1st Edition

Employment, Technology and Construction Development With Case Studies in Asia and China

By Sivaguru Ganesan Copyright 2000

    This title was first published in 2000:  An in depth analysis of employment and technology issues in the housing and construction industries of developing countries, in the context of globalization of economies and increased opportunities for advanced technology transfer. Supported by case studies from Asia including the misallocation of resources that led to the Asian crisis of 1997 and the experience of Shanghai in advanced technology transfer. Ganesan advances a number of strategies to achieve higher employment creation, a proper mix of resources and sustained growth.

    Contents: Construction and employment: theoretical issues; 1997 Asian crisis: implications for design and construction; 1997 crisis: two lessons for Hong Kong SAR and China; Construction in Sri Lanka - a case study; Structure of employment in construction; Policies to maximise employment in housing; Small scale building material industries; Role of small contractors in Asia; Building materials industry in Sri Lanka - a case study; Domestic contractors in Sri Lanka - a case study; Manpower training; Construction sector: research and development; Ten measures to maximise employment in Sri Lanka; Technology transfer and construction in Shanghai; Concluding remarks; Bibliography; Appendix; Index.


    Sivaguru Ganesan

    ’The book is clearly an important work which should become a major text on these problems.’ Dr Patricia Hillebrandt, Consultant Economist, UK ’This is a rare book...the book is a most welcome and timely contribution to our knowledge about construction.’ Ranko Bon, University of Reading, UK