1st Edition

Emotions, Hormones and Atherosclerosis

By Sokolov Copyright 1994

    The increase of emotional stress has disturbing effects on the neurohumoral regulation of metabolic processes, especially in relation to the cardiovascular system, and increases the changes of organisms developing atherosclerosis. This book studies the effects on the cardiovascular system (in IHD patients) caused by emotions of diverse biological qualities (both positive and negative). At the same time, the relationship between these effects on the functional activity of various hormonal systems and the blood coagulation system are studied in order to determine the mechanisms and development of atherosclerotic processes.

    EMOTIONS AND PERSONALITY TYPES IN THE PATHOGENESIS OF ATHEROSCLEROSIS Basic concepts Type of personality and incipience of atherosclerosis Simulation of emotional stress Reaction of vegetative nervous system to stress in healthy persons and IHD patients of different personality types Vegetative realization of stress depending on a person's behavior features Reaction of hypophyseal--adrenal system in leaders and subordinates Functions of receptor apparatus in persons of different psychological types REGULATION OF GLUCOSE HOMEOSTASIS AND ENERGY METABOLISM IN HEALTHY PERSONS AND IN PERSONS WITH CARDIOVASCULAR AND ENDOCRINE PATHOLOGY Glucose metabolism and its regulation Influence of insulin load on the dynamics of a hormonal reaction and the glucose level Energy metabolism in healthy persons and its features in selected pathological states IMMUNOREACTIVE INSULIN IN BLOOD PLASMA AND LIPOPROTEIN SPECTRUM IN HEALTHY PERSONS AND IHD PATIENTS Disorder in metabolism and cholesterol transportation as a risk factor in the incipience of IHD Hormonal unbalance as a risk factor in the incipience of IHD Lipoprotein spectrum depending on immunoreactive insulin level in blood plasma TOLERANCE TO VARIOUS KINDS OF LOADS IN PATIENTS WITH CARDIAC AND ENDOCRINE PATHOLOGY Reaction of myocardium to emotional stress Receptor mechanisms of regulating central hemodynamics in normal state and in selected pathological states Tolerance to physical load normally, in hormonal disregulation, and atherosclerosis HORMONES AND BLOOD COAGULATION IN HEALTHY PERSONS AND IN SELECTED PATHOLOGICAL STATES Types of personality and homeostasis system in healthy persons Change in the homeostasis system and in the factors regulating vascular tonus in healthy persons with various types of behavioral reaction to psycho-emotional stress Types of personality and homeostasis system in IHD patients Influence of fat load on coagulating system of blood Hemostasis system in thyrotoxicosis and hypothyroidism patients Hemostasis system in diabetes mellitus patients Hemostasis system and hormone levels in diabetes mellitus patients after treatment with complex of drugs Importance of vessel wall in athero- and thrombogenesis