1st Edition

Employed Mothers and Their Children

Edited By Jacqueline V. Lerner, Nancy L. Galambos Copyright 1991

    In 1969 the author wrote a letter to Science protesting the unfair treatment of academic mothers, who were expected to work full-time. Her problem with balancing work and family life was typical of the problems of most young parents in the United States. More than 20 years later, the same problems have not been solved, even though more than twice as many families are headed by a fully-employed parent or parents. In this volume, the authors survey the many problems of employed parents and their children. Documenting problems by sound research and pointing to the future solutions is a valuable contribution to the psychological literature.

    Children: A View of The Issues, Chapter 2. Infant Day Care: Concerns, Controversies, Choices Chapter 3. Maternal Employment During Infancy: An Analysis Of Children of The National Longitudinal Survey of Youth (NlSY) Chapter 4. Maternal Employment in The Family Setting: Developmental and Environmental Issues Chapter 5. Maternal Employment and Adolescents Chapter 6. Children in Self-Care: Figures, Facts, And Fiction


    Jacqueline V. Lerner (Edited by) , Nancy L. Galambos