1st Edition

Emotion and Performance A Special Issue of Human Performance

Edited By Neal M. Ashkanasy Copyright 2004

    In this special issue, five papers address the study of emotions from a variety of viewpoints. Two are theoretical essays that deal respectively with emotion and creativity and the relationships between individual and team performance. Three are empirical studies that canvas the emotion-performance nexus across levels of analysis: within-person, between-person, and in groups. Between them, the five papers present a strong case for the nexus of emotions and performance, but more importantly provide a platform for potentially fruitful future research in this burgeoning area.

    Volume 17, Number 2, 2004
    Contents: N.M. Ashkanasy, Emotion and Performance. C.D. Fisher, C.S. Noble, A Within-Person Examination of Correlates of Performance and Emotions While Working. K. James, M. Brodersen, J. Eisenberg, Workplace Affect and Workplace Creativity: A Review and Preliminary Model. P.J. Jordan, A.C. Troth, Managing Emotions During Team Problem Solving: Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution. L.R. Offermann, J.R. Bailey, N.L. Vasilopoulos, C. Seal, M. Sass, The Relative Contribution of Emotional Competence and Cognitive Ability to Individual and Team Performance. T.H. Reus, Y. Liu, Rhyme and Reason: Emotional Capability and the Performance of Knowledge-Intensive Work Groups.


    Neal M. Ashkanasy (University of Queensland, Australia)