1st Edition

Emotions in Neurological Disease A Special Issue of Neurocase

Edited By Howard J. Rosen, Robert W. Levenson Copyright 2009
    90 Pages
    by Psychology Press

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    The effect of neurological disease on emotional function has been a relatively neglected area of study in the modern era. Yet many forms of neurological diseases cause a variety of symptoms ranging from depression, anxiety, loss of motivation, loss of empathy, and emotional lability, with major impacts on work and social functioning. The case descriptions in this special issue illustrate the challenges we face in trying to understand the origins of these deficits, but also highlight the opportunity we have to improve our understanding of emotional functions by studying these patients. An introductory overview of the neuroanatomy of emotion provides a context for understanding the individual articles.

    Hixson, The Effects of Epilepsy and its Treatments on Affect and Emotion. Kipps, Hodges, Emotion, Social Functioning and Activities of Daily Living in Frontotemporal Dementia. Matthews, Pleasurable Emotional Response to Music: A Case of Neurodegenerative Generalized Auditory Agnosia. Narvid, Gorno Tempini, Of Brain and Bone: The Unusual Case of Dr A. Liu, Rankin, A Case Study of an Emerging Visual Artist with Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.