1st Edition

Emerging Trends in Psychological Practice in Long-Term Care

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    Update your knowledge of mental health services delivery in long-term care settings!

    Authored by experts in the field of psychology practice in long-term care (LTC), this valuable book is designed to update psychologists and educators on developments in the evolving field of geriatric mental health in LTC settings. The editors and chapter authors are scientist-practitioners who use their expertise to cover applied topics while maintaining high scientific and scholarly standards.

    The first section of Emerging Trends in Psychological Practice in Long-Term Care examines modifications to traditional psychotherapy techniques that make them more appropriate for long-term care patients, with chapters reviewing:

    • group therapy in long-term care
    • brief psychotherapy for treating depression in patients with dementia
    • the use of autobiographical memory techniques in cognitive-behavioral treatment for depression
    • the treatment of disruptive behaviors in LTC residents
    The second section covers systematic therapy approaches in LTC settings, with chapters discussing:
    • distinctive family therapy issues in LTC
    • an LTC systems application of behavioral treatment for depression using pleasant events
    • a comparison of patient and staff perceptions of characteristics that contribute to the quality of LTC facilities
    • a multidisciplinary team approach to the treatment of dementia
    • training LTC caregivers in behavioral techniques
    The third section of this remarkable volume addresses the thorny ethical and legal issues unique to LTC residents, including legal definitions, requirements for obtaining informed consent from LTC patients, and confidentiality dilemmas that are unique to clinical services in long-term care.

    With helpful charts, tables, and fascinating case studies that illustrate clinical issues, this user-friendly text belongs on the reference shelf of everyone involved in providing mental health services to people in long-term care settings!

    • Introduction: Emerging Practices for Psychologists in Long-Term Care
    • Group Therapy in Long Term Care Sites
    • R-E-M- Psychotherapy: A Manualized Approach for Long-Term Care Residents with Depression and Dementia
    • Use of Positive Core Memories in an LTC: A Review
    • Disruptive Behavior: Systemic and Strategic Management
    • Family Work in a Long-Term Care Setting
    • Pleasant Events-Based Behavioral Intervention for Depression in Nursing Home Residents: A Conceptual and Empirical Foundation
    • Systemic Characteristics of Long-Term Care in Residential Environments: Clinical Importance of Differences in Staff and Resident Perceptions
    • A Team Effort for Treating Depression in Dementia
    • Training in Long-Term Care Facilities: Critical Issues
    • Informed Consent in the Long Term Care Setting
    • Psychologists’ Multiple Roles in Long-Term Care: Untangling Confidentiality Quandaries
    • Confidentiality and Informed Consent versus Collaboration: Challenges of Psychotherapy Ethics in Nursing Homes
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Suzann Ogland-Hand, Margaret Norris, Victor Molinari