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Encounters: Experience and Anthropological Knowledge

About the Series

The Encounters series examines the issues that affect all anthropologists in the field. These short collections of essays describe and analyze the surprise and interest of the fieldwork encounter, on topics such as money, violence, food and sex. The series aims to show that anthropological knowledge is based in experience, bringing into the public realm useful and thought-provoking areas for discussion that previously anthropologists have been reluctant or unable to highlight.

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Violence Ethnographic Encounters

Violence: Ethnographic Encounters

1st Edition

Edited By Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi
August 01, 2009

Violence takes many forms. From large-scale acts of terrorism to assaults on single individuals, violence is a defining force in shaping human experience and a central theme in anthropological study. Violence: Ethnographic Encounters presents a set of vivid first-hand accounts of fieldwork ...

Children Ethnographic Encounters

Children: Ethnographic Encounters

1st Edition

Edited By Catherine Allerton
November 30, 2017

Conducting ethnographic fieldwork with children presents anthropologists with particular challenges and limitations, as well as rewards and insights. Children: Ethnographic Encounters presents ten vivid accounts of researchers’ experiences of working with children across a variety of cultural ...

Money Ethnographic Encounters

Money: Ethnographic Encounters

1st Edition

Edited By Allison Truitt, Stefan Senders
August 01, 2007

In Money: Ethnographic Encounters, anthropologists tell stories of their experiences with money in the field. Through vivid fieldwork accounts, they explore the ways money has influenced their perceptions and understandings of culture. These accounts raise critical questions. How do anthropologists...

Sex Ethnographic Encounters

Sex: Ethnographic Encounters

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Joseph Martin, Dieter Haller
October 04, 2018

Focusing on the unacknowledged, personal and often unconscious dimension, Sex explores the intersection between sex and ethnography. Anthropological writing tends to focus on the influence of status markers such as position, gender, ethnicity, and age on fieldwork. By contrast, far less attention ...

Home Ethnographic Encounters

Home: Ethnographic Encounters

1st Edition

Edited By Johannes Lenhard, Farhan Samanani
November 28, 2019

How are notions of ‘home’ made and negotiated by ethnographers? And how does the researcher relate to forms of home encountered during fieldwork? Rather than searching for an abstract, philosophical understanding of home, this collection asks how home gains its meaning and significance through ...

Crowds Ethnographic Encounters

Crowds: Ethnographic Encounters

1st Edition

Edited By Megan Steffen
November 14, 2019

What exactly is a crowd? How do crowds differ from other large gatherings of people? And how do they transform emotions, politics, or faith? In Crowds, contributors draw on their experiences and expertise to reflect on their encounters with crowds. Each chapter examines a particular crowd or ...

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