1st Edition

Empirical Studies in Field Instruction

By Miriam S Raskin Copyright 1989

    This landmark volume tackles the long overdue critical examination and evaluation of the state of the art of field instruction in social work education. For the first time, the findings of empirical research are consolidated to review, test, and question prevailing assumptions in social work field instruction. The vigorous assessment of the state of the art in field instruction, the field placement process, field instructors, and students enables the social work profession to reflect upon its accomplishments and review its practices. Provocative, informative, and controversial, Empirical Studies in Field Instruction also urges the profession to make changes and to insist on continued high caliber empirical research efforts in field instruction. It is an excellent resource for directors of field instruction, faculty field liaisons, field instructors, social work students, classroom instructors, researchers, and doctoral students.

    Contents Preface
    • Introduction
    • Part I: The State of the Art in Field Instruction: A Century of Progress?
    • Introduction
    • George Warren Brown’s Field Instruction Research Project: An Experimental Design Tested by Empirical Data
    • A Delphi Study in Field Instruction: Identification of Issues and Research Priorities by Experts
    • Field Instruction in the 1980s--Realities, Issues, and Problem-Solving Strategies
    • Field Instruction in the United States and Canada: A Comparison of Studies
    • Part II: The Field Placement Process: In Search of the Perfect Placement
    • Introduction
    • Practicum Issues: A Placement Planning Model
    • Field Placement Decisions: Art, Science, or Guesswork?
    • Why Field Placements Fail: Study Results
    • Practice Orientation of Students in Field Instruction
    • Impact of Sex-Role Combinations on Student Performance in Field Instruction
    • The Influence of Field Instructor-Student Gender Combinations on Student Perceptions of Field Instruction Quality
    • Part III: Field Instructors: Myths and Challenges
    • Introduction
    • Field Instructor Turnover
    • The Practicum Instructor: A Study of Role Expectations
    • Burnout in Social Work Field Instructors
    • The MSW Supervisory Requirement in Field Instruction: Does It Make a Difference?
    • The Relationship Between Educational Background of Field Instructors and the Quality of Supervision
    • A Comparison of Beliefs About Student Supervision Between Micro and Macro Practitioners
    • Part IV: Students: Stress, Satisfaction, and Success in Field Placement
    • Introduction
    • Stress of Self-Awareness in Clinical Practice: Are Students Prepared?
    • Factors Associated With Student Satisfaction in Undergraduate Social Work Field Placements
    • Factors Associated With Fieldwork Performance in a Social Work Course in Hong Kong
    • Student Satisfaction With Field Placement


    Miriam S Raskin