1st Edition

Empowering Decision-Making in Midwifery A Global Perspective

Edited By Elaine Jefford, Julie Jomeen Copyright 2020
    314 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    314 Pages 21 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Decision-making pervades all aspects of midwifery practice across the world. Midwifery is informed by a number of decision-making theories, but it is sometimes difficult to marry these theories with practice.

    This book provides a comprehensive exploration of decision-making for midwives irrespective of where in the world they practice or in which model of care. The first part critically reviews decision-making theories, including the Enhancing Decision-making Assessment in Midwifery (EDAM) tool, and their relevance to midwifery. It explores the links between midwifery governance, including professional regulation and the law, risk and safety and decision-making as well as how critical thinking and reflection are essential elements of decision-making. It then goes on to present a number of diverse case studies, demonstrating how they interrelate to and impact upon optimal midwifery decision-making. Each chapter presents examples that show how the theory translates into practice and includes activities to reinforce learning points.

    Bringing together a diverse range of contributors, this volume will be essential reading for midwifery students, practising midwives and midwifery academics.


    Baroness Cumberlege


    Elaine Jefford & Julie Jomeen

    Part 1

    1. Midwifery and Decision-Making Theories

    Elaine Jefford

    2. Midwifery Regulation: global perspective

    Mary Kirk

    3. Legal Issues in Midwifery Care

    Janet Kelly

    4. Doing good: Ethics of decision-making in midwifery care

    Marianne Nieuwenhuijze

    5. Risk within maternity and how this impacts on midwives’ decision-making.

    Mandie Scamell

    6. Midwifery Abdication

    Elaine Jefford & Julie Jomeen

    7. Critical thinking

    Amanda Carter

    8. The use of reflection in midwifery practice to inform clinical decision-making.

    Amanda Wain

    Part 2

    9. Decision-making in perinatal mental health: what are the challenges?

    Claire Marshall & Catriona Jones & Julie Jomeen

    10. Stress urinary incontinence in pregnancy and midwives decision-making

    Jinguo Helen Zhai & Elaine Jefford

    11. Enhanced decision-making in midwifery - care for pregnant and parenting adolescents

    Samantha Nolan & Joyce Hendricks

    12. Deciding to transfer. Tools to navigate the crossroads of expectations, values, and models of care, when making transfer decisions at a midwifery birth center

    Jen Stevens

    13. Decision-making around pain and its management during labour and birth

    Sigfríður Inga Karlsdottir & Elizabeth Newnham & Hildur Kristjansdottir & Ruth Sanders

    14. Midwives’ decision-making for fetal heart monitoring

    Robyn Maude

    15. Third Stage of Labour and Optimal Cord Clamping: Implications for midwives decision-making

    Amanda Burleigh & Elaine Jefford

    15. Choices after traumatic birth

    Mari Greenfield

    17. Stillbirth and midwives decision making: what are the challenges?

    Jane Warland, & Claire Foord

    18. Midwifery decision-making: Feeling safe to support women’s choice in the maternity care environment

    Lyn Ebert

    19. Woman centred-care and shared decision-making in midwifery care

    Marianne Nieuwenhuijze

    20. Collaborative Decision-Making from a Woman’s Perspective

    Daniela Drandić & Magdalena Kurbanović

    21. The Doula, Midwife partnership. Friend or Foe – how to work collaboratively

    Elaine Jefford & Renee Adair & Tina Morrison & Hannah Dahlen

    22. Collaborative decision-making between midwives and doctors

    Marianne Nieuwenhuijze & Jeroen van Dillen

    23. Do personality traits impact upon Midwives decision-making and practice?

    Eveline Mestdagh

    24. Proactive behaviour in midwifery education and practice: a pre-request for shared decision-making

    Stephen Provost & Elaine Jefford & Anna Smyth, & Thejal Rupnarain,& Shahna Mailey & Harvey Ward

    25. Developing the decision-making skills of Student Midwives in an Undergraduate Midwifery Programme in New Zealand.

    Lorna Davies & Kendra Short


    Elaine Jefford is a midwifery academic and researcher at Southern Cross University, Australia. Elaine is a UK-trained nurse and midwife who immigrated to Australia in 2005. Her primary research focus is within the field of midwifery decision-making and abdicating one’s professional accountability, the impacts of this in relation to risk, safety and quality of care provision on maternal and neonatal health, midwives and the midwifery profession. She has also been involved in national and international curriculum development in midwifery.

    Julie Jomeen is a Professor of Midwifery and Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Hull, UK. Julie currently co-leads a Research Group for Maternal, Reproductive Health within the Faculty. A key focus of her work is exploring issues of perinatal mental health and psychological health in childbearing women. Other research interests include women’s choice and decision-making and practitioner decision-making.