha,
    Dheeraj Tandon, M Yousuf Malik and Manvi mishra
    76. A Systematic Review on Relationship Between the Monsoon’s Variability and the Variables
    Influencing it Through Machine Learning
    Namita Goyal, Aparna N Mahajan and K.C. Tripathi
    77. Nature Inspired Optimization Algorithms: A Gentle Review
    Seema Kalonia and Amrita Upadhyay
    78. Artificial Neural Network Based Optimization Algorithms
    Meenakshi and Meenakshi Pareek
    79. Creating Sensor System for Safe Motor Navigation: HOMESWEET
    Lare Samuel Adeola, Celestine Iwendi and Aamir Mazhar Abbas
    80. Ensemble Approach and Enhanced Features for Precise Bank Churn Prediction Analysis
    Lare Samuel Adeola, Celestine Iwendi and Aamir Mazhar Abbas
    81. The Use of Churn-Prediction to Improve Customer-Retention in Grocery E-Retailing
    Joshua Aaron, Ibtisam Mogul, Thaier Hamid, Celestine Iwendi and Abbas Aamir
    82. Review of Intrusion Detection System for E-Commerce System
    Shabeena Nafees, Anil Kumar Pandey and Nidhi Saxena
    83. Intelligence framework to identify Malicious Activities for Safety
    Shabeena Nafees, Anil Kumar Pandey, Satya Bhushan Verma, Brijesh Kumar Pandey,
    Mahima Shankar and Richa Verma
    84. Literature Survey in Integration of Block Chain Technology and Cloud Computing
    Atul kumar and Kuldeep Mishra
    85. Bit Coin Access Control Management Using Block Chain
    Kuldeep Mishra and Atul kumar
    86. Analyzing Strategies Employed in Disseminating Deceptive Content on Social Media
    Priya Sharma and Mohd Waris Khan
    87. A Method for Diagnosing Stator Winding Defects of Induction Motor using Modified Wavelet Transform
    Om Prakash Yadav, Abhinav K Gautam, B. Suresh Babu, Sagar N. Deo and Tanmay J. Bharambe
    88. Blockchain: Architectural Frameworks, Development Tools, and Industry-Specific Applications
    Uday Kumar Singh, Puneet Kumar Yadav, Judeson Antony Kovilpillai J., Neeraj Jain,
    Praveen Pawaskar and Sunny Kumar
    89. Enhancing Software Reliability through Machine Learning Driven Fault Prediction Models
    Km Vaishali Singh, Archana Sahai and Pankaj Kumar
    90. Predicting Unconfined Compressive Strength in Stabilized Soil with RBI Grade 81 using
    Artificial Neural Network
    Samreen Bano, Vikash Singh, Md. Sajid, Zishan Raza Khan and Syed Aqeel Ahmad
    91. Emerging Trends and Research Directions in Blockchain based Security for IoT
    Gaurav Vats, Sarvesh Tanwar and Pankaj Kumar Sharma


    Suman Lata Tripathi

    Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, India

    Devendra Agarwal Goel

    Institute of Technology & Management Lucknow, India

    Anita Pal Goel

    Institute of Technology & Management Lucknow, India

    Yusuf Perwej Goel

    Institute of Technology & Management Lucknow, India