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    First published in 1985. The purpose of this book is to draw together research on one aspect of verbal and nonverbal communication- emotional expression. The focus is on verbal and nonverbal behaviors associated with emotions. A distinction is made between expressive behaviors that occur spontaneously during emotions often without a person's awareness or control and more deliberate forms of communication where the person manipulates verbal and nonverbal cues in order to create an impression. The difference between expression and communication is introduced in Chapter 1 and developed throughout the book.

    Chapter 1 Introduction; Chapter 2 Touch; Chapter 3 Body Movement and Posture; Chapter 4 Facial Expressions; Chapter 5 Eye Behavior; Chapter 6 Personal Space; Chapter 7 Tone of Voice; Chapter 8 Grammatical Features; Chapter 9 Verbal Content; Chapter 10 Relative Contribution of Expressive Channels and their Role in Detecting Deception; Chapter 11 The Role of Expression in the Felt Experience;


    Gary Collier University College of Cape Breton